Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Monday Challenge 5.29.17 – American Dream Nightmare, Trump Whirlwind, Tell Kids No

Good Monday morning. I hope this Memorial Day will make you think of all those who gave their lives for our freedom.

I also hope these articles will challenge your thinking a bit! Enjoy.

American Dream Nightmare

Who doesn’t want to live the American dream? This article highlights five fears driving the American dream.

Question: Which of the five has roots in your life?

Trump Whirlwind

I simply do not understand Donald Trump. Further, I don’t understand many Christians’ support of him. This article takes a guess regarding some of the dynamics.

Question: What does this article get right? What does it miss?

21 Lies Porn Tells

Porn tells 21 lies.

Question: Which do you believe?


Tell kids “no”. This article returns parents to a simple truth which will help the health of their kids.

Question: What did you make of the argument regarding limited resources?

Monday Challenge 5.22.17 – Child Sexual Sin, Tech Wise Family, Love Your Idealogical Enemy

Sin, redemption, God’s pleasure in our salvation, real community: great topics for a blah Monday morning.

Responding to Your Child’s Sexual Sin

This article helps parents with some insight for responding to their child’s sexual sin.

Question: What would you add?

Tech-Wise Family

It may take some time to listen to the podcast, but I’ll post it here as a possible resource to parents.

Question: what is the relationship between technology and community?

Life: Spiraling Upward or Downward?

Great challenge, short article. Let this make you think.

Question: Which direction does our pleasure move our lives? Up (to God) or down (to worthless focus on ourselves)?

Loving Your Idealogical Enemy

This is huge. Let me say it again. This is huge. This well-written article challenges our view of living in light of Christ – especially when it comes to those with whom we disagree.



Monday Challenge 5.15.17 – Discipleship, Mothers and Missions, Sexual Revolution Fallout

Feeling the weight of Monday? A little later start today, but challenges come nonetheless!

Mother’s Day

How about a story about mothers who sacrifice time with their children – for God’s work?

Question: How can you healthy perspective about kids and their service to Jesus?


Discipleship based on what else… but the Word of God!

Question: Can you identify phony foundations of discipleship?

Sexual Revolution Fallout

This powerful little read will make you think or re-think your sexual ethics.

Question: Does God’s plan for sexuality deserve another look by our culture paying the price for sexual “freedom”?

Monday Challenge 5.8.17 – Six Steps to Maturity, Micah 6:8, Grace and Instagram

Good Monday Morning!

Regardless of your attitude, I hope you have stopped by for a challenge. These should make you think:


This article outlines six steps to maturity.

Question: Which do you see as most urgent in your development?

Micah 6:8

Slow down and think on this famous verse.

Question: Which aspect of this article challenges your though and action most?

Grace and the Non-Instagrammable Church

Would you Instagram your need for grace? Precisely.

Question: How can we let grace flow more freely in our lives and churches?


Remember the Sabbath. Practice it.

Question: The link between absence of work and holiness spoke to me. What about you?

Tuesday Rambling 5.2.17 – Random Questions

A bunch of rambling questions today:

  • Sometimes I ask a lot of questions. Sometimes they lead somewhere, sometimes they don’t.
  • Anyway, here goes:
  • What will we regret in 10 or 20 years as parents whose families have so much technology available?
  • Why do kids sports take up so much more time than in the past?
  • How many people in middle age consider what life will be like in older age, and what they want to accomplish in older age?
  • How many older people consider the legacy will leave? (Note: you WILL leave some sort of legacy)
  • What false gods compete for my worship of the true God?
  • Why is sin such an avoidable topic in our greater culture?
  • Why do believers struggle so much to let someone know their real struggles?
  • What will God really say to me when I enter eternity?
  • What questions do you ask? Which of these presents the biggest challenge for you?