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Friday Feature 12.4.15 – Lessons from Eye Surgeries


Friday’s feature article takes a look at:

10 Lessons from My Eye Surgeries.

This article received the most clicks from Monday’s post. It offers some great perspective. Take a look at the article. Then check out a few of my summary thoughts below:

1. Faith vs. unbelief.

So quickly fear can lead us toward (not necessarily to) unbelief.

I’m grateful for an open, honest approach to this. Does your fear lead you away from faith?

2. The reality of self pity.

Of course we pity ourselves. Self-pity (a sin of selfishness) can prove tough to overcome. Friends and loved ones can allow it to linger. Sometimes others can even join in, lamenting circumstances with us. But self pity falsely allows us to quit trusting Christ and finding satisfaction in Him. Hmmm…tough to discern, yes?

Think. How have you or how would you deal with a long-term medical crisis?

Act. Is your study of God’s Word leading you deeper in faith and devotion, preparing you to find joy only in Him day by day and through future trial? Try no other substitute besides spending time in prayer and in God’s Word so wisdom will find a welcome home in your soul during the hour (or season) of trial.


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