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Monday Links and Bullets 1.3.11

Here we go.  New Year, new set of links and bullets.  LINKS FIRST


–What we need for 2011 wrapped up in three words.


Top Ten stories from religion in 2010.

Very interesting read on abortion.  This talks about abortion from a secular viewpoint.  The humanity of it can’t be escaped.

–Pray for Christians in Egypt.

–How to apply the Gospel to temptations.  Here an article that describes applying the gospel to quitting smoking.

Why we live now.


–A huge problem in the country called Ivory Coast.  Worth knowing about.

Nice piece here on Amnesty International.  Interesting.


  • I watched “The Cat in the Hat” cartoon with my son this morning.  That dude has a sweet car.  Gotta get me one of those.
  • It was fun seeing David get so excited for the people winning stuff on The Price Is Right.  Sidenote:  Drew Cary is terrible on that show.
  • Lots of folks sick and in the hospital from our congregation.  Prayers welcome!
  • We are still having a blast with our little foster girl.  We love her.  We’ve had her almost two months now.
  • Lexi asked me last Friday (New Year’s Eve) who was playing in the football game.  I said “Your mom.”  She replied:  “Mommy doesn’t play football.”  Priceless.
  • Big surprise:  Eric Mangini was fired this morning.  I think Holmgren left him around to be responsible for a team that just wasn’t very good.  Another draft and another round of free agency and now Holmgren can look good as the coach as the team improves.
  • I think Mangini did an OK job, but he should have fired is offensive coordinator.  Play calling was lousy for most of the year – way too conservative to be competitive in the NFL.  Peyton “Whatchyou Talkin’ about ” Hillis seemed like the only game plan they had.
  • A couple of times recently I have offered to pray for people via my Facebook status.  It has been great to know how to pray for specific people – some whom I haven’t had any contact with in quite a while.
  • I do pray that Jesus will be glorified in my life, in my marriage, in our family, and in our church in 2011.  I can’t wait to see what He is going to do and how He is going to change us.  Pray pray pray!!

Monday Links and Bullets 12.27.10

Not as many links this week, but hopefully some you will find useful:


–From John Piper – 9 ways to know the Gospel is true.  Good read.


The purpose of his birth was death.

–An excellent, truthful, and helpful read regarding unfulfilled sexual desire – affect both unmarried and married.

–From CNN: an update on Frances Chan.


–Guys – here are a few (non-physical) ways to show love to your wife. Any other ideas fellas?


–A sex slave rescue recently failed.


  • Had a very enjoyable Christmas – it is amazing that God came to this earth.
  • I am frustrated that Julie is sick.  I feel so bad for her, I can’t do anything about it, and it cheats her out of some of the rest she should have been able to get in what is a short window to get it.  Praying she gets better tonight/tomorrow!
  • I was personally excited about our Advent season at Goss Memorial.  May we be challenged to live like eternity is reality – all year!
  • Since when did the Ohio Turnpike turn into a raceway?  It’s incredible to me that I drive a few miles per hour above the speed limit and was probably passed by about 100 cars in the 2+ hours we were recently on that stretch.  Don’t these people care that gas is $3/gallon?
  • Speaking of gas prices, what gives – I hate paying this much for gas.
  • Why on earth did Holmgren ever keep Mangini?  As good as this coaching staff has looked at times, they have certainly looked bad the past couple weeks.  Grrr.
  • Christ died to save us from the wrath of God.  I want people to understand that God is love, but if we don’t turn our lives over to Him, there is a real place called hell where those who don’t believe will spend eternity.  If you don’t know anything about Jesus, send me a message, go to someone you know who does, and FIND OUT!

Monday Links and Bullets 12.20.10

Another Monday.  Another slew of links and bullet thoughts.  Here we go . . .


–Christmas is a tough time to be a real Christian.  This is a good read.


–Things to think about regarding the Christmas story.  Very short, very informative.

–Challenging article about pastoral narcissism.

Will “Ark Project” in Kentucky violate anti-discrimination laws? If you know nothing of this, it is an interesting set of developments and this is one piece of commentary.

Evolution doesn’t fit the evidence.


How to destroy your child’s imagination.  Looks like a good read.

–You just never know how a baby will turn out, do you?


–A short read on Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and Time person of the year.  This points out how quickly our world is changing, and offers a few points as to why.

Ever wonder how they de-ice planes?


  • Ever get tired of people getting on the interstate at 45 m.p.h.?  Seems like it happens a lot.  Use the accelerator people, it’s the skinny one on the right!
  • There is a ton of sickness (nasty stomach virus type nastiness) going around.  I am praying hard for people who have it, and I am praying hard I don’t get it – especially this week!
  • Awesome time at our Christmas Variety Night last night.  Fun service.
  • If you’re thinking about reading through the Bible in 2011, maybe now is the time to discuss it.
  • I’m glad the Browns have lost the last two.  As good as they looked earlier in the year, it’s now revealing that their coaching just can’t compete as the year goes on.  Adjust, people!
  • Speaking of football, there was an epic collapse in New York (okay, NJ) yesterday.  Philly came back from 21 down and beat the Giants on a punt return with no time left.  Not sure the Browns could even lose a game like that.
  • Have a great Christmas.  If you’re only celebrating it to feel good, that feeling will collapse soon.  If you’re celebrating it because you love Jesus, your love for Him will sustain you for the rest of your life.

Monday Links and Bullets 12.13.10

Here are this week’s links.


Is it too repetitive to talk about the gospel all the time?


Spend well this Christmas.

Should Christians play football?  Certainly an interesting read.

Five reasons to send your pastor to a conference. Seriously, this is not a suggestion or a plea, but I thought I would share.  It’s interesting.

–Your life is unique.  There are some things you will never do.


–No one was hurt.  I promise.  I really found this to be funny.

–This is truly amazing.  And very creative.

What the internet killed. From Newsweek.

About Urban Meyer.  Ouch.

–Why someone would turn down a chance at the NFL.


  • We had a Turkish pastor as our guest yesterday.  It was very interesting – and very, very challenging.  He did not consider himself to be special just because he faced special challenges.  He talked in a matter of fact manner about the call Jesus had placed on his life.
  • I think the Browns will finish 6-10 and Mangini will be fired.
  • I am thrilled for our friends who are UA soccer fans.  And yes, I’ll go just a smidge bandwagon and say I’m excited somebody finally won something in this town.
  • What I want for Christmas: I want people around the world to have real hope, peace, joy, and love through Jesus Christ – despite how they were raised and the political climate they live in.
  • How do you define discipleship?  I think it’s something a Christian should think through.  I think a basic definition is practicing what we know the Bible says (this involves actions based on solid learning).  How challenging is this if we think about it?
  • It is a real struggle for me to interact with tragedy and the influence of stress in people’s lives.  I truly am sorry when people suffer because of loss or physical decline of loved ones.  It is so difficult to know what to say or how to respond, other than to reassure that prayer and support are always available.  If you’re struggling because of difficult circumstances, I am praying for you!
  • Along those lines, stop for a minute and think of those you know who have lost someone – a parent, friend, or other relative.  How about sending them a card or giving them a call and letting them know that you are praying for them and that you know this time of year is difficult?  How many people would be encouraged if everyone who read this called one person or sent one card?