Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Friday Feature 1.6.17 – Mercy, Sexuality, God, and Love

The first Friday Feature of the New Year will focus our hearts and minds on a tough topic: sexuality.

Check this week’s top clicked link here:

“An Odd Sort of Mercy”: Jen Hatmaker, Glennon Doyle Melton, and The End of the Affair

Please check out the article: the author brings an old story to bear on modern events and writers.

Then, let me share a few thoughts of my own:

1. Love.

Love’s common draw takes in almost everyone in some way. The objective standard of love, God’s love, sheds light on all our experiences of love. This should challenge you: how do you think about, or evaluate, the love you give or experience?

2. What we want from God.

The quote of the article: “Evangelical Christians have fallen too much into the habit of believing God exists to affirm our deepest desires, whether material or sexual.”

In the same vein, a verse grabbing my attention early here in 2017: And those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. (Galatians 5:24)

Think. How do you define love, and how does that relate to sexuality?

Act. Memorize verses like Gal. 5:24 or others that will help pin your thinking to God’s truth rather than your own desires.

Friday Feature 11.18.16 – Election Response: Raw Emotions From A Minority Christian


Good Friday afternoon!

Somewhat to my surprise, this week’s most clicked Monday article examines the raw emotions of an African American Christian following this year’s election. Read it here:

Raw Emotions on the Presidential Election

Friday Feature gives readers a chance to see the most clicked article from Monday. It also allows for a bit of my own insight. You can check that out below:

1. Afraid.

As a white man, I have not experienced fear over another’s racism. One of the few such memories of fear for me involved an impromptu traffic stop by Rwandan military officers who pulled over a caravan of our missionary team.

What this author expresses describes something altogether different, and white believers would benefit by listening.

2. “Perceived Closeted Racism”

I plan to do more digging to understand this concern. I have no basis to call it unfounded. However, I would love to hear a wider view of response to Trump’s election. The question, as presented, should challenge believers to think.

3. Embracing uneasiness.

If I chose, I could skate on past this election without much affect me. Or, I could do some work, listening to others as they process the results. Seeking that understanding will lead me to uncomfortable conversations and reactions I don’t understand. I’m perfectly fine with that!

Think. Do you bring a willingness to listen to the post-election culture?

Act. Engage someone you know you disagree with in a meaningful conversation.

Friday Feature 10.7.16 – An Old Universe?


Good Friday afternoon!

Today I feature the article from Monday which got the most clicks. Tim Challies asks and answers a worthwhile question:

Why does the universe look so old?

Please read the article and give it some thought. After you’ve done so, read through a few thoughts of my own:

1. Who is God?

This article speaks to the character of God. Specifically, it challenges our human minds with the view that God could create the earth with age. Do you think God could do this? Do you agree or disagree? Is having and maintaining your opinion or worldview more important than seeking the truth of who God is?

2. Sin.

Regardless of the correctness of this article’s viewpoint, we can only dream about how the earth would look without the effects of sin.

Surely some outstanding sites exist on the earth, but how incredible are the sites we miss due to sin?

Think. Do these thoughts about God challenge you to think about the age of the earth?

Act. Continue to pursue truth! We do very well in our thinking when we strive to know and experience the truth of God revealed in His Word.

Friday Feature 9.16.16 – Freedom of Sexual Integrity

An article by a 32 year old virgin stood out this week as Monday’s top-clicked article. Read it here:

“I’m a 32 year old virgin . . . living the dream”

A couple comments:

1. Courage

I think the stance itself shows courage. More and more, believers will need courage to explain their convictions regarding sexual integrity.

2. What a quote.

In discussing why millennials have less sex, the author crafted this gem:

“Maybe they realize that a condom doesn’t protect the heart, and that true love is something worth waiting for and fighting for.”

Think. Does sexual integrity matter? Why?

Act. Think about how you might state your conviction with a great balance of truth and love.

Friday Feature 9.9.16 – Influence of Women


Check out this week’s most popular article from Monday’s post:

Why Man and Woman Are Not Equal

I went with the title “Influence of Women” because reading this article will make you think about how women influence men, and always have. Please read the article for yourselves. Then find below a few comments of mine.

1. Always, exceptions exist.

Of course some young men do quite well without a woman or without the immediate prospect of marriage. We should always make sure we check our discernment when reading an article.

2. The first step in weakening her power is…

The boldness of this statement (you can find it in the last paragraph of the article) challenges thinking for sure. I embrace the fact that women have a very powerful influence on men and in society. I appreciate the author stating things with great clarity.

3. True for me!

I cannot imagine if I did not marry in my early twenties. God used Julie to do quite a work in helping me get settled into adulthood.

Think. Could this article encourage any young men you know? Or could it encourage any specific women?

Act. Perhaps use this to encourage some younger people in your life or at the very least let it challenge the way you view gender.