Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Tuesday Rambling 11.26.13 – You live in Ohio, now act like it!

Tuesday. I’m up early and excited about the day.  Time for some rambling!

Thanksgiving Dinner

  • Today is our annual community Thanksgiving Dinner.  I doubt the snow will slow things down too much.  If you’re in the Kenmore area, don’t forget – 5:00 dinner at the community center! We’ll be there till 7:00, so come get a bite to eat.
  • Later in the week, most of America will give thanks in a very common form: eating. We will gather around and have a meal. A great big meal is indeed a great big way to give thanks to a great big God who provides so much.
  • If things are tight and your mouths are fed most of the time, it is still a great opportunity to thank God for all He provides. Which leads me to my next topic . . .

You live in Ohio, now act like it!

  • Probably a full post cooking for the future, but for now let me just say this: the negativity can really eat at me sometimes.
  • You live in Ohio.  You’re going to have crazy weather – act like it.  Drive like it. Let’s be grown ups here and remember we have a choice to live here!
  • People complain when it’s too hot, when it’s too cold, when this is wrong, when that seems out of place, blah blah blah!
  • It’s not that I never complain, but at some point even though it’s just fine to not like something, I question the wisdom in being so negative all the time that it brings others down.  I really think the more thankful you are, the easier it is to deal with things (and people) you don’t like. Hmmm…..


  • I just read a post at ESPN that had the top six Super Bowl contenders. What? No Browns!?!?!
  • The Browns are not a bad football team.  They just don’t have a quarterback.  When you don’t have a QB, you have no rhythm. It’s very difficult to have the most important position on the field changing every other game.


  • All Christians should make disciples.  I want to be a leader that gives practical ways for this to happen.
  • Here is a quote from Robby Gallaty, who I linked to in yesterday’s post: “I’ve come to realize that when people don’t know what to do, they don’t do anything.”
  • Not doing anything is NOT an option.  And, as a leader, leading in such a way that people do nothing is unacceptable as well.


Tuesday Rambling 11.19.13 – I’m A Shoplifter!

Ramble, ramble, ramble!!


  • Anyone else throw dirty, stinky diapers out their window and toward the trash can? We do.  Apparently, one (in a plastic bag) got stuck on our back roof.
  • After a short while of it laying there, it was removed yesterday 🙂
  • For that matter, anyone else throw anything out their window?

It’s True, I’m a Shoplifter!

  • I was trying on jackets at Target last night, and needed to try on a shirt underneath the jacket to see how it would fit.
  • I grabbed a shirt from the rack, put it on, tried the jacket on, made my decision, and put my other jacket on . . .
  • Then, I realized I still had the shirt on that I tried on . . .
  • When we were praying an hour later with our kids at home! I totally walked wearing a shirt from Target’s rack and never paid for it. Ugh.
  • For the record, Target is aware and I will be returning the shirt tomorrow morning.  I told Julie I’ll need the receipt, and she reminded me . . .
  • There isn’t one because you didn’t buy it!
  • I hope you enjoyed this story as much as we did.  Too funny.


  • No player is worth a 10 year contract, unless he is amazingly talented and less than 24 years old.
  • Baseball will be going to shorter contracts for a few more dollars, which keeps teams from being tied down to longer term deals.


  • If prayer or service are about the feeling we get from others responding to what we’re doing, then we’ve maxed out the reward we’ll get. That reward will be that others will like us or recognize us.
  • The element of faith is that we must pray, serve, give, etc. with an attitude that God will reward us in ways people can’t.  Then we understand the true nature of being rewarded (and in turn, the true nature of serving Him in the first place).
  • The bottom line? It’s for God’s glory, not ours!

Tuesday Rambling 11.12.13

Time to ramble, I guess.  No problem!


  • I have been reading a very good book about anger.  One of the key things I’ve learned so far is that it must be against an actual (not perceived) sin and that it must be handled in a godly manner.
  • Another thing the book has focused on is our desires.  A study of the first part of James 4 is really helpful here.


  • Do you think technology has made communication more efficient? Sometimes I wonder. I wonder if we are more frustrated because technology promises instant access to information but it doesn’t bring us instant communication when we want it.
  • Are we spoiled by the technology and creating false frustrations?


