Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Monday Challenge 10.16.17 – Elderly, Today’s Teens, Gays and Church

Interesting articles for sure. So if Monday has you a bit sluggish, stimulate your mind here!

How the Elderly Lose Their Rights

This read is a bit lengthy, but it should make all of us think.

Question: Even if the steps in this article seem extreme, when SHOULD this type of action take place?

Today’s Teens

What a great read to understand today’s teens.

Question: Why do you think “looking good” (all the time) matters so much? How can our culture de-emphasize it?


I found this interesting, if not disturbing. Was Equifax hacked by state sponsored pros?

Question: Will the amazing amount of information flowing through cyberspace, will we ever feel safe?

Gays and Church

While I’m not a fan of the term “gay Christian” (we can discuss that another time), this article brings out some challenging aspects regarding sexuality and the local church.

Question: Does everyone get space to wrestle with things in our churches?

Monday Challenge 10.2.17 – The Reformation, Hugh Hefner and Trump Supporters

Good morning. A few articles to challenge you today!

The Reformation

If you are a believer who does not (or even one who does) go to a Catholic Church, this year is the 500th anniversary of the events that led to the split. It’s known as the Protestant Reformation.

This journal has a whole issue dedicated to the Reformation.

See their site all month long for articles like theseDesiring God has 31 days of looking at the Reformation through they eyes of key players. , which begin a few hundred years BEFORE the Reformation actually happened.

Question: What can studying the Reformation mean for your faith all these years later?

Hugh Hefner and Donald Trump Supporters

Do Donald Trump supporters have anything to say in response to a guy like Hugh Hefner?

Good question. I don’t have this one all figured out, but I encourage some wrestling with it!

Question: How important is it to have a consistent voice regarding issues of public morality?

Monday Challenge 9.25.17 – Trump, NFL, and Racism, Never Became Straight, Kid-Centered Kingdom

Good morning. Monday shows no mercy. It just keeps coming. So why not have a challenge? And boy will you be challenged today!

A NOTE: I do not necessarily agree 100% with everything I post. I post things that make me think. So even if you disagree, can you do so seeking understanding and keeping cool? Let’s hope so.

Trump and Racism

Alan Noble argues Trump’s reaction to NFL players kneeling shows racism. His reasoning provides a good challenge to our thinking.

Question: What point stands out to you as strongest? Weakest?

Never Became Straight

This article speaks to a lot of truths of those struggling with same sex attraction. I hope the lens through which you view these issues is big enough to see this.

Question: Why is it not always God’s plan to “straighten people”?

Doomsday Prophecies

Why does America love these types of prophecies? Russell Moore has some challenging thoughts here.

Questions: Do you know what the Bible actually says about the world ending? Do these prophecies capture your attention? Why?

Your Kid-Centered Kingdom

This article tells parents to shatter their kid-centered kingdom.

Question: How do you know if you live in such a “kingdom”? If you do, how can you leave it?


Monday Challenge 9.18.17 – Adoption, Race, Church or Club?

Good morning. Good articles. Be challenged!


Three things they told me about adoption.”

Question: Does this help you understand adoption better or get over misconceptions you may have?


This article helped me understand ways people of different races view the same events.

Question: Should you just “focus on the gospel”?

Walking in the Spirit

Or…how to NOT walk in the Spirit.

Question: How can the presence and influence of the Holy Spirit increase in your life?

The Church is…

NOT a social club.

Question: How do you know the difference?

Monday Challenge 9.11.17 – Remembering 9/11, God Killing Innocents, Reasons for Divorce?

A little later in the day, but still plenty of time for a challenge:


It’s an important day for remembering. These pictures may help you do so.

Question: Why should we remember?

Beauty of Churchgoing

This helps us think through church in our current context. Churchgoing IS beautiful!

Questions: Why do you participate in a local church? Or, why do you not? Does this help?

The “Innocents” in the Old Testament

This article discusses why God commanded the killing of innocent people in the Old Testament.

Question: Does this help you understand the question?

Common but Illegitimate Reasons for Divorce

This should encourage you to STAY WITH your marriage and help those who may struggle. Many of the “reasons” we get for divorce just don’t cut it!

Question: How does this article help you shore up your own marriage?