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Friday Feature 11.22.13 – It’s True: Laziness Costs You Money

Does laziness cost you money? This blog post argues that it does. Readers from Monday’s post have spoken: they’re interested in the topic too! This link got to the most clicks and earned its place as Friday’s Feature article:

Laziness costs you money.

After you read the article, here are a few of my own thoughts.

1. Grace.

I never post articles about what to do in day to day life without an understanding that there must be grace. I wish more people would emphasize this.  You’re always going to read an article like this and feel like you don’t measure up.  Well none of us measures up.  Find me a person who is the perfect parent, the perfect employee, the perfect evangelist, the perfect money-handler, and I’ll sign them up to run my life as well as theirs.

We must rely on the grace of God to grow in these areas. So please don’t read an article like this and think I, the authors, or anyone else expects instant perfection.

2. Time

Closely related here but more specific to money.  Getting finances in order can take many years. I know it has for us.  Even though we live in a culture of instant everything, don’t expect results within weeks, or even months.  For many people I’ve known (ourselves included), financial growth has taken years.

3. I most related to . . . 

You’re not giving enough. I think that giving is the first thing any believer needs to learn regarding finances. Giving releases our control and gives it up to God. Giving teaches obedience and the thrill of supporting a local church and helping others as well.

Think. In what ways are you being lazy with your finances?

Act. Before you do anything else, pray about where God may be leading. Then, only after you’ve prayed, seek some counsel about setting some goals for making improvements!

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