Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Monday Challenge 9.9.13

It’s Monday.  This Monday has definitely been a challenge. I hope these articles are a good type of challenge in your life! Friday I’ll be along with a feature on the article that gets the most clicks.

Link of the Week

Is some sexual activity wrong? How you answer this question matters, and this article does a great job in helping you think about what’s going on in the world around us.

Question: If the world acknowledges some right and wrong, who decides where the line is drawn?

The Christian Faith

1. On Miley: I think it’s worth thinking on the topic. This article from a young woman in our church is helpful.

Question: Do double standards matter to you?

2. False teaching: When it’s appropriate to call someone out publicly.

Question: Do encouraging things people teach help weigh out the false things they say? Be careful here!

3. Youth: Here’s a great article for anyone parenting or working with youth. Challenge them!

Question: Do you ever wish the term “adolescence” wasn’t available to use?

4. Life: God really does have a plan – at all times.

Question: Are you frustrated your life hasn’t gone according to your plan?

5. Syria: This is an important topic. Very important.  Here are three Christian approaches to conflict. I found this article very helpful.

Question: Which of these three do you most align with? Why?

6. Two articles on parenting: 1) Are you introverted? Here are some tips. 2) Don’t push your kids too hard.  Have some perspective.

Question: If you read either article, which point is most helpful to you and why?


The iPhone really has had a dramatic effect on life in America, and especially those competing with its features.  Here’s a great article that helps think through the creative process and its consequences for others.

Question: Were you as surprised as I was about the car comment?

Monday Challenge 9.2.13

I hope you find some challenge in these articles. Check them out – I enjoy sharing! Friday, I’ll do a quick feature on the article that gets the most clicks.

Link of the Week

This is a good article. It should help think about the role of leaders, especially leaders of teens. Truth: we don’t need just a cool youth pastor.

Question: Do you see anyone in your life who is young in ministry that you could come along side?

The Christian Faith

1. Believers, are you in touch and in reach?

Question: Well, are you?

2. Do we think through our space this way?

Question: Do you think this intentionally about ministry and opening doors?

3. Two reasons people think the gospels are not reliable. Good reading here.

Question: Do you intentionally shore up your knowledge of your beliefs? Reading things like this can be a great place to start.

4. There really is a tough balance when it comes to church structure.

Question: Did this article shed any light into your thinking about church ministry pace and structure?


Very simply, this is why I love baseball.

Question: Do you have a hobby or interest that makes you think?

The Body and the Mind

Is there a link between what you have in your stomach and mental illness? Reading the whole article linked here is interesting if nothing else.

Question: Are you willing to think outside the medication box when it comes to mental issues?

Monday Challenge 8.26.13

Last Monday of August! It’s time for school to start in Akron.  But before Wednesday rolls around, it’s time for Monday Challenge.  What does that mean? It means a bunch of articles that are designed to make you think.  Take your time, read through, use the questions provided to help you challenge the way you think about the various viewpoints.

Link of the Week

Egypt seems like a long way away.  Here is a fantastic article from a trusted source about why we should care about the turmoil going on there.

Question: Is it hard to find this sort of perspective in international politics? For me, it helps with understand believers’ struggles near and far.

The Christian Faith

1. I generally like to preach through books, chapters, etc.  Here’s why.  What a great article about helping Christians go past just music in worship.

Question: Do you study through entire books or do you just look for faith snippets? Are you a “Christianette”?

2. Wow. This makes me sick.  What are relationships coming to?

Question: How can you look for opportunities to teach others the value of others and the value of great, committed relationships?

3. Great truth: God is already satisfied, so quit trying to do it.

Question: What subtle ways do we try to take the place of Jesus and earn God’s favor?

4. We won’t back down. At least, I hope not.  I know I’m not planning on it!

Question: What makes believers most cowardly?

5. Starting school this week? Here is some great advice. If you’re not starting school, pass this on to those who are!

Question: If you are an adult, can you relate to young people at all and the pressures they face at school? How could you bridge that gap?


Monday Challenge 8.19.13

Be challenged! It’s Monday. I hope these articles make you think and wrestle with truth.  I hope you stop by Friday to see which one gets the most clicks.  I’ll feature that article in a short post with a few of my own comments.

Link of the Week

Are you a leader? Do you have the gift of leadership and want to grow? Check out this article with some fantastic quotes from a great author.

Question: Does leadership development happen on its own?

The Christian Faith


1. How to reach God honoring goals in parenting.

Question: Do our parenting goals truly line up with Scripture?

2. The need for grace in parenting. Kids are not an interruption!

Question: Can you relate at all to this situation as a parent? How does it normally go for you?

3. Be careful how you teach your kids to pray.

Question: What obstacles prevent us from giving our best in situations like these?

4. PREACHING: The difficult task preachers have.

Question: What was the most helpful addition to your understanding of preaching?


A-ROD: This is such a fascinating story on many levels of human interest.  Check this article out for a quick summary of how messed up this is. And, pray that he will have a real encounter with Jesus – before eternity hits.

Question: Can you think of anyone who seemed to ruin everything he touched in the way Alex Rodriguez has throughout his career?

Monday Challenge 8.12.13

Welcome! Below you’ll find some articles I read this past week that I found challenging.  I love sharing them and asking some questions to get readers thinking.  Be sure to check back Friday for the link that got the most clicks by Monday’s readers.  I’ll add a few comments of my own in the Friday Feature article.

Ready for Monday Challenge? Here goes:

Links of the Week

I’ve been preaching through a series on the local church.  These two articles have been very helpful with some specific challenges.  First, are you a part time church goer? Think through how much you are connected to a church throughout a calendar year.  Second, how important is it that you are used in the right way in a local church?

Question: Where does selfishness flare up the most for you when you think about the local church? Notice I didn’t ask whether it does.

The Christian Faith

1. Parents: read this short challenge about children embarrassing you.

Question: Which do you do more: blame or help?

2. Values: What a mistake! Would you have responded this way if you were running the company?

Question: Would have fired the employee that did this?

3. Women: Are you hopeful? This is a great challenge for all of us.

Question: How do you think when you are down?

4. Do you worry a lot? Here is an article about how to combat worry effectively.

Question: Do you really view worry as a sin? If you don’t, check out Matthew 6 and fight it like any other sin.

5. Abortion: Yes, there have been some gains regarding late term abortions.  But this article shows there is nothing drastic that’s been changed.  It’s worth the read.

Question: The question is simple: do you really care about abortion?