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Friday Feature 11.14.14 – Embracing the “Meet and Greet” at Church

Maybe you love it, maybe you hate it. Either way, it seemed like Monday readers had some interest in the “meet and greet” or as Tim Challies put it, “stand and greet” time at church.

First, please read Challies’ article about how he came to embrace the “stand and greet”.

After you’ve read Challies’ article, here are a couple of my own thoughts:

1. Worship gatherings are places we can learn to die to self.

I thought Challies brought this point out well.

Whether it’s the meet and greet, the personal preferences we have about the way people act or dress, our feelings about the music or the preacher, it is a place we can (and must?) learn to be others focused.

Many Christians can tell you of growth in their perspective of worship gatherings – I hope you’re growing too. And I hope “growth” doesn’t mean you’re satisfied because you’re getting your way.

2. Knowing your weaknesses really helps.

If everyone was as honest as Challies, we’d be able to open and honest about our weaknesses. Maybe we just lost a close loved one and we’re struggling. That means we’re susceptible to anger or short-sightedness. Maybe we have natural personality traits like administration which cause us to look at the clock. Maybe our education leads us to test the pastor’s “abilities” rather than letting God’s Word test our thoughts.

Awareness of weakness can definitely lead to more meaningful interaction as you overcome those weaknesses for the Lord’s glory and the benefit of others.

Think. What do you think about Challies’ closing three points?

Act. Come to church this weekend prepared to serve and be a blessing to others!


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