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Friday Feature 12.20.13 – Michigan Passed a Great Law

I usually am known to not have great things to say about Michigan, but this one is great. Some other readers were fascinated by this article about a law they passed:

Michigan celebrates the passage of the Abortion Insurance Opt Out

Here are a few comments:

1. Abortion is not health care.

Sometimes there are legitimate cases where a decision is made on whether the mom or baby will live due to problems in delivery. That’s health care. Arbitrarily deciding which babies live or die based on convenience is NOT health care.

2. This law represents our freedoms well.

I love the idea of states passing laws regarding things that are important to them. I think these sorts of legislative responses fit well in democracy and show the kinds of shortcomings that are inherent in such large, sweeping legislation.

3. Ok, I’ll say it. Michigan did something good.

Ever have to swallow your pride (or your tongue) and admit you were wrong? Well, maybe the state isn’t ALL bad!

Think. How do you respond to this article and this law?

Act. Never be afraid to speak for causes that concern you. Be sure to do so with love!

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