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Monday Challenge 7.17.17 – Kids and Sex Talk, Prosperity Gospel, Exhausted Parents

Good Monday … evening!

Yup, it’s a bit late for this post, but here goes anyway. Be challenged!

The Sex Talk

For parents wondering about this talk, this article should provide some food for thought. Bottom line, don’t wait too long, and don’t make it just once!

Question: After reading this, do you have an understanding that this talk has great importance, and perhaps at earlier ages than the past?

The Gospel That Almost Killed…

Read here to see how (literally) deadly the prosperity gospel can be.

Question: Do you see why this gospel is totally false?

Eugene Peterson

If you don’t know who that is or why he made news last week, do a bit of reading and challenge yourself with the motives of all involved in the story.

Question: How clear of an answer would you give? Would people believe your answer?

Exhausted Young Parents

Challenging counsel here to an exhausted young mom. Great for exhausted young parents.

Question: How can you apply these principles or begin growing toward them step by step?



Monday Challenge 7.10.17 – Parenting, Weeping Is Not Weakness, Charlie Gard

Good Monday Morning!

Time again for a few challenging articles. Well, at least I think so. Let these challenge the way you think!


Do you, as a parent, have a fear of “missing out”? This article addresses that in a challenging way.

Question: How much does “missing out” affect the way you construct your schedule?

Big Kids Should Cry More

This powerful look into a medical professional’s struggles can speak to all of us.

Question: How do you evaluate the balance between managing your emotions and professionalism?

Charlie Gard

Don’t know who that is? First, you should. Second, you should consider this article’s claims about medical views of life and the facts that support them.

Question: What might this mean in the future for our society?

Sleeping Less

A brief challenge regarding the world’s view of sleep vs. God’s view.

Question: Do you feel pressure to sleep less?

Monday Challenge 7.3.17 – God Bless America, Act Your Age, Can Atheists Be Good Citizens?

Good Monday morning!

Perhaps you have extra time today or tomorrow. Hopefully you’ll find these articles worth the time.

Be challenged!

God Bless America

Yes, you can say “God Bless America”. That’s what this author argues.

Question: How does this help shape your thinking about God and patriotism?

Act Your Age

Good thought, good title. And, good encouragement from a trusted source.

Question: How can you help and encourage men whose maturity lags?

Our Hurting Nation

A worthwhile read regarding various types of job losses in places you may not see if you live in the big city.

Question: What do articles like these teach you?

Can Atheists Be Good Citizens?

A great look at defining the term and the history of the question. Worth the time.

Question: How did this article change what you think about atheists?

Monday Challenge 6.26.17 – Civility, World Gone Mad

Just a couple articles to share this week. Hopefully more by next week. Be challenged!

A World Gone Mad

It seems as if the world has gone mad, yes? This article gets us focused on Scripture in the middle of the madness.

Question: How does this increase your view of Scripture?

Fragile Blessing of Civility

Our culture accepts violence more readily. Don’t take civility for granted.

Question: How can you promote civility while staying aware of cultural trends?

Monday Challenge 6.19.17 – Addiction, Gritty Marriage Essay

Good morning,

Busy season for me so a couple articles to share this morning. Be challenged:


Found this just this morning: Addiction is addiction to self.

Question: In what ways are we addicted to ourselves?


Kay Warren talks about how she and her husband (megachurch pastor and renowned author Rick) were in “marital hell” early in their marriage. Every young couple should read this.

Question: In what was can you relate?