Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Monday Challenge 7.15.13

Here are six articles I found challenging in the past week. As you read, do your best to reflect.  I call this “Monday Challenge” so that there is a built in piece that gives the reader space not just to read another article, but instead to think.  What does this piece have to bear on my life? I challenge you to think through these pieces.  I’ll be by Friday with a feature on the one that is read the most.

Link of the Week

If you read only one article this week, read this one.  I wish every paper in the country (world!) would share this.  E-mail it to your local paper and ask them to print it in their op-ed section.  It’s about civility in the gay marriage debate.  We are much in need of it!

The Christian Faith

1. How well do you wear the title “sinner”? Do you like it when others use the title to refer to themselves? These are some helpful thoughts on the topic.

Question: Is it wrong to talk about the law? Our sin? Does talking about our sin point people to or away from Jesus?

2. Want revival in your church, community, etc? Here are four pillars of revival from a beautiful time past.

Question: What if your local community was largely defined by this type of thinking and action? One year ago, a group from our church was in Haiti and experienced this type of revival (sustained revival) in their land. Lord, do it here!

3. If you read a second article this week, make it this one!  Just kidding, of course.  This article has 12 fantastic ways to preserve Christian unity.

Question: Which ones challenge you the most? Which ones are really the most difficult and why?

News Correction

This short video of Brian Williams correcting a mistake NBC made is hilarious.

Question: Can you readily admit your mistakes?


This study shows that self-awareness peaks during the teen years inside someone’s brain. I’d love to see the numbers compared to some adults.

Question: Without a study, how much are you self-aware? Is it a good thing if the amount of our self-awareness is diminishing over time?

Monday Challenge 7.1.13

July 1st.  New month, same Monday format. Challenging articles, helpful thoughts for application.  I’ll be along Friday with a feature on the most clicked article from today’s post.  Enjoy! And, as always, be challenged!

Link of the Week

Satan – he doesn’t only attack our weaknesses.  He can come after our strengths too.

What strengths could Satan attack for you? What could you do to build awareness in this area?

The Christian Faith

1. Here’s one author’s take on how to impact an eroding culture: the church should support more artists.

It is true that the Holy Spirit uses Christians in all fields.  This would be an important segment of culture where the truth needs to be told.  Is there anyone you can support on a grass roots level? It’s worth thinking about.

2. Dads – here is a challenging list of things you can do to fight for your sons.

Which one stands out the most? What can you do about it?

3. What lies do you believe?

As you think through this article, are you willing to admit any specific areas of faulty thinking? Where would this discussion begin for you, or for your marriage, family, church small group, friends, etc.?

4. Here is a FANTASTIC article about how we use our words. For me, this is worth thinking through once a month.  If not enough people click this one, I’ll definitely be re-posting in the future!

Think: where does grace need to show up more in our conversation? What atmosphere is created with our words? VERY challenging.

Hilarious! But, incredibly helpful.

This hilarious video (less than 2 minutes!) helps as much as it makes us laugh.

How can this help you understand your marriage better?

Monday Challenge 6.24.13

Ahhhh…..Monday.  A relaxing day after a very tiring Project Shine week last week.  But, still enough energy to dish up a good challenge.  Here you’ll find a collection of links intended to challenge you to both think and act.  Friday I’ll summarize and feature the article that is most read by Monday’s visitors. Enjoy, and be challenged!

Link of the Week

Here’s an article I quoted in yesterday’s sermon.  It’s a fantastic read by John McArthur about women and their place in the Bible. It takes into account views regarding women from both Biblical times and contemporary times.

Question: How does this article help you when people say the Bible suppresses women?

The Christian Faith.

1. Believers: you should have three types of relationships.

Act on this: what can you do to develop these types of relationships?

2. I’m willing to bet you won’t click on this article.  It summarizes the efforts of a Christian group near Newtown, CN to provide hope and healing in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Are you willing to do something to help this community process its grief in the coming years?

3. Marriage and freedom.  It’s an important topic and this article comes highly recommended. It does make me wonder, thought, if the side pushing for gay marriage sees the Christian view the same way this article presents their view?

Is our religious liberty at risk with the passage of such laws? If so, what should the average Christian do about it?

4. Where do you find your worth?

What false measuring sticks do we use? More, how can we practically remove them?

Monday Challenge 6.17.13

Monday is here.  I love to challenge readers with articles designed to make you think, and hopefully then do something based on what you’ve read.  Friday, I’ll feature the article that is clicked the most by Monday’s readers. Have a look!

Link of the Week

No matter what side of the abortion issue you are on, can you answer the question a well known Senator refuses to answer? Don’t just hate this senator, do what you can to start a conversation about this with someone to see where they stand on the issue.

The Christian Faith

1. Maybe you don’t want to honor your parents.

This read shows the value of what Jesus has done for us – even when we don’t want to obey.  Is there something specific you can do to honor your parents, or anyone else you may not care to honor?

2. Are you able to give up control?

This article is about terrifying prayers. Stop. Think. Pray. What is God calling you to do that you may simply not want to do? Wow, this Biblical following Jesus thing is harder than you thought, yes?

3. Very challenging stats about pornography.

How much do you struggle with inner purity? The most self condemning thing you can do is stay silent if you have a problem in this area.  Please, find someone who can help encourage you that there truly is hope to overcome this sin!

4. Ten things every Christian should know about Muslims.

This will help separate the facts from the myths.

5. Do you have a view of God that includes the mentally ill?

Rick Warren tweeted this week that the brain is the only part of the body where most Christians can’t accept a breakdown (my paraphrase).  The best thing to do on this is think.  And, if there’s an attitude that needs to change, change it.  How? Get to know someone who is mentally ill, or volunteer your time to help serve those who are.

Monday Challenge 6.10.13

It’s Monday.  Here are nine articles to make you think. Is life different because we believe in Jesus? Use these articles (even one or two) as a chance to think about where faith meets action.  The most clicked article from this post will be featured on Friday with some deeper commentary.  Enjoy.  Think.  And, as always, be challenged!

Link of the Week

The demands of discipleship are thorough and deep; they don’t linger on the surface.

This article really highlights the new emphasis I desire with this blog.  Being the first new “Monday Challenge” post, this article is a natural “Link of the Week”.  Several thoughts provided by the author should serve as challenging action points.

The Christian Faith

1. Ever think of Psalm 1 as a mirror?

If you’re inclined, get out your Bible, read this short Psalm, and question your decision making. Ask yourself: Whose counsel do I seek?

2. Do you laugh? Ever?

These are great thoughts that offer a simple challenge.  We should probably laugh more. (Appropriately, of course)

3. Read this and think about what you are doing with your money.

As part of this article there are 11 challenges to give.  How might your giving be described?

4. Ken Ham is always worth the read.  I love the way this guy sticks up for the value of Biblical Creation.

Challenge: are you willing to stand up for the faith or for your principles when someone is saying something false?

5. Another one from AIG.  This is a fantastic way to answer the question: if you believe the Bible, why don’t you kill your rebellious son?  Some put the question like this: why don’t you eat what the OT law says you’re supposed to eat? This article has a very helpful answer.

Are you ready to answer questions like this in an intelligent manner, rather than out of emotion?

6. Men: here are 25 ways you can be servant leaders.

Men – which one challenges you the most? For me, #14 is the most difficult.  I’m more spontaneous with fun things, but I understand they need to be planned also.

7. Here’s a story from missionaries in Asia. We have it so easy. This challenges me to be more grateful. It is also a call to be less afraid.

8. Here’s one way a young child evangelized.  Adults, would we do this? If not this specifically, would we do anything like it?