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Friday Feature 10.4.13 – Tips for Getting Out of Debt

Most people accept debt as a way of life.  I’ve stumbled on a good blog that takes a very Godly approach to finances.

This quick article was this week’s highest clicked from Monday’s post.  Please read it!

Tips for Getting Out of Debt

After you’re read it, here are a few thoughts I’d add:

1. Living for God is about sacrifice.

If you want to stay debt free, you need to be disciplined. You need to know how to sacrifice. And, sacrificing is OFTEN what it takes to get out of debt. When you want to live God’s ways, it really does mean that you don’t get what you want when you want it.

2. Pick one thing and make a plan.

Sell something you have and downsize. Use the profits to pay down debt.  Sometimes these two things go hand in hand. Or, get a second job. Or, pray about God giving you another income stream.  When I read an article with “five suggestions about this” or “three ways to do that” I get overwhelmed.  Pick one and start.  Now!

3. Get some accountability.

If getting out of debt is something you want to do, tell someone who can hold you accountable and encourage you.  That works for everything from getting out of debt to getting out of the habit of eating three boxes of donuts every day. It takes being around people who know your goals and perhaps have common goals in order to do it.

Think. Is your ability to breathe financially limited by debt? Is your ability to participate in kingdom work limited by debt?

Act. Refer to #2 of my comments!


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