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Friday Feature 10.30.15 – Healthy Sexuality


Good Friday afternoon.

Monday’s readers clicked the following article the most:

Six Marks of Healthy Sexuality

I encourage you to give the article a look. I found the advice and concepts here especially helpful.

Two summary thoughts:

1. Anti-Self.

A good approach to anything involves putting others’ interests ahead of your own. So much dysfunction comes in a sexual relationship when we focus on ourselves. This article illustrates that at several meaningful points.

2. Truth

Maybe you’ve never thought of it this way. Much of what we see portrayed about sex in culture and media simply rings false. False.

Sex within God’s boundaries represents truth, not fantasy. Learning to ground all of life in God’s truth protects us from believing or acting out of false premises or beliefs.

What did you find most helpful about this article?

Think. Do you have a healthy approach to sexuality? What from this article can you discuss with your spouse? If you’re not married, how can you apply these truths as you wait to experience sex in God’s boundaries?

Act. Open up some good conversation with a spouse or accountability partner. Rely on God’s grace to move you toward health, and realize it’s a process rather than an event.

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