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Friday Feature 12.13.13 – Atheists Using the Bible!

For today’s feature, the article most clicked from Monday’s post.

Atheists are using a Bible app to spread disbelief!

After you’ve read the article, here are a few of my thoughts.

1. Why do they care?

If atheists believe nothing about God, they really should remain neutral.  When they try to convince others their beliefs aren’t true, it really doesn’t make sense. Why would they care what anyone else believes?

2. If atheists are telling people to go away from belief, are you as a Christian working to move people toward belief?

This is rather convicting. Are the efforts we employ to share the truth with nonbelievers on the same level as those of atheists trying to get people away from believing?

3. Remember – they’re not usually interested in your answers.

It really can be a waste of time “arguing” with people who are so convinced they’re right. When people want to debate, asking beforehand if they really want to listen would be a good idea. If they do, be prepared to listen yourself and do your best to engage them as a person, rather than an argument to be won.

Think. Do you know atheists? Do you know how to respond?

Act. Always act with kindness – our tone will really help us represent Christ well. If we react with hate and judgment, well, that’s exactly what they want us to do.  When we react in a debate with love and true concern, it makes them wonder where those “hateful Christians” have gone.

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