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Friday Feature 12.5.14 – What Hell Should Mean

If you’re like me, you don’t spend enough time thinking about it: What does the doctrine of hell really mean?

This week’s most clicked article from Monday’s post helps: The Doctrine of Hell by Paul Tripp.

Here are a few thoughts:

1. Talking about hell shouldn’t make us glad we’re not like the people who are going there.

If the doctrine of hell puffs us up or makes us slack to the reality that unbelievers go there, then we are in big trouble.

As with anything in the Bible, it SHOULD draw us closer to God and what He wants from us.

2. I AM glad I’m not going there, however.

Yes, I’m glad I’m not going to hell. I’m glad Jesus died and rose again to ensure that possibility. I’m glad He’s offered the path of faith and repentance to eternally dwell in God’s kingdom. Yes, I rejoice!

3. God, help me . . . 

Help me fear and pray for those who I believe are lost. God, help me pray and hunger for the salvation of those who don’t know Jesus. May they enjoy the peace I do in Christ.

Think. Think about hell. Even if for a few moments.

Act. Grieve. Worship. Act on behalf of those you believe are going there.

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