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Friday Feature 11.13.15 – A Comic Strip Explaining Depression Meds

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I found this article helpful. I shared it as part of Monday’s post.

Monday’s readers found it interesting. Now, it’s Friday’s feature article!

What It’s Like Explaining Depression Meds to Many Christians

Please read the article! I’m sure you’ll find it helpful.

Let me share a couple of my own comments in support:

1. Stop looking for easy solutions.

I’m not after easy solutions when it comes to complex problems. Depression and anxiety = complex problems. Complex problems don’t have simple solutions.

I think this comic strip helps the average Christian see that working through depression and anxiety challenges the simple thinker.

2. One thing NOT addressed.

Depression and anxiety can (I repeat CAN, meaning they don’t always) have sinful roots. I think the word “stigma” is good, as it reveals Christians’ hesitancy to talk about something affecting a significant number of people. I do hope that talking about depression and anxiety’s sometimes sinful roots doesn’t grow into a stigma as well.

See below for some further clarity on #2.

Think. Does this comic strip portray your thinking about anxiety and depression? Did you find any of the information helpful?

Act. How about starting with a standard of love? Many times we start with a standard of fixing or classifying people with problems that make us uncomfortable. If we always assume the sinful worst with people, it creates an unnecessary gulf that can prevent a meaningful relationship. If we start with a standard of love we can unlock healthy and helpful conversations that bring greater understanding, no matter the underlying factors.

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