Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Monday Challenge 1.22.18

Up for a challenge? I hope that’s why you clicked here.


I know MLK day occurred last Monday. Does that matter? This article will challenge your thinking on life and mission…and dreaming.

Question: What did you think about the quote from King’s last speech?

Simple Daily Prayers

I enjoyed this article offering practical advice. Seven simple daily prayers.

Question: Which of the seven helps you the most?

Baseball’s Economic System

I found this fascinating: an inside look at baseball’s breaking (or broken) economic system.

Question: Does this make a complex subject understandable?

Plan Your Own Funeral

We can all use this type of encouragement as followers of Jesus.

Question: Do you have a healthy outlook on death?

Answering Questions About Scripture’s “Inconsistency”

This article helps understand some of the key differences between the Old and New Testaments.

Question: How would you answer the question about the supposed inconsistency this article describes?

Monday Challenge 1.15.18

Good morning! Monday and challenge. Maybe Monday means challenge. Maybe you like Monday and want to challenge your mind. If Monday is challenging just because it’s Monday, maybe a challenging diversion will help? Was it challenging to read that? Then maybe you’re ready for a challenge:

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Love him or hate him, this holiday bears his name. The amount of change he inspired, no matter what you think of him, is worth a holiday. Here’s one of King’s most famous works: Letter From Birmingham Jail.

Question: Will you take a bit of time and read this document? Why or why not?

The Trinity

Every Christian should know about these three controversies regarding the Trinity. At least, so says the article. Indeed, this article will help you understand this complex doctrine better.

Question: What did you learn that you didn’t know before you read this?


To say Evangelicalism has an identity crisis might understate reality just a wee bit. This article helps think about a way forward.

Question: What does the term mean to you and why does it matter?


I’m not usually a good candidate for Oprah click bait, but I thought “Hey why not!” This article says it best by avoiding conclusions and leaving it open ended.

Question: Could she win the presidency?


This interesting read talks about the re-moralization of sex. I’ve often thought about how confusing our sexual ethics look and sound as a culture. This article speaks to some part of the current developing trends.

Monday Challenge 1.8.18

Good morning! Time for the first Monday Challenge of 2018. I did post links last week, but didn’t quite make it on Monday, so here you go. Be challenged!

Christian Husbands

From Desiring Go: To what end do Christian husbands strive? This article provides some perspective.

Question: How does this challenge your approach to marriage?


Another Desiring God article has caused quite a dust up in internet debate circles. Evaluate the content and ask yourself:

Question: Does this article condemn all doubt as some suggest it does?

Youth Ministry

This article challenged my thoughts regarding youth ministry. We can all take part.

Question: How do you think about and participate in youth ministry?

Kids and Cell Phones

This 3-minute video answers: when should kids get their first smart phone?

Question: How do you answer this? What should give parents pause in making this decision?

New Year Challenge 1.2.18

Good morning. I am shaking off the fog of the holidays and now some sickness in our home to start the new year. Joy!

For today, I wanted to share some links I’ve collected over the past couple weeks. As always, I hope these challenge you:

Christmas Story

What do you believe about the Christmas story? You answer is very important.

Question: Do you not believe any of the four major aspects? Why?

I Didn’t Mean To Be Racist

Often we hear this in an apology for misguided words, but if we stop here we leave out an important point.

Question: What did you think about the author’s challenge?

About Race and Churches

I’m always open to learning about these dynamics. They challenge me greatly.

Question: What did you learn about churches, division, and diversity?

American and Extreme Poverty

This article is not for the faint of heart, as it details the existence of extreme poverty in the richest nation on earth. I challenge you to challenge yourself by reading it.

Question: How do you react to this type of poverty?

For the New Year:

Mental Health Resolutions

Bible Reading Plans

Don’t Be Yourself

Question: How and why do you desire change for 2018?

Monday Challenge 12.18.17 – Evangelicals, Sexual Reckoning, Suffering at Christmas


In just seven days we celebrate our Savior’s birth. For now, how about a few challenging articles?


Like many, I struggle to define this term. Culture has blurred its meaning. But, Russell Moore challenges Christians who say they bank their relationship with God on faith in Christ and the truth of His Word.

Question: How, specifically, did this article speak to you?

Sexual Reckoning

How should we think in light of the sexual reckoning going on among us?

Question: What kind of atmosphere do you help create?

Suffering and the Holidays

What suffering people wish you would do at the holidays.

Question: Who can you support and in what way as a result of reading this?

Family and the Holidays

Hopefully “Family and the Holidays” doesn’t mix with “Suffering and the Holidays” for you. We all know family gatherings can present challenges. This article offers a lot of suggestions.

Question: What can you put into practice this Christmas after reading this?