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Monday Challenge 4.24.17 – Feasting As War, Parents’ Mobile Use, Bill O’Reilly

Good morning. If you don’t qualify it as “good”, at least the bright sunshine expected should help!

And hopefully a good challenge will help as well. Lots to think about…be challenged!

Feasting As War

This article caught my eye. Can we feast as an act of war against our spiritual enemy?

Question: Does this change how you view meals and potlucks?

Parents’ Mobile Use

Does it help or hurt family time? Take a guess then read…

Question: Parents, how can you adapt?

Bill O’Reilly

Great insights here about how the Church can learn from this situation.

Question: What do you make about the last point about men and accountability?

Your Standing Before God

Are Paul and James at odds about our justification before God? Faith? Works?

Question: How would you answer the question about Paul and James being at odds with each other?


Monday Challenge 4.17.17 – Easter, Single Women Missionaries, Mandatory Gene Editing?

Another Easter gone by means the presence of another Monday after Easter.

Up for a challenge? Don’t miss some good articles.

He Is Not Dead

Seven victories of the resurrection. You could spend the whole day on this one!

Question: Which of the seven packs the most meaning for you right now?

Single Women Missionaries

I found the courage of such women rather inspiring. May we all have courage for Christ and for the Word of God.

Question: What type of work might God bring about in you? How would you know?

Discipleship Don’ts

This challenged my thinking on making disciples. I hope it does the same for you.

Question: Which don’t proves most easy to do?

Mandatory Gene Editing?

To what level of influence might editing the genes of your children rise? This article suggests a high one.

Question: Do you agree with the author’s prediction?


Monday Challenge 4.3.17 – Same Sex Attraction, Humans In The Future, Unforgiveness

Monday again. Monday again. I imagine different voice inflections with each “Monday again”.

Regardless of your mood, hopefully this post will help you think. Enjoy…and be challenged!

Same Sex Attraction

Really, what does God want for someone who struggles with SSA?

Question: From where do you think real fruit in our lives comes?

Generosity Burnout

A quick check-up to see if you suffer from generosity burnout.

Question: Did you find any danger areas?

Humans in the Future

This article fascinated me. Will humans have influence in the future…at all? I guess humanistic thinking leads to articles like this.

Question: If you disagree with this, why? Think!


For pastors, but a great read for anyone.

Question: How much unforgiveness lingers in your life?

Monday Challenge 3.27.17 – Porn Testimony, Facebook Still Great, Weight of Pastoring

Monday again! The exclamation point may approach overkill for some. Enjoy and let the articles challenge you anyhow. (!)

Porn Testimony

This testimony from a man who grew up as a missionary kid brings to light how porn can damage relationships and our sense of awe and wonder.

Question: Do you have a sense of awe in general? If porn doesn’t threaten your sense of awe, what does?

Facebook Is Still Great

This article gives several reasons why Facebook still possesses great value. I agree! Recently I saw a childhood friend I hadn’t seen in almost thirty years, simply by scrolling Facebook at a baseball game we both just happened to be attending.

Question: Do you use social media for its positive benefits?

Learning Styles Don’t Exist

I know little about eduction. This grabbed my attention on the level of science, theory, and shifting.

Question: How wary should we be of current trends, even if based on research?

The Weight of Pastoring

This can prove helpful in understanding those in ministry positions, paid or not.

Question: What did you specifically learn that can help you better relate to a pastor or church leader?

Monday Challenge 3.20.17 – Gospel Communication, The Shack, Faith In Our Culture

Good Monday morning. Yes! Good!

And…hopefully that will include some challenging articles. Think!

Text, Tweet, Gospel

Technology and device-based communication bring many challenges to faith. This article addresses them in a thoughtful and challenging way.

Question: Which suggestion can you implement right away? Which would make the most drastic improvement to your approach?

Jesus and Rest

Even toward the end of his life and earthly mission, Jesus made time to rest. Challenging indeed.

Question: How important is rest in your routine?

The Benedict Option

Never heard of it? Don’t worry. I hadn’t either. But “The Benedict Option” represents a new option for believers in a decaying culture. This article provides good analysis.

Question: How can you plan to live intentionally now in view of likely future decline?

What The Shack Teaches

The author of The Shack has a non-fiction book out discussing his views about God. It is helpful (and sad) to read what he truly believes about God.

Question: How important to you is theology?