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Friday Feature 1.29.16 – 45 Minutes A Day With God


Not too many clicks, but nonetheless Friday calls for its Feature. Here we go:

A simple way to spend 45 minutes a day with the Lord.

A few comments:

1. Take any and all help!

As soon as you have this figured out, let me know! I know I sure don’t.

So, I am usually a sucker for articles like this that give practical suggestions.

2. They’re suggestions.

It’s helpful to remember that these suggestions aren’t the only ones that will get you close to God. Take what works. Maybe you start with 25 minutes and some combination of what’s mentioned here?

3. Draw close!

The idea isn’t the structure, it’s the result. A life lived more in communion with God keeps our minds set on the truth found in His Word. Closer to God in prayer means less self dependence and more easily led.

Think. Do you have a workable strategy to prioritize daily disciplines such as prayer and Bible reading?

Act. Take this and use it!

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