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Friday Feature 1.22.16 – The Topic of White Privilege


White privilege. On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day this article got the most clicks. Today’s Friday Feature:

Richard Rohr on White Privilege

A few comments of my own:

1. Richard Rohr is a fallible human being.

Hard to agree with someone on everything, even your closest friends. So I don’t share this article to say he perfectly nailed it. The question: who can challenge our thinking? Only people with whom we totally or largely agree? For me that would prohibit learning.

2. When minorities are majorities.

Rohr makes this assertion: People in power don’t have a problem acting like they’re in power, no matter their race. I find the topic of power as it relates to the dominant race very intriguing. Makes me think of the horrific Rwandan genocide from the mid-1990’s.

3. Recognition is slow.

The author shares how he was slow to understand much of what he knows now. Like the author, I haven’t learned much of what I’ve learned until I’ve listened to people outside the majority culture.

Think. Does anything in this article challenge you?

Act. How can you increase healthy dialogue, striving toward unity?

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