Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Monday Challenge 12.4.17 – Christian Legal Battles, Live in Psalms, Allowing Strangers?

Good morning!

Time for a challenge, ready or not:

Christian Legal Battles

In Canada, regarding a Christian law school’s ability to include sexual standards in its campus covenant.

In the U.S., regarding a five year old case contesting a Christian baker’s right to refuse service to a gay couple.

Question: To you, what is the difference between cases like these and Civil Rights cases from the past?

Live In The Psalms

The Psalms show us an alternative to our fast paced culture.

Question: How can this help adjust thinking or practice in your life as you approach private or congregational worship?

Would You Let A Stranger Live With You?

Great Question. This articles makes a challenging case.

Question: How would you evaluate this?

Monday Challenge 11.27.17 – Church Health, Sex Assault and Repentance, Manhood/Womanhood

Good afternoon. A bit later this week, but some challenging articles nonetheless!

Take a look…

Church Health

This article has 28 signs of church health. None reference numbers! Sometimes I struggle with articles like this (hard not to compare or evaluate), but the basic points here do help.

Question: Did this help you think about church health in a different way?

Thanksgiving and Service

I enjoyed this essay about thankfulness, service in Iraq, and missing his daughter’s birth.

Question: What challenged you most?

Sex Assault and Repentance

Yes, we must speak with moral clarity. No longer can you have repeated patterns of sexual assault or harrassment and keep them quiet. Victims should get understanding ears from leadership and all believers. But what message do we have for the sinner? You mean, even THOSE sinners?

Question: How difficult is it to say both difficult things in our culture?

Manhood and Womanhood

This article takes a look at finding balance for both men and women in living out our calling. I especially appreciate the call for mature Christians.

Question: In what area do you tend to find an unhealthy sense of identity?

Monday Challenge 11.20.17 – Roy Moore, Terry Francona, Racist Housing Policy

Good morning! A new week brings a new set of challenging articles involving a wide variety of topics. Enjoy – and be challenged!

Roy Moore, et al.

The arguments to defend Roy Moore, Al Franken and the like say a lot. And they’re dangerous!

Question: Does speaking with moral clarity matter?

Terry Francona

I heard some questions during the ALDS, and this article brings some of those questions to light. Tito is a great manager, but…

Question: Anything to this if you’re an Indians fan?

Racism and Housing

If you’re new to the idea that governmental systems have shown preferential treatment along racial lines, this article will help you understand.

Question: How does this shape your view of past and present racial realities?

Netflix and Boredom

Netflix wants to cure your boredom.

Question: Good or bad? Why?


Monday Challenge 11.13.17 – God and Pain, God and Disappointment, Tough Moral Questions

Okay, okay, Monday doesn’t relent. I get it. It happens.

Why not indulge your mind in a challenge?

Can God’s Word Ease My Pain?

The question challenges us to think – carefully, I hope.

Question: How does this article encourage you regarding God’s Word?

God’s Ministry of Disappointment

Disappointment doesn’t mean God is hiding or absent. He can use it to minister to us.

Question: How can God use your disappointment?

Leaders and Hobbies

Good article, good challenge.

Question: Do you have ways to get that all important R&R?

Tough Moral Questions

Leaders should be ready for tough moral questions. Any believer should prepare as well.

Question: What will you say and why?

Monday Challenge 11.6.17 – Disability, Sleep, Lottery, Cuban Baseball

Good Monday Morning!

We just got our son out of bed and out the door to the bus in five minutes flat. Feeling rather accomplished following dual alarm failure!

That said, who’s up for a challenge? Good topics and questions here…

The Best and Worst Time for Disability

Tim Challies says it’s the best – and worst – time to be disabled.

Question: Does this challenge your view of abortion?

The Lottery

Joe Carter says lotteries exploit the poor as a tax. Before you roll your eyes, give it a read.

Question: Would this change your lottery habits or views?

Cuban Baseball Players

Speaking of exploitation, this ESPN The Magazine article gives a fascinating look inside the hopes and dreams of many Cubans seeking paydirt in U.S. baseball.

Question: How could MLB help solve this problem?

Link Dump…

About sleep – some interesting stats.

Who wants to take a theological quiz?