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Tuesday Rambling 9.10.13

It’s Tuesday. Let the rambling begin.

Fried Chicken

  • How’s that for a lead? Our car got stranded yesterday in Barberton, supposedly the friend chicken capital of the world.  We used the opportunity to do some grocery shopping and then after Julie left for an appointment with Jocie, I decided to comfort my miserable situation with my new found favorite, a fried chicken dinner.
  • I got a four piece meal from Whitehouse, and it wasn’t my favorite.  Out of all the places I’ve tried, my order so far is: 1) Talamos (Kenmore Blvd) 2) Showcase (16th St. in Kenmore) 3) Regina’s (best Jo-Jo’s on the planet) 4) Golden Corral 5) Whitehouse. After this list I’d put all fast food chicken places, but to be honest I haven’t tried too many yet.

Car Broken Down

  • Talk about ouch.  Ouch! I’m tired of car repair bills. Two repairs in my ignition system in 15 months? At least the guy said that the problem was common.  They ought to have antacid sitting on the counter when you go in to pay your bill and get your key.
  • However, it is cheaper to keep the car and maintain it than it is to get a new one.  The discipline is in saving money to keep the car on the road.  I suppose a massive repair would drain said savings, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Hopefully, we don’t!


  • The Browns look like the Browns – too one sided in their play calling, and just not good enough.
  • The Yankees look like the Yankees – ok, but just not good enough to make the playoffs.  The Indians stand a better chance.
  • Ohio State? I won’t know what to think until I see them play someone good.

Being a Pastor

  • I remember something that was said in a class I took once: being in full time ministry is unlike any other job because it connects professional, spiritual, and social all in one position.  Very good wisdom.
  • Additionally, this statement is tough to balance.  I’d say one of the hardest things is the social/spiritual.  Sure everyone needs friends and I have good friends.  But when you have to be the pastor to your friends it’s easy to get those lines blurred.

Have a great Tuesday everyone.  Put your mind to what you’re doing!

Tuesday Rambling 9.3.13

Just a few things to say.  I enjoy this weekly processing of thoughts.  Always fun to think about what’s going on!


  • We put some energy into making sure we were in a good spot for organizing our home and communicating about the schedule.  So far, things have gone pretty smoothly. When really pressing times do hit, it seems like we’ll be ready.
  • I don’t know about you, but I value having time to myself.  It’s necessary for what I do.  A slight shift in going to bed earlier and getting up earlier seems like it will meet that need.  That’s something that will build a lot of consistency during those hours when interruptions are few, thus making time for interruptions during hours when they’re more likely to occur.


  • Question (probably mostly for men): As football season starts and baseball season ends, is there something that satisfies you more than what your sports (or fantasy sports) teams are able to accomplish?
  • The Yankees are hanging around, making things interesting. The more days go by that they are in it, the more hopeful I get.  They have an easier schedule toward the end which should increase their chances if they can stay in it for now (no guarantees, of course).


  • Talk about being stretched! Just trying to stay close to God with so many things going on.  Lots of life transitions and church transitions.  Looking forward to the present and the future.
  • The Bible is not so far away that we can’t understand it.  God puts it right into our view so we CAN understand who He is.  What a thought.


  • “Having a good understanding of the sovereignty of God is the key to sleeping in ministry.” I got a chance to toss this idea around at lunch on Saturday with some missionaries. It proved both enlightening and challenging.


  • It was a thrill to run a 10K in Alliance yesterday (Labor Day). I was pleased with a 7:13 clip per mile after a summer of not doing very much, and a winter of feeling very very slow. Recovering from an ultra-marathon has been a slow process, but I feel like there is a bit of pop in my step.
  • I am excited to run the Akron half marathon at the end of the month.  I will be able to run with a friend, Brad Horner, as he seeks to run his first half marathon.  Go Brad! I think we’re looking in the 10:30 range for a pace per mile.  I’ll let him determine that and go along and run my mouth, ahem, encourage as much as I can.
  • I’m going to have to whip up some 8 to 10 mile runs over the next couple weeks to make sure my legs will be underneath me for 13.1. Gotta be intentional!

Tuesday Rambling 8.20.13

As usual, some randomness – all in one place.  Enjoy!

Time Off

  • My mom (thanks mom!) has had our kids since Sunday afternoon.  We have used the time to get really caught up and organized in our home.
  • We have organized paperwork, and taken steps to reduce clutter and make our home more efficient. This is all well timed, as school starts next week.
  • For us, good routine means more peace in our home.  I’m willing to invest in that!


