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Friday Feature 10.10.14 – A Great Article On Dating Wisely

I am not hesitant to ask you to share this post with others. This article was the highest clicked of the week from Monday’s post and I’m glad.

It’s a great article on dating wisely.

The article gives some great challenges. One additional thought:

Remove the blur.

When we used to use VCR’s quite a bit, there was this thing called tracking. The tracking controls helped remove some blur from the top of your screen that would be caused if the tape wasn’t quite right.

In this day and age there is a lot of tracking blur in our lives. If we are not careful we will become like those around us. We’ll be sympathetic to sin, and reason our way against the Bible like many others have.

It IS our call as Christians to live distinct lives, and Mr. Inserra is on to some great points about how to stand out in the area of dating and pre-marriage relationships.

Think. How does this article help you remove the blur? Is what the author is suggesting realistic?

Act. Take some specific pieces of wisdom from this article and begin some discussion with those around you. Determine how much accountability you would need to make some godly adjustments to your approach to relationships.

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