  • We should always want our influence for Christ to increase, but what about materially? Do we really know how to be content with what God has given us? It’s hard to teach, but it is truly a joyful place to be able to trust in the Lord’s provision (good or difficult) each day.
  • “Each day has enough trouble of its own” – Jesus. Isn’t this a great call for us to ask God to increase our satisfaction with each day?

Parenting Classes

  • We have been getting some help from parenting classes. We have been struggling with setting expectations/discipline for Jocelyn and we were referred to a class that promised help.
  • The most difficult part of the classes has been trying to eliminate the words “no”, “don’t”, and “stop” from our vocabulary.  When we want to tell her no or stop doing something, we are being challenged to replace it with a positive command.
  • Lots of other things we’ve learned, but no space.  To say the classes have helped is a mild understatement.  We are definitely seeing progress and we’re very encouraged by that.

Tuesday Rambling 11.5.13

Blah blah blah . . . Tuesday Rambling!

It’s a Season

  • We have had a bunch of stuff break in our lives over the past few months! It really is a sign of how nothing is designed to last.
  • Although things breaking costs money, enduring the final breakdown (the death of our human body) without the long term security in Christ is a cost that is impossible to imagine.
  • When stuff is breaking and expenses pile up, it also causes you to trust God more.  That’s really an adventurous place.  For me, it’s way harder to trust God. The contentment you have with what God provides is really tested when things break down.


  • I’ve been challenged to think recently about God.  Do I want the benefits of faith in Jesus (forgiveness, provision, eternal life, Holy Spirit, etc.), or do I want Jesus? The Gospel really is a relationship with Jesus.
  • The benefits? Amazing, to be sure. But, a sure growth piece for me right now is just focusing on the relationship without the glorious benefits of being in that relationship. I’m not suggesting they’re separate or should be separated, I just don’t want to treat them separately (which has been my tendency if I really think about it).


  • We had a baby dedication service at our church Sunday.  Two babies were dedicated and there were a LOT of family members present.  It was heartwarming.  I think someone told me there were a total of 10 great grandparents who attended.
  • The Bible shows a pattern of God’s lineage and purposes being carried out through families.  It may not be as flashy as front-line evangelism, but it is definitely a huge part of God’s plan.
  • Using your home life to influence people for Jesus is an amazing way to point them to Jesus. The converse is true.  If you have an outward faith (church attendance, etc.), but no real faith at home, it will many times produce a family that is hardened toward God.


  • I have officially started using a prayer journal.  I am going to give it a try to see if it helps.
  • Two main goals for the journal:
  • 1) increased time in prayer (decreased time in stupid things) and
  • 2) better organization (such as remembering to pray for things I say I will pray for)

Tuesday Rambling 10.29.13

Rambling, Bumbling, Stumbling . . . whatever! Here we go . . .

Gotcha Day

  • It has been one year to the day that we adopted Jocelyn.  She has been a big blessing in our lives.  We know she has a long way to go, but we know she is loved and she is a meaningful part of our lives!
  • We are grateful for everyone who has supported in thought, time, prayer, etc. throughout this journey with her.
  • Someone recently asked me why we ever decided to get involved in fostering with the possibility of adopting. I replied, “God.”

Spiritual Concern

  • I am most saddened  when I observe others try to navigate their lives without prayer, God’s Word, and God’s people.  Those three things will never solve everyone’s problems, but commitments in those areas (together) will give any human being a support system to adequately and graciously navigate problems.
  • I think it is good to know about negative things going on in society, so we can be aware. But, negative things are not the filter through which we should view things. Probably more to come later in the week on this.

Bible Truth

  • Love God, love others. This is a famous command Jesus gave.  But, it’s two commands. To separate these commands and focus more on one than the other is disastrous. Chew on that one.

Neat Experience

  • I went to a lunch/workshop with Josh, our church’s youth director last Friday.  It was put on in conjunction with a Christian concert and the focus was worship music and singing in church.
  • We got to sit at a table for lunch with Keith Getty, who has written several well known modern hymns such as “In Christ Alone” and “Speak, O Lord”.


  • Looks like my prediction of Red Sox in 6 games might come true – unfortunately.
  • I think it’s realistic that the Browns are 6-6 after their next four games.  Bold, I know, but I’ll be surprised if they don’t go at least 2-2 over the next four.  That would be 5-7.