Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Monday Challenge 6.26.17 – Civility, World Gone Mad

Just a couple articles to share this week. Hopefully more by next week. Be challenged!

A World Gone Mad

It seems as if the world has gone mad, yes? This article gets us focused on Scripture in the middle of the madness.

Question: How does this increase your view of Scripture?

Fragile Blessing of Civility

Our culture accepts violence more readily. Don’t take civility for granted.

Question: How can you promote civility while staying aware of cultural trends?

Monday Challenge 6.19.17 – Addiction, Gritty Marriage Essay

Good morning,

Busy season for me so a couple articles to share this morning. Be challenged:


Found this just this morning: Addiction is addiction to self.

Question: In what ways are we addicted to ourselves?


Kay Warren talks about how she and her husband (megachurch pastor and renowned author Rick) were in “marital hell” early in their marriage. Every young couple should read this.

Question: In what was can you relate?

Monday Challenge 6.12.17 – Killing Christians, Family and Politics, Before You Preach

Good Monday morning! One of the best parts of the information age lies in our ability to find and share meaningful commentary. I enjoy sharing what has challenged me. Ready, set, go on another Monday Challenge…

Killing Christians

Why is killing Christians so appealing? Great question. This article seeks to answer it.

Question: How often do you process the idea that Christians were/are martyred to the glory of God?

Family and Politics

How should you handle it when you disagree with your family regarding politics? This articles gives some challenging suggestions.

Question: How do you react to the author’s point regarding keeping the peace?

From Atheism to Christianity

I enjoy reading these types of stories. A college student’s conversion from atheism to Christianity.

Question: Believer, does this fuel your desire to evangelize?

Before You Preach

You may not be a preacher, but this will give you some insight to the types of things preachers consider (or should).

Question: What surprised you as you looked at this list?


Monday Challenge 6.5.17 – Unhappy Christians, White-Only Discipleship, Trump Panic

Good morning. A little slow on my end, how about you?

Maybe a challenge or two will speed things up. Maybe not. Either way, enjoy!

Trump – The Panic President

Articles like this one in The Atlantic make it hard to understand the President Trump experience. Varying levels of criticism and fairness in that criticism just make it so hard to understand!

Question: How accurate is this article?

Emotional Intelligence

An article from a secular source challenges emotional intelligence.

Question: How important is this?

Unhappy Christians

Do unhappy Christians stain the Gospel?

Question: How do you form your thoughts about believers struggling with depression?

White-Only Discipleship

This article argues how “white-only discipleship” hurts us all.

Question: What do you make of the argument and accompanying suggestions?


Monday Challenge 5.29.17 – American Dream Nightmare, Trump Whirlwind, Tell Kids No

Good Monday morning. I hope this Memorial Day will make you think of all those who gave their lives for our freedom.

I also hope these articles will challenge your thinking a bit! Enjoy.

American Dream Nightmare

Who doesn’t want to live the American dream? This article highlights five fears driving the American dream.

Question: Which of the five has roots in your life?

Trump Whirlwind

I simply do not understand Donald Trump. Further, I don’t understand many Christians’ support of him. This article takes a guess regarding some of the dynamics.

Question: What does this article get right? What does it miss?

21 Lies Porn Tells

Porn tells 21 lies.

Question: Which do you believe?


Tell kids “no”. This article returns parents to a simple truth which will help the health of their kids.

Question: What did you make of the argument regarding limited resources?