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Friday Link Highlight 11.29.13 – Parents, Require Your Child’s Obedience

This article was by far the most clicked from Monday’s post. Whether new parent, parent of school aged children, or grandparent, these are great thoughts to keep in mind. First, read the article:

Parents, require obedience from your children.

After you’ve read the article, here are a few thoughts.

1. Don’t be afraid to say as a parent that you are learning.

If you read articles like this and feel like someone is judging you, the best I can do is tell you to change your thinking. You don’t have to “have it all together”. What you need to do is let wise people help you.

2. Yes, it is hard work.

It is very seldom (VERY) that someone “lucks” into having well behaved children. It means asserting yourself, sometimes over and over and over again until the child learns. This requires a lot of both physical and mental energy.

3. Keep the Gospel in mind.

Requiring outward obedience from a young age does prepare kids to respect authority as they age. But if they respect all human authority and reject God’s authority then they remain lost, apart from God in their sin. So, as you engage in the war for the obedience of your children, do more warfare for their hearts!

Think. What in this article is most helpful/challenging?

Act. What strategy can you use to put it into practice immediately?

Friday Link Highlight: 5.31.13 – Anyone who knows (or is) a young man should read this article!

It’s Friday.  That means it’s time to feature the highest clicked link from Monday’s post.  This week’s feature article has this idea:

Young men are to be challenged.

Please click on the link and read it for yourself.  Maybe you’re a not so young man, and it still applies!  I hope it does.

Here are a few thoughts:

1. This can’t be said enough.

I’ve heard Mark Driscoll make the analogy of producing and consuming.  Men should produce, produce, produce.  At nearly 7, we are teaching our son that entertainment is a small part of life, not the goal of it.

2. Older men should be influencers.

If you are an older man with any sort of example, be an influencer.  Chances are, young men are struggling with the basics of this article.  A suggestion: if a younger man pops into your heart when you read this, sit down with him and go through this article.  Find out how you can pray for him, lead him, challenge Him.

3. Laziness is a burden.

This is so true.  If someone is lazy about themselves and their work ethic, what it really means is this: someone else is going to have to pick up the slack.  You’re not paying your own bills? Then you’re expecting someone else to do it for you.  You’re not serving effectively and passionately in your church? Then you’re planning for someone else to do it instead.  Don’t be a burden.

Young men, be challenged.  Those with influence over developing and younger men, encourage them, teach them, lead them, and hold them accountable.  Above all, let them know they are loved enough to be challenged to be what God has for them!


Friday Link Highlight 5.24.13 – Over-eating: Diet problem, or sin problem?

This article from Monday’s post got the most clicks.  Check it out:

The question is good: is over eating mostly just a diet problem, or a sin problem?

A few of my own comments:

1. There are no “acceptable” sins. 

The church has lots of acceptable sins.  Gossip, pride, materialism are among sins that are easy to let slip. I don’t care if it’s over-eating or over-exercising (yes, even physical fitness can become an idol), sin is sin.

So, if over-eating is a struggle, please take it seriously.  Not only will it affect your physical health. More importantly, it can damage your spiritual relationship.

2. Please don’t deny it is a sin.

If I tried to tell you that my occasional outbursts of anger are no big deal in God’s eyes, would you believe me? Surely you’d have some questions.  I’d say the same with over-eating.  Please don’t deny it.  This article does a good job of making us think this through.  I think by extension that believer should also consider how much junk they eat. Anything can become an idol – we must be very careful.

3. Practical help.

Check out this website for some practical help.  I do know of some people who have used this to some degree of success.

Always be thinking.  Always be challenged.  Know that Jesus died to save us from all our sins, so don’t over-focus on this one if you struggle with it.  While the results may be visible, it can be overcome and your identity is in Christ, not your body image.  Pursue Him in everything and give Him the glory!

Have a great weekend.

Friday Link Highlight 5.10.13 – An article about sex in marriage.

Here’s this week’s most clicked article from Monday:

It’s a very good reminder. Here are a few things that challenged me.

1. We always need to be reminded it isn’t about us.

This is life in general, not just sex. It’s just not about us.

2. False messages abound.

The longer you’ve been married, perhaps the false messages are replaced by healthy ones (I hope?!). It is a reminder that false messages are everywhere, and helping people understand sex biblically is challenging because of these false messages.

3. A declaration, a question, an answer.

This was a powerful statement about what sex really is. It is an encouragement to remember that acceptance and affirmation goes both ways.

Have a great weekend everyone. Be challenged!

Friday Link Highlight 5.3.13 – Suffering has benefits!

Today’s featured article (most clicked from Monday’s post) gets us thinking about the benefits of suffering. It’s a great read — I encourage you to think through it.

Read the article here:

A few comments of my own:

1. Pride is a big issue.

Suffering can help us remember who’s in charge. And, depending on how we suffer, that reality can be brutal. But, when the pride comes down, it’s always a good thing, no matter the cost.

2. Think about your own life.

Has suffering reminded you of God and eternity? It does for me. The deepest and darkest times can be sweet experiences as God reminds us of his presence. Does suffering do that for you?

Think about which of the points the author made and which most challenges you. Give God praise for what He can do in all seasons of life!

Have a great weekend. Be challenged.