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Friday Feature 12.13.14 – Daggers that Kill Worry

Here’s a great article for this week’s Friday Feature:

14 Daggers that Help to Kill Worry

I’m not really worried about how this post will turn out.

Okay, all joking aside. I hope this post helps you address worry which can kill so much time and productivity.

Here are a few of my own thoughts:

1. We truly forget that worry is sin.

I have endured seasons of my life where I’ve been totally engulfed by worry. If I was in some outwardly sinful behavior, it would be easy for people to call me out.

But worry is different. We can be really struggling with the sin of worry and no one may know about it.

2. The difference between concern and worry.

Concern is okay. But, it can quickly turn to worry. Stay concerned for people in your lives. That is, check up on someone’s struggle and pray for them. Plan for that event and pray for the outcome. But don’t cross into worry where running every detail of the situation causes you to lose time, energy, sleep, or all three!

To clarify, those are just a couple of my own definitions. Would you add any?

3. Worry steals from God.

God knows our cares and concerns. He wants to receive glory and honor. He wants our trust to increase.

When we worry, we steal this glory from God and reduce our faith.

Think. How does worry affect your life?

Act. Would you memorize a chapter of Scripture such as Matthew 6 or post these “daggers” somewhere to help remind yourself of Biblical truth?

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