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Tuesday Rambling 7.9.13

A few thoughts for your Tuesday . . .


  • It is so important to keep the big picture in mind.  I think in ministry it’s VERY easy to get frustrated in the day by day and to lose sight of the bigger picture.
  • Clarity is a big word that I use a lot.  I seek to clarify situations so I know how best to help. It’s an endless prayer for wisdom to be understand at a high level.  Discernment is not something that comes naturally for me, but with help from the Holy Spirit He enables me to see things better along the way.
  • If you love people and seek to help them grow closer to Christ, what are your biggest challenges?


  • Murray!  Wow it is exciting that Andy Murray won Wimbledon.  I’m happy for the British people.
  • In case you missed it, a guy died (this is a real story) and asked for Cleveland Browns players to be his pall bearers so he could have them let him down one last time.  One of the comments on his obit (or a related story) made the joke that they’re not used to carrying things without dropping them for very long! Oh what fun . . .
  • The Indians missed a big chance in last night’s game.
  • I don’t think Dwight Howard will solve the Rockets’ problems any more than he did for the Lakers.


  • On my busiest days I feel like I am a terrible dad.  I know that’s not true; I simply need to balance the busy times with times that I am present and engaged.  
  • Similarly, I am NOT wired to be away from my family for long periods of time. Over the last couple days I haven’t seen our older kids too much, and even that short amount of time makes me feel disconnected.


  • I have a guy who’s trying to sell me a certain kind of life insurance policy.  I really need to gain some more information, but for my approach to such things, it definitely sounds interesting.
  • So it down-poured and our softball game got cut short last night.  Then, I left my cleats at the facility.  I’m headed out there to (hopefully) retrieve them tonight.


  • “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” (Jesus)
  • “Resolved, never to do anything which I should be afraid to do if it were the last hour of my life.” – Jonathan Edwards


Tuesday Rambling 7.2.13

A collection of thoughts for Tuesday. Here goes:


  • I am praying for a month of intentional spiritual growth at Goss Memorial!
  • Doing the challenging thing usually makes things clearer in the long run.


  • Had a good day with the kids yesterday.
  • We had quite the swimming outing last week. We were delayed by thunder, had quite a time getting our fire started to cook dinner, met some neat kids, and finally got to swim for about an hour.
  • Looking forward to some down time later this week with the holiday coming.


  • Wimbledon has been crazy this year. I guess the American presence isn’t too strong.
  • I am no Boston fan, but it has been a brutal stretch for Boston sports fans. Their hockey team choked the Stanley Cup away, the basketball team has been dismantled, and the football team wishes Tebow was its only media circus. Ouch!
  • I predict Haslam will not own the Browns by the end of 2014.


  • What is the difference between your opinion about something and how you think people should respond to that opinion?
  • I went to buy lighter fluid last week and it was behind the counter? Since when do you have to ask for lighter fluid?.


Tuesday Rambling 6.25.13

Tuesday Rambling.  In no particular order, here we go:


  • It’s been a while since I said much about sports.  Going with baseball first, I think the Indians will finish with a better record than the Yankees, assuming the Yankees don’t get any additional offensive help.
  • I was really rooting for the Spurs (who really blew game six), but you have to hand it to LeBron.  He truly is the best, and the best usually win championships.
  • Rafa Nadal out in the first round of Wimbledon? Ouch!


  • I am really pondering God’s sovereignty.  I am growing in my understanding of what He is doing and in my ability to discern His activity (and conversely, the devil’s plans for destruction).
  • Authority is power rightly held.  This phrase, used by our Project Shine speaker Ryan Lawrence last week, taught me much about how to approach God.  Humans trying to say how God should or should not be without consulting God’s Word are trying to use authority they simply don’t have.  Wow.
  • Out of a very challenging incident God is teaching me a lot.


  • I am looking forward to catching up on some family time this week.  It will be fun to chill out by some water and cook a little dinner together.
  • Still no calls for any boys for us to bring into our home for foster care.
  • Any parents out there struggle with summer bedtime? We are laying down the law (with reasonable exceptions, of course).  Our biggest need? We still need time when the kids are in bed and we have time to read, relax, and talk without them needing things from us!


  • I value my personal freedom highly.  I value my spiritual freedom more.  The presence of personal freedom does not guarantee success in promoting my Christian faith.  The absence of personal freedom would not guarantee failure in promoting my Christian faith.  Hmmmm…..
  • I truly don’t know what to make of all this scandal.  The best way for me to articulate it is that I think our government is very sloppy in the way it’s being run, yet very strong in the way in which it is getting people to depend on it.  Maybe I’ll chew on that and flesh it out a bit more, but for now that’s a decent summary.


Tuesday Rambling 6.18.13

Ramble ramble ramble.  Have a look. Sometimes random thoughts and conversations can really lead somewhere. Who knows?


  • Grrr kids arguing can really get under your skin, can’t it?
  • Glad David had a good time at camp with his Poppy!
  • Our family is pretty immersed in serving at Project Shine this week – the kids enjoy the fellowship, the excitement of the projects, and the worship each night.


  • I have gotten so hungry from time to time for fried chicken.  There’s a local place here in Kenmore called Showcase Chicken.  They sold me a 4- piece meal with four Jo-Jo’s for $5.99.  It’s really enough food for two meals, and it’s really good. At least I should say it’s good when I crave fried chicken, which isn’t very often.
  • Do you have any tastes that have changed? I used to not like fried chicken at all.  Really weird!


  • We’ve been trying to grow some new grass in our backyard.  The process is almost over, which is nice.
  • Seems like when you have a medical episode the bills come for quite a while.

A little short this week (most of this was typed Saturday).  Should have more time for a lengthier post next week.

Tuesday Rambling 6.11.13

A few scattered thoughts for Tuesday.

Time with the kids:

  • Monday, we spent about an hour and a half in our living room searching for the Apple TV remote.  We cleaned everything in our path, but alas . . . no remote!
  • To celebrate, we went to McDonald’s and got ice cream and milkshakes.  Don’t ask me how, but within minutes of leaving McDonald’s I had to pull over and help them get whipped cream topping off their fingers . . . and the van seat. It made for a good laugh!
  • We took a bunch of kids on a bike ride in the evening Monday to the playground at Rimer.  Traveling with a half dozen kids by bike for a mile each way is definitely an adventure!


  • Sheldon Ocker had a nice article about why Indians fans shouldn’t panic about losing so many games recently.  I agree.  Rough stretch, to be sure.  But, no reason to lose hope.  This team is much deeper than in years past.
  • Rafael Nadal won his 8th French Open on Sunday.  Even if you don’t care about tennis, you have to admit one person winning one tournament eight times is incredible!


  • Do you care more about making disciples than whether you like your church’s worship service?
  • Is your day to day Christianity truly more important to you than what happens at your church on Sunday or Wednesday?
  • Challenge: invite someone to study the Bible with you.  Even if you don’t know much about the Bible, I bet this will challenge you to listen more.  If someone says yes, you could just go off your church’s sermons.  Teach what you learn!


  • Are fast food milkshakes really worth $2? Alexa and David (suckers!) got milkshakes with their money, and I spent $1 for two dishes of ice cream for Jocelyn and me.
  • I am really looking forward to Project Shine 2013.  God has provided so much. I pray he brings us through an amazing week of ministry next week!

Faith Quote:

“We are settling for a Christianity that revolves around catering to ourselves when the central message of Christianity is actually about abandoning ourselves.” – David Platt, Radical