Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Monday Challenge 10.28.13

There is no doubt you will find these articles challenging.  Check them out. Whichever is clicked most, I will highlight on Friday in my regular Friday Feature post.

Link of the Week

Abortion: Why we shouldn’t abort dying babies.

Question: Which on this list of 20 reasons made you think the most?

Christian Faith

1. Missions: A missionary in Asia was brutally murdered. You may not want to, but I challenge you to read this.

Question: Does this cause you to pray more for persecuted Christians?

2. Bible: Some great thoughts on how to care more about the Bible.

Question: Look at point #1: do you do this?

3. Speech: Here is a great prayer that our mouths be used effectively.

Question: I’m challenged most by “Let our speech be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, that we may always bring forth good things out of the good treasure of our heart.” What about you?

4. Family: Some thoughts on having a porn free family.

Question: Is this something you take seriously?


Should you post about the kids, or take a pass?

Question: When was the list time you gave this some thought? Have you ever thought twice about posting things?

Monday Challenge 10.21.13

Another Monday? Get your challenge to start the week right here.  Click on the articles that interest you, think through the questions that go along with each article.  Friday I’ll be back with a article that got the most clicks for the week.

Link of the Week

Hating porn and loving Jesus.

Question: Is porn something you hate? Are you willing to attack sin in general?

The Christian Faith

1. Five tips for effective public Scripture reading. Interesting.

Question: Which had you never thought before?

2. Oh is Paul Tripp good.  Here are his thoughts on what forgiveness requires.

Question: Have you ever forgiven and skipped one of these things?


Yes, a married mom and dad do matter.  So says a study from Canada.

Question: If you believe in traditional marriage, how does this article specifically help you?

Teen culture

1. Thigh Gap? It is what you think and it matters more than it should.

Question: If you’re an older reader, do you think stuff like this helps you understand the way young women are viewing themselves?

2. The first paragraph of this article will challenge and educate you.

Question: Does this surprise you? How can you respond?


Monday Challenge 10.14.13

I hope these articles challenge the way you think – and act! Take some time to read through and process. Be challenged!

Link of the Week

Would you believe in Jesus in exchange for this kind of life?

Question: Would you be ready to die for your faith, or would you cower in fear and turn away from Jesus? It’s a valid question.

The Christian Faith

1. Church history: there is no such thing as “the dark ages”.

Question: Is reading church history (even an article) something you do more than once per month?

2. Some thoughts on being productive.  I value productivity highly and this was helpful.  Glad to hear others are thinking through it as well!

Question: Where does productivity rank in your values? What are the dangers of ranking it too high or too low?

3. Personal evangelism: here’s a series worth checking out (series to be completed).

Question: When was the last time you told someone the good news about Jesus?

4. Parenting: If you’re a Christian parent, maybe you can identify with this.

Question: Are you prepared? If not, are you prepared to stop making excuses? Encouragement: you don’t have to go to a conference to start learning the basis of your faith!

5. Creation: This guy is smart and well read. And, he believes in a six day creation. You should read about why.

Question: Do you believe that the issue of a six day creation is important to respecting the Bible? Why or why not?


Sure, why not? This is a very fascinating article about prisons. Check it out!

Question: Do articles like this give you hope? Do they challenge your view of justice?

Monday Challenge 10.7.13

It’s another Monday. Time for another round of articles I came across in the past week.  Take some time, sink into one or two (or all of them), and be challenged!

Link of the Week

Here are some sites that parents, children’s and youth workers should know about. They’re where young people are going after Facebook’s lure fades.

Question: Do you feel naive to such sites? Is it important that you know about them? Why or why not?

Christian Faith

1. So, the Pope is saying some pretty confusing things.  I gleaned a lot from this approach.

Question: Do you tend to judge too quickly? Does this article help you if you do?

2. Here’s an excellent example of how to hope in a difficult situation.

Question: Even if it seems like something is not right, do you approach it positively or negatively?

3. How worried should we be about climate change?

Question: What all goes into interpretation of scientific data?

4. Money: Are you a slave to your kids?

Question: What are one or two ways this article challenged you? I’m still processing this one. The premise is a difficult one!

5. Show this to a new believer. Or, if you’re a more mature believer, read it so you know what it’s like to be a new believer!

Question: How out of touch are you with new believers? If one came to you for help, would you know where to start?


Here are 9 things to know about casinos.  Yes, this is a website by Christians, but it has good info nonetheless.

Question: Does this make you think about your opinion on gambling?

Monday Challenge 9.23.13

Another Monday is here. It’s time for your weekly dose of reading, thinking, and challenging. Enjoy! I’ll be back on Friday with a look at which link drew the most interest.

Link of the Week

If you don’t think religious liberty is being threatened, then think again.  Here’s an article that will give you a bird’s eye view into something happening right now in our nation’s military.

Question: Do you really believe your religious liberty will be threatened in the future?

The Christian Faith

1. This is not popular with culture, but it is Biblical.  This article highlights the four basic needs of women. The site seems pretty good too! Guys should read this!

Question: Men, how can we better meet the needs the women in our lives have?

2. Fathers, love your daughters.  It’s that simple.

Question: This article is a great thinker for why dads should connect with their daughters.  Does this make you think about “how”?

3. Why would a loving God punish anyone in Hell?

Question: If someone walked up to you on the street and asked you this, would you know how to answer?

4. Rick Warren and his wife were interviewed for the first time following their son’s suicide. He’s a pastor so I’m kind of curious to see how a pastor would handle something like this.  If you didn’t see the interview, you can read about it here.

Question: Does this help you understand what a Christian view of suicide should look like?

5. PARENTS: It’s not about you! Your parenting does not create the child. This article confirms that somebody else is thinking what I’ve been thinking.  Here’s one line to entice you: “It’s harder to ruin our kids than we think and harder to stamp them for success than we’d like.” – Kevin DeYoung