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Friday Feature 11.21.14 – Why This Guy Says He’s NOT a Gay Christian

It’s finally Friday, and today I’ll feature a challenging article. It was the highest clicked link from Monday’s post; in fact it was the highest clicked article in quite some time. No doubt it’s today’s Friday Feature. Read it first, then some of my comments:

I love Jesus too much to call myself a Gay Christian.

A few thoughts:

1. You can disagree with other Christians and tell them so.

The author is making a point of disagreement with brothers and sisters in Christ. This is important. I think it’s okay, and I think it’s healthy when the goal is pursuing pure expressions of Jesus. It’s good to know in the details of thought and belief where we differ from others. We should not fear this. We should give those we disagree with the same respect Moore shows to those he disagrees with.

2. Be real about sinful desires.

James roots sin in desires (James 1:12-15). So, taking desires too lightly or describing them as “natural” does lessen what they really are. If we take Moore’s advice and hate sin, we won’t be tempted to minimize it at its roots.

3. Dwelling on the cross shapes and forms us in healthy ways.

There is no argument Moore presents that is true without the light of the gospel shining on it. And that good news is that Jesus became man, suffered, died, and rose again – for us, and anyone who will turn to Him. Continuing to dwell on the cross of Jesus Christ will make the way we think exactly like the way God thinks – every time.

Think. Would you use the term “Gay Christian”? If you’ve not had same sex attraction struggles, imagine putting a label on sins you struggle with and putting that in front of the word Christian. Angry Christian. Gossiping Christian. Think on this one.

Act. Know how to define Christianity as you engage all issues. Speak with truth and love. To those with whom you disagree, show respect.

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