Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Tuesday Rambling 9.26.17 – Questions About The President, The NFL, And Listening

Let me ramble out a few questions about this whole big mess:

  • Have you thought through everyone’s motives in this situation – including the president, the players, and the media?
  • If you’re mad, have you asked yourself “Why”?
  • I fear in many debates anger’s presence only comes from our “shock” that not everyone thinks like we do (or how we think they should).
  • Could you stand as a friend with someone who doesn’t agree with your position?
  • Could you express those disagreements over coffee or dinner without screaming and shouting?
  • Do you realize screaming, shouting, and divisiveness are exactly what some people desire for this situation?
  • If you support the president, do you realize that he is using his position to influence a private employer to fire people for using their free speech in a manner that disagrees with his views?
  • Does the above (true) bullet point scare you? If not, would you be willing to do some reading to understand our government’s true role and what free speech really means?
  • If you don’t understand players’ protest, have you or would you read something which would help you understand their concerns about injustice?
  • Have you asked yourself “What does the flag really represent?”
  • In your view, how would you describe America?
  • Do you think certain people benefit from disunity?
  • How can you work toward unity in your life, your social media posts, and as you seek to “love your neighbor as yourself?” (Matthew 22:37-40)

Tuesday Rambling 9.19.17 – Questions for Parents

A few rambling questions for parents:

  • Who is the center of your home? How would you evaluate this?
  • Who should be the center of your home? How would you evaluate this?
  • How will children develop differently having their picture taken hundreds (thousands?) of times more than children in previous generations?
  • Should parents exercise any caution taking and sharing so many pictures of their kids?
  • What commitments and plans do you make as a parent that put your own interests ahead of your kids’?
  • When SHOULD a parent put their interests ahead of their kids?
  • How will our kids see us prioritizing God in our personal time, our homes, our relationships, our service?
  • How will our kids know they are NOT the center of our homes?
  • What activities compete with the spiritual growth of our kids?
  • Do we have any time in our lives scheduled simply for exploration, meandering, or creativity?
  • Do we parents somehow feel superior when our schedule has more in it than others?
  • Do you have a plan for technology in your home? At what ages kids should interact with various technology?
  • If you’re a Christian, how will your parenting and your lives communicate commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a culture where temptation to “keep up with the Joneses” is greater than ever?

Tuesday Rambling 9.12.17 – I Simply Believe the Bible

Good morning. Time to ramble about the best book ever.

  • I simply believe the Bible.
  • I trust its truth, its words as God’s.
  • I believe its life principles work even for those who don’t believe (I heard someone say this once and I agree).
  • I am willing to ask God for help making His ways my ways.
  • I do not believe the Bible’s corrective measures harm me or limit me from finding my desires.
  • Instead, when the Bible restricts my human behavior it intends to bring about greater freedom.
  • I read it to hear from God.
  • By the way, I trust the Bible as God’s overwhelmingly primary way of communicating with me.
  • I trust the Bible’s authenticity as an historical document.
  • So many times when life has felt dark, the Bible has brought life unto my path.
  • So many times when I feel so gloomy, the Bible has reminded me of Jesus’ words about eternal life.
  • When I feel so helpless, I read how God loves me and wants to save me.
  • When the world feels so out of whack, I read of the foundation of God’s justice.
  • On and on I could go.
  • Help. Comfort. Strength. Power. On and on and on.
  • I simply believe the Bible.

Tuesday Rambling 8.29.17 – Injustice, Justice, Akron, and You

Don’t want to have to ramble about justice, but here goes…

  • Justice involves a view of right and wrong.
  • To claim injustice shouts something has gone wrong, or someone has experienced wrong.
  • In the past few days, Akron’s police chief has resigned. The mayor had evidence of improper contact with a city official, conduct unbecoming an officer, and potential criminal activity.
  • Also in the past few days, a young man many in our community know somehow took his life with a gun in a police car following an arrest connected to a robbery that happened in close proximity to our home.
  • So…kinda hard not to ramble about justice.
  • So do you agree the police chief should have stepped down?
  • Do you agree something may be amiss that a teen had a gun in the back of a car?
  • If so, ask yourself why.
  • Now, examine your emotions. Injustice upsets many. If these events upset you, ask yourself why.
  • Do you have equal emotional disgust for the injustice suffered by two people allegedly robbed Friday night?
  • What about babies’ lives aborted? The mess of the heroin epidemic? What about human beings trafficked on a regular basis? Not to mention global issues?
  • Injustice is easy to respond to when it happens close to us.
  • But I ask about emotions and engagement in justice in general in order to ask a different question:
  • Why do you care about justice?
  • The fact we stir about right and wrong points us to God who has ultimate authority. Where this world constantly displays its imperfections, our God has no such shortcomings.
  • Due to sin, injustice happens and may last longer than we wish.
  • But God shows us His love in powerful ways. Jesus died in injustice, and God used it for greater glory (Jesus rose from the dead on the third day). I do not write this lightly.
  • Our relationship with God is not just the glory of eternal life guaranteed by the resurrection. It also must include dealing with sin, payment, satisfying God’s anger against our sin. Jesus did that.
  • Humanly, Jesus’ death was the result of a sham of a trial. Heavenly, it was the perfect way for God to deal with the sin of man and show His love for rebellious mankind.
  • In all of this recent and local stirring I find myself begging God for justice, for the patience to wait, and for those affected by these events. Ugh. It hurts and my heart breaks.
  • But I also must ask God for the strength to trust and the eyes to see injustice other than what immediately affects me.
  • And I invite you to commit your life to trusting and following Jesus by turning from sin, asking Him for forgiveness, and trusting that His (unjust) death was the perfect way to earn your forgiveness.
  • When we believe, we inherit the guarantee of eternal life, when all the sin, struggle, and injustice in this life will matter no more as we spend forever with Jesus.

Tuesday Rambling 8.8.17 – Growing Spiritually

  • Do you have an adequate definition of spiritual growth?
  • This morning, some questions to evaluate about spiritual growth…
  • How might God want to make you more like Himself?
  • How might God want to bring you in line with what it says in His Word?
  • How much do you love Him?
  • How much do you talk to Him, or listen to Him?
  • What growth in loving others has developed in your life?
  • For what do you wait? How well do you wait?
  • What do you ask God for the strength to endure?
  • Do you wrestle with justice? How do you act in pursuit of it?
  • How much do you trust yourself? How much do you REALLY trust Him?
  • Do you often repent and ask for forgiveness, or do you sometimes take his forgiveness for granted?
  • How might God change your speech and its patterns?
  • This rambling applies to the author as well as the reader.
  • Hopefully this will stir us in our love for God – Father, Son, and Spirit.