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Friday Feature 1.17.14 – Six Deadly Enemies of Marriage

Tim Challies posted an article that described six deadly enemies of marriage.

I found the article helpful. So did this week’s readers of my blog! It was the most clicked link from Monday’s post. Click on the link above and check it out if you missed it. Below, find a couple of my own comments.

1. Marriage must be intentional.

None of the six enemies can be fought without intentional decisions. Would any army win any war anywhere without intentional decisions and plans? Look at these six things and ask yourself how intentional you are in fighting against them.

2. God must fuel a good marriage.

Basing your intentional decisions on God is the best way to start fighting the marriage enemies.  Otherwise, you’re fighting in your own strength, which will soon run out. Couples who rely on the grace and strength of Jesus Christ will give themselves a far better ally than their own strength can provide. In fact, Jesus is where the Bible points for how Christian husbands and wives should treat each other. As pointed out in the article, marriage is from God and about God. Why not put Him in the center?

Think. What enemy listed seems to have the biggest advantage against your marriage?

Act. What intentional decisions could you make to strengthen your marriage? If nothing else, start by prayer and searching God’s Word for how you can both defend your marriage and build it up to last over the long haul!

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