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Tuesday Rambling 10.17.17 – Some Thinking On Being White

Some Tuesday Rambling about my race…

  • For most of my life I didn’t have to think about my race.
  • I grew up in a mostly white town, so race really presented no problem.
  • Since moving to Canton in 1995 and then Akron in 2000, I have lived in a city.
  • I wouldn’t say race is now a “problem”, but I can’t ignore it.
  • I didn’t choose my race.
  • But because I was born white, I ended up in the majority culture.
  • Majority not just in the United States, but for much of Western culture.
  • I am not ignorant as to how white people have maintained that majority. It makes me squirm to consider atrocities perpetrated by whites in the name of power.
  • In considering race and race relations, two important words to my approach are “slow” and “listen”.
  • Since I’ve never lived as a minority, I need to go slowly in developing my responses to racial issues in our current culture.
  • It also means I have lots to learn, so listening is the best place to start for that.
  • I do have trusting relationships with friends from different cultural and racial backgrounds. I value these greatly.
  • It’s impossible to lump everyone from any race into categories or generalizations.
  • However, I would not say those relationships are easy. They take time and effort. And, they take difficult conversations.
  • Ask yourself, “What do I believe about race and race relations?”
  • Then ask yourself: “Why?”
  • Then I would ask you: “Are you willing to challenge or change your own views and listen?”
  • Being white, I could just assume the line of thinking which says “I wish everyone would stop talking about this.”
  • I could ignore racial problems in our society and condemn those who want to speak out.
  • Or, I could understand reasons people do talk about it and why we should.
  • Or better, I could SEEK to understand. Slowly. By listening.

Monday Challenge 10.16.17 – Elderly, Today’s Teens, Gays and Church

Interesting articles for sure. So if Monday has you a bit sluggish, stimulate your mind here!

How the Elderly Lose Their Rights

This read is a bit lengthy, but it should make all of us think.

Question: Even if the steps in this article seem extreme, when SHOULD this type of action take place?

Today’s Teens

What a great read to understand today’s teens.

Question: Why do you think “looking good” (all the time) matters so much? How can our culture de-emphasize it?


I found this interesting, if not disturbing. Was Equifax hacked by state sponsored pros?

Question: Will the amazing amount of information flowing through cyberspace, will we ever feel safe?

Gays and Church

While I’m not a fan of the term “gay Christian” (we can discuss that another time), this article brings out some challenging aspects regarding sexuality and the local church.

Question: Does everyone get space to wrestle with things in our churches?

Tuesday Rambling 10.3.17 – Questions for Marriage


Just a few random questions that may help regarding marriage:

  • If you’re not married, how much of your identity is tied to the concept of being married?
  • In your marriage, do you have a good sense of when the right times are to talk about certain topics? Or, better, when the wrong times are?
  • How often do you evaluate communication, teamwork, parenting, family, or personal patterns? Many times we can do things or communicate in unhealthy patterns without noticing. Taking time together can help make us aware of those potential problems before they devolve into bigger ones.
  • How does your faith in Jesus Christ help your marriage?
  • When you tell your spouse “I love you”, what does it really mean? Does it depend on the setting?
  • Do you tend to focus more on what you want or on how you can serve?

I don’t write any of these as one who has it figured out. But, I know I must think in different ways or I too easily default to the natural mode of self-seeking. I hope this helps!

Monday Challenge 10.2.17 – The Reformation, Hugh Hefner and Trump Supporters

Good morning. A few articles to challenge you today!

The Reformation

If you are a believer who does not (or even one who does) go to a Catholic Church, this year is the 500th anniversary of the events that led to the split. It’s known as the Protestant Reformation.

This journal has a whole issue dedicated to the Reformation.

See their site all month long for articles like theseDesiring God has 31 days of looking at the Reformation through they eyes of key players. , which begin a few hundred years BEFORE the Reformation actually happened.

Question: What can studying the Reformation mean for your faith all these years later?

Hugh Hefner and Donald Trump Supporters

Do Donald Trump supporters have anything to say in response to a guy like Hugh Hefner?

Good question. I don’t have this one all figured out, but I encourage some wrestling with it!

Question: How important is it to have a consistent voice regarding issues of public morality?

Tuesday Rambling 9.26.17 – Questions About The President, The NFL, And Listening

Let me ramble out a few questions about this whole big mess:

  • Have you thought through everyone’s motives in this situation – including the president, the players, and the media?
  • If you’re mad, have you asked yourself “Why”?
  • I fear in many debates anger’s presence only comes from our “shock” that not everyone thinks like we do (or how we think they should).
  • Could you stand as a friend with someone who doesn’t agree with your position?
  • Could you express those disagreements over coffee or dinner without screaming and shouting?
  • Do you realize screaming, shouting, and divisiveness are exactly what some people desire for this situation?
  • If you support the president, do you realize that he is using his position to influence a private employer to fire people for using their free speech in a manner that disagrees with his views?
  • Does the above (true) bullet point scare you? If not, would you be willing to do some reading to understand our government’s true role and what free speech really means?
  • If you don’t understand players’ protest, have you or would you read something which would help you understand their concerns about injustice?
  • Have you asked yourself “What does the flag really represent?”
  • In your view, how would you describe America?
  • Do you think certain people benefit from disunity?
  • How can you work toward unity in your life, your social media posts, and as you seek to “love your neighbor as yourself?” (Matthew 22:37-40)