Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Monday Challenge 3.6.17 – Creation Basics, Feminism, Marriage Health

I had a pretty busy Monday morning, so how about an afternoon Monday challenge? (or, really whenever you read this is fine with me…just be challenged!)


Basic things you should know if you’re a creationist. This comes from a young earth slant.

Question: Do you have good talking points should the topic come up with people who don’t believe or don’t know what God’s Word says?


This article challenges how feminism downplays godly aspects of womanhood.

Question: How did this article challenge or sharpen your thinking about women’s perspectives?

Christians and Transgender

This article resonates with much of what I’ve thought on the topic. Our approach must display balance!

Question: How can you consistently stand for truth without alienating people?

Marriage, Conversation, and Sex

A good article for couples to read together.

Question: What improvements can you make?

Monday Challenge 2.20.17 – Wedding Vows, Porn Addicted Boys, Boring Church

Again. Like a recurring nightmare. Monday.

At least use this day for a good challenge. The following articles made me think. Perhaps they will do the same for you as well.

Wedding Vows

What does “till death do us part” mean to you? Good thoughts here.

Question: How does this challenge your view of love?

Porn Addicted Boys

Hard to follow an article about marriage with something like this, but the facts here bring to light realities affecting Australia and much of the world. “Sex Before Kissing” is a title that should grab our attention and force us to read about things which bring discomfort.

Question: How does this article open your eyes to difficult realities facing adolescents?

Stop Saying “God Told Me”

Saying this undermines a very important doctrine. Read to find out.

Question: How does “God told me” square with our understanding of Scripture?

Boring Church

The effects of boring church. This might surprise you.

Question: What value does routine hold?

Rio Olympic Venues

Already in disrepair…

Question: Surprised?

Monday Challenge 2.13.17 – Children Seeing Porn, Grace, The Wicked

Another Monday, another challenge. Check out the articles here today. Challenge your thinking!

Children Seeing Porn

What do you say when your child admits they’ve looked at porn?

Question: This article describes the question as nearly inevitable, but how can you gain from the advice?

Growing in Grace

I haven’t read all of this series, but what I’ve caught looks fantastic. I really need to read through this. This particular article deals with asking “what” and “why” questions. I hope you’ll check this out!

Question: What do you need to admit about your frustrations?

Her Dying Discipled Me

This one has made the internet rounds, shared by many. I’ll join. Good piece.

Question: How can someone’s dying draw you closer to Jesus?

The Wicked – God Hates Them

We don’t like language that describes God hating people. This article illustrates why He does, and why we can STILL have hope.

Question: How does this description of the wicked help you understand God?

Monday Challenge 2.6.17 – The Trinity, Frederick Douglass, Wrong Politics

Monday has no mercy. I’m glad Jesus does.

If staying up late for the game has you tired, work your mind a bit.

The Trinity

We should think about distinctions between the Father and the Son. This article shows a couple common ways confusion comes about in our regular worship.

Question: Why do these distinctions matter?

Frederick Douglass

This provides fantastic historical perspective. Wow.

Question: How do these quotes make you think about progress since those times?

Church Unity

The gospel will change the pronouns we use. No, this is not about grammar. Yes, this is worth the read!

Wrong Politics

Yes, believers can do politics “wrong”. Bad sentence, good truth. Kevin DeYoung shares some ways believers simply do politics wrong.

Monday Challenge 1.30.17 – Refugees, Profanity, Turkey (the country)

Good morning – yes?

If no, how about a challenge anyway? Plenty to think about in our world. Do some work and shape your thinking.


Apparently our president signed an executive order, in case you didn’t know. This order will have effects on real people suffering through real problems. A couple articles:

This one from Moody Radio’s WCRF Morning host compares supporting refugees to supporting the unborn.

This one from a college prof and pastor helpfully provides several links from a variety of standpoints.

Bottom line: I’m not comfortable with the pace of everything, the difficulty in getting accurate information, and the attention our president seems to enjoy. Further complicating the lives of the innocent seems a heavy price to pay for shortsighted (and hard to factually justify) policy.


Words matter. At least, so says this article.

Question: Does this challenge how you use language?

Christians in Turkey

This is worth the read. The politics of Turkey have shifted at lightning speed, affecting the lives of believers in Turkey.

Question: How can you pray for this troubled nation and its believers?