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Friday Feature 8.26.16 – Christian Colleges and LGBT


Approaching LGBT’s presents a challenging dilemma for any believer, but perhaps especially so for Christian colleges. This topic drew the most clicks from Monday’s post. Read the article here:

Keeping Faith Without Hurting LGBT students

Please dig through the article and challenge your thinking. Once you’ve done so, see a few of my own comments below:

1. Good information.

You can find good information in this article. Sometimes we struggle just to get our minds around all the many happenings and constantly developing angles of the sexual revolution. Work to pursue good, accurate information.

2. Dissenting views.

I thought the article, written by someone in Christian higher education, brought out challenging points about dissenting views. Can Christian colleges work with students whose views change? Can a society allow that “dissenting” viewpoints actually add healthy elements?

Think. What did this article teach you?

Act. Work to increase your ability to understand the challenges inherent to believers in this ever changing culture. Do you know how you would respond to someone who changed views?

Friday Feature 8.5.16 – Yes, Global Warming, But…


But what? Good question. Monday’s readers thought so too. Check out this week’s most clicked link:

The Globe Is Warming, But It’s Not Your Fault

I encourage you to get as far as you can in the article (despite the technical language). Reading the intro and conclusion will help.

As usual, I’ll add a few comments below:

1. Discernment.

Do people studying science have an agenda? The scientists at Answers in Genesis will answer “yes”. Not all scientists will. So, the casual reader must ask: what am I reading? Who is presenting the data? Why is the data being presented in the first place?

2. Warming.

Does this article present information in an unbiased way? Does it challenge you to think about warming? Does it honestly present you with facts about climate, and limits inherent in determining historic climate data?

Think. Think for yourself. Gather relevant data.

Act. First, ask yourself what the earth tells us about God. Avoid seeking man’s answers first, but show a willingness to listen and discern.

Friday Feature 7.29.16 – Unicorns – In The Bible!


I thought it fascinating to hear the Bible actually mentions unicorns. Apparently, Monday’s readers did as well.

See the article for yourself!

As per the usual Friday Feature format, I’ll throw in a few of my own comments:

1. Surprise!

Yes, this article surprised me. I wouldn’t have considered unicorns in anyway but fantasy or fairy tale.

2. Surprise! But…

The animals mentioned here and linked to by this article don’t seem like the fantasy animal commonly portrayed. God is God. His Word tells us about reality.

Think. Get into the KJV of Job 39 and have a look at the animals described there.

Act. Trust God’s Word.

Friday Feature 6.10.16 – Parenting: “The Talk”


The most clicked link from Monday’s post? This one right here:

Parents shouldn’t miss the importance, especially in today’s sex-crazed society.

Take a look at what the article offers. Then, see just a couple thoughts I’d add for today:

1. Parents seeking help can find solid resources easily.

With a couple clicks and a couple bucks, these parenting resources can make their way onto your devices. Just think about that for a minute. Internet services can deliver an entire book to your device within seconds.

How many excuses do parents have NOT to read and research?

2. I probably don’t know about as many resources as I should.

I like to read blogs and I read this particular one almost daily. Pastor or not, shouldn’t we all have some “go to” resources on some specific topics of interest?

3. When it comes to “the talk”, I prefer ongoing conversations rather than event.

Unfortunately, media (even the nightly or morning news) provides ample opportunity to talk about why our culture believes what it believes. That doesn’t turn every morning into dad’s moral lessons class, but it doesn’t mean we as parents won’t ask the occasional question to explore and guide our kids’ thinking.

Think. These topics won’t just handle themselves. What’s your plan?

Act. You might begin by prayer. Ask God’s leading. Ask for courage. Speak truth!

Friday Feature 6.3.16 – Grieve and Receive Special Needs


Read this week’s most clicked article from Monday’s post:

Grieve and Receive the Gift of Special Needs

Friday’s feature article this week gives readers exposure to a topic very difficult to process, even if it impacts one’s life directly: special needs. Please, read the article. The opening illustration alone makes the article worth the read.

Then, a few of my thoughts:

1. God

Yes, God. I believe God can use my broken, sinful self for His glory. Why then, wouldn’t I believe that God can use humans with broken body parts, development, or functioning for His glory?

God CAN and DOES redeem sin and its results. I am NOT saying special needs individuals are the result of specific sin, simply the result of our broken, sinful world in general. God’s redeeming purposes can bring much comfort to us and glory to Him!

2. Grieving and receiving.

This really challenges me. I often grieve our special needs daughter’s condition. Her lack of development will affect the rest of her life. It hurts to watch. Like any tragedy, any breakdown, any loss, I grieve this reality as less than God’s intended purposes.

But to receive these needs as God’s gift gives such a great perspective! We know that in many ways individuals with special needs truly represent the most unique gifts God can give and bring much value to the lives they influence.

Think. How do you think about stunted development in humans, or especially children?

Act. Challenge yourself to look for God’s gifts in all situations, no matter how difficult.