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Friday Feature 10.11.13 – Where teens are heading after Facebook

Facebook is not the most popular site among teens anymore – Twitter is.  I heard that on the radio this week.  So, if not Twitter or Facebook, where are teens heading?

This week’s feature article (most clicked from Monday’s post) identifies some of those sites. It’s worth a look.

A few comments:

1. Big surprise – the internet isn’t going anywhere!

Sometimes I wish the internet weren’t so ubiquitous.  But, I can’t change that and neither can you. It’s something to be managed rather than eliminated. It’s not like, as a parent, you or I can simply bury our head in the sand.

2. Behind the screen communication.

To be honest, this is one of the things that concerns me most. I fear that the lack of communication skills we’ll continue to see in our culture will be one of the most difficult things to overcome. Communication doesn’t have to be through a few seconds of a photo, 140 characters, or whatever blabber someone is spewing on Facebook.

3. Yes, it’s about identity.

Most of these sites have options for people to come to your site or look at what you shared, and like it. The more people “like” your content, the easier it is to feel some sort of false assurance.  Call me crazy, but I don’t think identity should be gleaned from a screen or something someone won’t say to your face.

Let’s work to build kids with an identity that isn’t tied to number of likes or best “selfie”. Let’s point kids to Jesus for an identity that will last for eternity and solidify who they are here on earth! And, if you’re an adult, wrestle with these issues yourselves so you can lead well in your homes, church, or wherever you have influence over the lives of young people.

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