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Monday Links and Bullets 8.29.11

No Friday writing last week – traffic was slow so or the links were lame – or both!  Hopefully this week will be better.  I can’t believe this is the last Monday post for August!


— If you support marriage, how will you be labeled?


— More on homosexuality – which is clearly the issue of the season for Christians.  Seriously, in one generation one specific lifestyle based on private behavior has gone from universally accepted as wrong to a public demand for affirmation to the point those opposed to it are now feared.  Here are clear and concise comments from Albert Mohler.  Here is an article about the teacher in Florida who got himself in hot water expressing his opinion.

The biblical servant pastor – very encouraging and challenging short read.

Children at risk in U.S. cohabiting households, but not in UK.  Think on this one.


A day for the ages.  This is a good read about an amazing game.

Good to see some love for a great player after so much (deserved) criticism earlier in the year.


  • Skillet can hurry up with that new album.  Early 2012?
  • So I ran a marathon last Thursday.  It was a classic example of my main marathon philosophy.  Anything can happen.  On this day, the humidity spiked to a level that affected me, and most of the other runners.  I don’t have an elite ceiling on what I can do athletically so a day like this put a damper on plans.  In the end, I ran 3:35, similar to a time I posted 3 years ago.
  • I’m considering my options for fall racing.  I should have a decision by the end of the week.
  • It is brutal that there are zeroes on either side of the $10,000 slot on Plinko.
  • I am anxious to hear from a group of people who took a trip to Chicago over the weekend.
  • It was a truly spectacular experience to be at Yankee Stadium to witness something that has never happened before in Major League Baseball.  The Yankees hit three grand slams in that game, and I was there to witness all of them.  What a thrill!
  • Should be some movement over the next couple weeks regarding our foster daughter.  Stay tuned as some decisions will be made sooner rather than later.
  • I am really getting geared up for this fall’s preaching course.
  • I’m looking forward to spending time with several people this week.
  • Getting closer to the two year anniversary of links and bullets.  Only a couple months away – I’ll be announcing this year’s give away soon!

Monday Links and Bullets 8.22.11

A handful of links this week.  But some good reading nonetheless.


Good thoughts about professional athletes and their faith.  Does belief imply success on the athletic field?


Christianity is vile to atheists.

–Good, challenging article about generational conflict in churches.

–Our church is doing a video conference Sunday about creation, using material from Answers in Genesis.  I posted several articles on our church blog that summarize some of the things framing a very current debate.

Really good read on mutual submission.  Text is Ephesians 5.


Photo journalism inside Fukushima, Japan.  Very interesting.  Click on each photo to see more info.


  • It is very quiet at our house.  My mom has been gracious enough to take our kids till Wednesday.
  • So what does a guy do with a Monday entirely to himself?  Catching up on some reading, listening to music, a bit of housework, some foster parent training, and I’m sure I’ll find time for a nap.
  • Race this week.  Anything can happen.
  • Had a good day this weekend in study and fellowship with the guys from our church.
  • As you pray for your pastors, pray for the confidence to preach.  What I mean is it is difficult to challenge people knowing we’re not perfect ourselves.  Most pastors will readily admit this struggle.
  • Praying for commitments that were made at church yesterday!
  • Praying for several friends hunting for jobs.
  • Saw something similar to this:  the time is soon coming when we will find out whether we built on the sand or on the Rock.

Friday Link Highlight 8.19.11 – Four Kinds of People

Here is this week’s link that generated the highest interest:

It’s about four ways people interact with God.

Some comments to make you think:

1. We all want God to be happy with us.

Okay, maybe not all of us.  But lots of people do.  Problem is, a lot of people are truly mistaken about how we can please God.  Forming a relationship with God is  by NO MERIT of our own.

2. We ARE rewarded for good behavior, but only AFTER real life-changing belief.

With the article focusing quite a bit on insecurities and their link to our misguided attempts to relate to God, this is huge.  NO WORK is going to change God’s willingness to accept you, but the believer who is truly saved and truly grateful for God’s work in their life joyously works for the rewards they’ll only see in the next life.

3. Be the right one!

Person #4 in this example really  has one key element: FREEDOM.  Not freedom to do what they want, but freedom to obey joyfully without being a thorn to others.  Freedom in Christ releases us from comparisons, weak self-esteem, and the strongholds of judgment.  Freedom also allows us to truthfully love and challenge others without having to worry about what everyone thinks about us.

What would people say you are?  And if you’re claiming to be a believer in Christ, which ones of 1-3 do you tend toward?

Have a great Friday everyone . . .


Monday Links and Bullets 8.15.11

It’s Monday again so here we go.  Here are this week’s links.  Some short bullet thoughts are found below.


Wrestling with homosexuality.  Read it.


–News flash: Christians still believe.  Where is the news story in that?  This is an interesting read and will be worth your while.

Justin Bieber had something to say about Jesus.  For real.

This is the way things work in the culture of death.  An interesting piece about attempted elimination of pregnancy centers.

–From history:  was Christianity responsible for the Crusades?

–Interesting read – there are four kinds of people.


Boy calls police over having to do chores.

Hey let me know which of these articles you find interesting.  Comment here or on Facebook, or feel free to e-mail.


  • I am really struggling with the role of nutrition in medical problems.  Is putting foreign medications into our bodies (especially over the long haul) really the best thing to do?
  • I am grateful for two sets of friends who have had babies recently!
  • Oh, a measly week and change till this race.  My biggest prayer? Decent weather.  Hot humid weather and there is no chance of making my goal.
  • I love watching the Price is Right with our kids.
  • Our situation with our foster daughter continues to be one of the most dramatic sub plots to our lives.  The suspense is just killer, the plot is ever evolving, and we simply won’t know the outcome for an indeterminable period of time.  Clear as mud?
  • Browns looked alright Saturday night, yes?
  • World Series prediction: Texas vs. Philadelphia.
  • I hope your life isn’t blah.  There is always something to pursue, to be passionate about.  Make the most of what you have.  Jesus is the best cause to pursue with this life.
  • I really wish that folks would desire Christian fellowship.  It’s so hard to convince them of what they’re missing!  Seriously, being together with other Christians is something I have come to thrive on, and not just because it’s my job.  Genuinely, my best friends are committed followers and I love to sing, pray, gather, and fellowship with them.
  • In all things, to God be the glory today and always!



Friday Link Highlight 8.12.11 – Cooking Up Dignity

Here is this week’s thought provoking link about a ministry teaching people to work:

Here are a few comments on the article:

1. I really respect South Street Ministries

Over the years I have come to respect Duane and Lisa Crabbs for the commitment they’ve made to the community and the ministries God has used them to begin.  Many changed lives have come as a result.

2. The need for jobs is something most churches in the city feel.

I wish I could find a job for everyone who was willing to work.  I pray a ministry like the Front Porch can make meaningful impact over the long haul in giving people skills to work.  And find dignity.  The issue Duane brings up in the article is essential to understanding ministry – building dignity is the goal; not being an ATM for handouts.

3. Read Eric Harmon’s comments again.

For those of you who live in the Akron area, people holding cardboard signs are nothing new.  We see a lot of folks panhandling and holding signs.  Eric grew up middle class and held a sign that said they were teaching people to work – and was still treated like a non-person.  If you live middle class, are these issues in people’s lives real to you?

Have a great Friday everyone.