  • I don’t like to preach about giving, but this coming Sunday will be an opportunity to explore some avenues I haven’t really thought of before regarding giving in the local church.
  • Is your faith something you really believe – or do you find yourself simply trying to copy others and fit in? The challenge is to put in the work to dig deep and figure out what you believe. Then, ask: how much does it really influence my life?


  • We are experiencing (some are perhaps enjoying) a soap opera in professional sports that they will be talking about 10 and 15 years from now. The Alex Rodriguez saga is quite unlike anything I’ve witnessed in sports.  Maybe the Harding-Kerrigan fiasco compares?
  • I am looking forward to the end of baseball season – I hope the stories about the game itself will drown out the noise about the intrigue off the field.


  • I have been listening to someone trying to sell us on a certain kind of plan for retirement.  It’s very interesting, so I’m doing my homework.
  • I have enjoyed not training for anything overly competitive or challenging this summer.  Days off, days on, not much structure.  I’m staying in shape, but giving the body a bit of a break.
  • What steps do you take in your life to get the space you need to make good decisions? Creating that atmosphere is a choice.  Well, come to think of it, creating any atmosphere is a choice!

Tuesday Rambling 8.13.13

Scattered thoughts, loosely organized.  Must be time for Tuesday rambling!


  • My faith has definitely been growing.  I’ve seen God do a lot things in the past couple months.  It’s been both good and tough and it has increased the level at which I rely on Him!
  • I think the American church is weak on spiritual warfare.  I am growing in my awareness of spiritual warfare, and praying that God will help work to break areas of spiritual attack both personally and in ministry.


  • I am hoping to get some specific and fruitful time with our children before the summer is over.
  • We know a lot is going to be changing in our lives as school resumes soon. Different schedules will be a challenge but we are looking forward to it and trying to communicate as well as we can ahead of time.
  • If you had to rate from 1-10 (10 is the most difficult) how difficult it is to keep your home flowing, organized, scheduled, etc., how would you answer? I’d say about seven or eight. It takes effort to keep yourselves on the same page.  And, I believe that effort is worth it!


  • Why do I get discontent when there aren’t cereals in my home that I like? How dumb.  People are starving.
  • It is a season of evaluation right now – many areas of life are under review. This is a good thing and it should be helpful.


  • The end of this baseball season is going to be fantastic.
  • If you like sports, do you ever wrestle with how much time they take in your life? What other hobbies/interests take significant amounts of time?


  • Man cannot worship both God and money.  Meditate on this statement (taken from Jesus’ teaching) and sort through its implications in your life!
  • Are you prepared for any unforeseen financial change or emergency? If not, develop a plan starting TODAY to get prepared.  It’s not if the car will need repaired, something in the house breaks, pay or work situations change, it’s when!

Tuesday Rambling 8.6.13

Here is my usually Tuesday scatteredness.  Is that a word? It is now!


  • Alex Rodriguez is one of the most selfish human beings.  Wow.  He has not a care in the world that the spotlight is on him while it should be on his teammate (Mariano Rivera) who is finishing a Hall of Fame career this year. I know the Yankees won’t make the playoffs, but wow this guy is a sight to behold.  It makes me sad.
  • The local team, your Cleveland Indians, on the other hand, look decent.  They still can’t win a big game against Detroit (or so it seems), but with the weakness of their schedule it seems the playoffs are a decent possibility.
  • I am definitely excited for the NFL season to start.

Personal Growth

  • It has been a while since I have felt like I was thriving in several areas all at once.  I praise God that this has been one of those seasons in my life.  I hope and pray God can continue to help me grow as an individual and as a leader.
  • I will be enrolling in a class about counseling soon.  I hope it makes me more effective in helping people work through issues life throws at them.  Counselors have been super effective in my life at certain points.


  • Our Heavenly Father is enjoyable.  Yes!  I do look forward to going to heaven and spending eternity with God.  So, I want my kids to see some part of me as an enjoyable person who reflects that part of our heavenly Father’s characteristics.  All jokes aside, I do have a hard time with that.  It is not natural for me to plan fun activities with our family.  So, I have to be intentional and try my best.
  • I am sure many parents struggle with having energy for their children.  It’s a constant struggle, but one we must think through, always striving for growth.


  • One show I like is America’s Got Talent.  I enjoy watching people under pressure.  You never know how they’ll perform.
  • I got a new album from Sovereign Grace with songs about the book of Romans.  It’s fantastic.
  • When watching the news, remember: they are telling you that’s what they think the news is.  Always have a filter on when listening to “the latest”.