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Friday Feature 10.7.16 – An Old Universe?


Good Friday afternoon!

Today I feature the article from Monday which got the most clicks. Tim Challies asks and answers a worthwhile question:

Why does the universe look so old?

Please read the article and give it some thought. After you’ve done so, read through a few thoughts of my own:

1. Who is God?

This article speaks to the character of God. Specifically, it challenges our human minds with the view that God could create the earth with age. Do you think God could do this? Do you agree or disagree? Is having and maintaining your opinion or worldview more important than seeking the truth of who God is?

2. Sin.

Regardless of the correctness of this article’s viewpoint, we can only dream about how the earth would look without the effects of sin.

Surely some outstanding sites exist on the earth, but how incredible are the sites we miss due to sin?

Think. Do these thoughts about God challenge you to think about the age of the earth?

Act. Continue to pursue truth! We do very well in our thinking when we strive to know and experience the truth of God revealed in His Word.

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