Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Monday Challenge 8.12.13

Welcome! Below you’ll find some articles I read this past week that I found challenging.  I love sharing them and asking some questions to get readers thinking.  Be sure to check back Friday for the link that got the most clicks by Monday’s readers.  I’ll add a few comments of my own in the Friday Feature article.

Ready for Monday Challenge? Here goes:

Links of the Week

I’ve been preaching through a series on the local church.  These two articles have been very helpful with some specific challenges.  First, are you a part time church goer? Think through how much you are connected to a church throughout a calendar year.  Second, how important is it that you are used in the right way in a local church?

Question: Where does selfishness flare up the most for you when you think about the local church? Notice I didn’t ask whether it does.

The Christian Faith

1. Parents: read this short challenge about children embarrassing you.

Question: Which do you do more: blame or help?

2. Values: What a mistake! Would you have responded this way if you were running the company?

Question: Would have fired the employee that did this?

3. Women: Are you hopeful? This is a great challenge for all of us.

Question: How do you think when you are down?

4. Do you worry a lot? Here is an article about how to combat worry effectively.

Question: Do you really view worry as a sin? If you don’t, check out Matthew 6 and fight it like any other sin.

5. Abortion: Yes, there have been some gains regarding late term abortions.  But this article shows there is nothing drastic that’s been changed.  It’s worth the read.

Question: The question is simple: do you really care about abortion?

Monday Challenge 8.5.13

August is here.  More importantly, Monday is here.  I hope you’re up for a good challenge! Below find several articles I hope will challenge you. Use the questions to think through the articles and what they mean in your life. Stop back Friday and I’ll feature the article that gets the most clicks.

Link of the Week

This is a great article for parents of teens.

Question: As a parent, which side do you fall on? Outward performance, or inward desire? Why?

The Christian Faith

1. Here’s an article that can help understand what non-Christians think about Christians.

Question: Non-Christians, do you find this to be true? Christians, how might you better approach your relationships with unbelievers?

2. Here are two fantastic articles about discipleship. First,  Discipleship is being rooted in Christ. Second, Jesus is hard to follow.

Question: How do these articles shape your definition of what it is to make disciples?

3. Moms and dads of daughters: this author is not afraid to have daughters.  Good article, good thoughts.

Question: Does this speak to any specific area of difference in parenting sons/daughters.

4. Scripture: you just won’t understand it all at once.  Persevere!

Question: Will you use this to encourage a believer who is early in their knowledge of the Bible?


1. What should a restaurant do when there is a mistake in an order?

Question: If you work in any area of being in front of people, how important is finding someone to blame?

Monday Challenge 7.29.13

Another Monday. Vacation is over for me, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be slacking on the links. Enjoy the articles, think through the challenges, then be ready for Friday’s post revealing which article was clicked the most.

Link of the Week

Every Christian should memorize these ten things about the New Testament.

For your thought: What basic talking points would you have if someone engaged you in debate about the authenticity and reliability of the New Testament?

The Christian Faith

1. A focus on virginity can ask all the wrong questions.

Question: How powerful was the reminder at the end of this article for you?

2. I preached about church leadership yesterday. Here are some reasons church leaders give up on prayer.

Question: Leader or not, what challenged you most on this list?

3. Speaking of the behavior of Christians, here is an article about drinking. Are you free not to drink?

Question: Do you emphasize your freedom in area (drinking or otherwise) in a way that you forget you are free NOT to do it?

4. How to deal with dramatic girls. Great article.

Even if you’re not dramatic, or a girl: When we are being dramatic, are we reminded of our need for a Savior, or are we really trying to just attract attention to ourselves? (Yes, yours truly can be guilty of this.)


I’ll file this under personality. Do you ask for what you want?

Question: Is it difficult to tell someone you didn’t get what you paid for?



Monday Challenge 7.22.13

Another Monday, another set of challenging articles to help you think.  Enjoy these articles I collected from my reading last week.  Then, stop back Friday to see which one was clicked the most.  I’ll feature that article with some additional comments on Friday.

Link of the Week

Does the media twist things against Christians? Most Christians would say “yes”. Here is an actual story from a Christian apologist who appeared on The Daily Show. It is worth reading so you can understand the type of thing that goes on.  To be clear, I’m not saying ALL media are like this, but we should question how Christians are portrayed when we see media coverage.

Question: Do you believe everything you see on T.V.?

The Christian Faith

1. PARENTING: Here are four things to keep in mind if you want to leave a legacy as a parent.

Question: How intentional are you as a parent regarding the legacy for Christ that you’ll leave?

2. NSA: Many Christians and Americans are rightly upset about how terribly the government has been handling information.  This article asks: do we care that God knows everything?

Question: Is there anything about our behavior that should change with the fresh reminder contained in this article?

3. If you’re pregnant with twins or multiples, is it a matter of convenience regarding how many of them are actually born?

Question: How would you answer someone who casually talked about aborting one or more of multiples because it was convenient?


1. What a throw!

2. You don’t have to be a baseball fan to find this human interest story interesting.  It’s about the family of a baseball player who defected from Cuba and their struggles to make it here to watch him play and be with him. It’s very much worth your time to read this.

Question: Does this challenge your perseverance?

Monday Challenge 7.15.13

Here are six articles I found challenging in the past week. As you read, do your best to reflect.  I call this “Monday Challenge” so that there is a built in piece that gives the reader space not just to read another article, but instead to think.  What does this piece have to bear on my life? I challenge you to think through these pieces.  I’ll be by Friday with a feature on the one that is read the most.

Link of the Week

If you read only one article this week, read this one.  I wish every paper in the country (world!) would share this.  E-mail it to your local paper and ask them to print it in their op-ed section.  It’s about civility in the gay marriage debate.  We are much in need of it!

The Christian Faith

1. How well do you wear the title “sinner”? Do you like it when others use the title to refer to themselves? These are some helpful thoughts on the topic.

Question: Is it wrong to talk about the law? Our sin? Does talking about our sin point people to or away from Jesus?

2. Want revival in your church, community, etc? Here are four pillars of revival from a beautiful time past.

Question: What if your local community was largely defined by this type of thinking and action? One year ago, a group from our church was in Haiti and experienced this type of revival (sustained revival) in their land. Lord, do it here!

3. If you read a second article this week, make it this one!  Just kidding, of course.  This article has 12 fantastic ways to preserve Christian unity.

Question: Which ones challenge you the most? Which ones are really the most difficult and why?

News Correction

This short video of Brian Williams correcting a mistake NBC made is hilarious.

Question: Can you readily admit your mistakes?


This study shows that self-awareness peaks during the teen years inside someone’s brain. I’d love to see the numbers compared to some adults.

Question: Without a study, how much are you self-aware? Is it a good thing if the amount of our self-awareness is diminishing over time?