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Friday Feature 12.11.15 – Pastors Struggling at Christmas


Friday afternoon has arrived yet again. That means the time has come to feature the article that drew the most interest from Monday’s post. This week’s feature:

8 Reasons Pastors Struggle During the Christmas Season

This one strikes particularly close to home. I’ll add some of my commentary:

#5 Stale?

Stale? The Christmas story overflows with opportunity to apply God’s activity to human life. Not to say that dry periods don’t come, but I’d never think of sermon prep as “stale” during this season. As pastors, we should welcome any time to stand in front of a group and proclaim the Gospel.

#8 – Most meaningful for me.

The hardest part of Christmas by far involves watching people struggle. Loved ones gone to heaven leave gaping holes around trees, meal tables, and in memory banks.


Family time, visitors, travelers, schedules – seeking balance is worth the effort. But, I wonder out loud, if we struggle during Christmas with balance might that mask roots of balance problems the rest of the year?

Think. How can you support church leadership during the Christmas season? If you’re not a pastor, how do you relate to some of these struggles this time of year?

Act. Pray that this season will honor God in all ways in your personal life, in your local church, and in the life of your church leaders.

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