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Friday Feature 1.15.16 – The Awful, Yet Redeemable Topic of Stillbirth

baby feet

This past Monday’s post, for some reason, drew quite a bit of interest. Several of the articles drew interest, but the one clicked the most tackles a difficult topic and thus becomes this week’s Friday Feature:

We Lost a Child, and Gained Something Greater

A couple pointed comments in addition:

1. I cannot know the pain.

No one who has not traveled this grueling road can relate to the pain of those who have lost a child.

2. Testimonies encourage me.

I am ministered to by testimonies such as this. Friends Tim and Noelle who recently lost their baby boy have inspired me in similar, even more personal ways. Pain without hope would overwhelm, and often does. Pain with hope is a reality to be embraced. It glorifies God.

This blog and the testimony Tim and Noelle shared both included the lyrics: It Is Well With My Soul. Yes, even in the most difficult times, it can be well despite the pain.

3. Yeah, God . . . 

He shines light even into the darkness nights of the human soul. He IS worthy of praise.

Think. Does reflecting on hard topics turn you off? Why?

Act. Pray for those struggling, seeking hope amidst despair.

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