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Friday Feature 1.31.14 – Spotting Leaders You Can Trust

So, an article about leadership stood out to readers this week. Take a look at it here:

25 Ways to Spot Leaders You Can Trust

Obviously, as a leader, I’m challenged by this. Here are a few comments.

1. In general there is a lot of humility here.

I’d agree that leaders who know their strengths and don’t come across as “know-it-all” types are easier to relate to. The people who have influenced me the most in leadership have showed more of what they’re learning than what they know.

2. Boldness is balanced with the humility.

There is a time to be bold. As a leader it’s something I’m learning but certainly don’t have perfected. Boldness takes several forms on this list and in real life.

It can be toughest to simply tell the truth when it’s easier to couch it in easier terms. I guess the risk is saying the truth regardless if people will like it, or you.

3. This is very Scriptural, even though references are absent.

Glancing through this list, the distance between each item and a Scriptural concept is not far. Always good to base your leadership on Scripture and not just on what someone is teaching about leadership.

Think. What kind of leaders are attractive to you? If you are a leader, what on this list challenges you the most?

Act. How can you encourage leaders you know with anything on this list?

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