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Friday Feature 11.20.15 – Seven Reasons Not to Skip Church


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Friday Feature

The topic of church grabbed Monday’s readers’ attention. The most read article had to do with skipping church, or why we shouldn’t. Read it here:

Seven reasons not to skip church.

As usual, I’ll share a couple of my thoughts below:

1. I really identify with #4. 

I hope this prompts you to read the article. But as a spiritual leader, I can say this definitely rings true.

2. When you’re not there, there’s just so much you can’t live out.

It’s not that you miss out. Ok yes, that’s part of it.

But, others miss out too. Less people engaged means less people available to encourage and challenge. When you don’t regularly identify with a group of believers, you truly do miss the blessings – and others miss the blessing you are designed to be!

Think. How do you view church attendance? Do you think it really matters if you are engaged in a local fellowship of believers or not?

Act. Try not only attending, but seek to connect over a consistent pattern of several months. See how your outlook changes as you both give and receive encouragement.



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