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Friday Feature 11.1.13

Look at that – the posts no longer start with 10.  It’s November.  And, the first Friday Feature of November brings us into a grim reality – some Christians are brutally murdered just for being Christians. More people clicked on this link than other links from Monday’s post. Read the linked article and see a few of my thoughts below:

Brutal murder of Nepali church pastor.

A few thoughts.  Seriously, put your mind to this.

1. This is God’s plan.

The blood of martyrs strengthens the church. Revelation 6:9-10 shows that in heaven the martyrs give a special plea of justice for their blood.  The Lord avenge the blood of martyrs and their mention in Revelation gives us hope that their deaths will not be in vain. Thus, the violent death of Christian servants should deepen our faith.

2. My own faithfulness.

If I knew I would be slaughtered while praying in someone’s home, would I go? I’ll go spend some time wrestling with the answer to that.  There are a lot of dynamics to something like this, and they should stir all of us to reflect on our commitment to Christ.

3. Please pray.

If you didn’t click through to the article, please do it.  Check out how GFA (a missions organization) is encouraging you to pray in the wake of this. It’s challenging, loving, and biblical.

Think. Do these stories help your faith or make you question?

Act. Be prepared to give your life for Jesus.  Even though America is overall a safer environment, America still has martyrs. Ask God to give you the strength for it and pray that the martyrdom of this pastor will be a witness that leads others to Christ!

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