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Friday Feature 10.18.13 – This Guy Is Smart And He Believes In 6 Day Creation

Here’s this week’s most popular link from my Monday Challenge post. It’s a good, concise read and I encourage you to check it out:

Why I am a six day creationist.

Yes, this guy is pretty smart, and He believes what the Bible says about creation without having to add to it.


Listen, if you don’t believe it and you believe evolution is part of the process, it doesn’t mean I hate you. Neither does Tim Challies, who wrote this. If you believe in Jesus and don’t believe Genesis is literal it doesn’t mean we think you’re going to hell. It means we are willing to take the Bible at its Word, and we’d challenge you to do the same thing.

No other round up needed today for this quick brain work.

Think: Is Genesis 1 a trustworthy account? If not, why do you not believe that?

Act: Seek God and pray regarding this important Biblical issue. If you believe in a literal six day creation, don’t be afraid to speak up for your beliefs like this guy did!

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