Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Monday Challenge 5.8.17 – Six Steps to Maturity, Micah 6:8, Grace and Instagram

Good Monday Morning!

Regardless of your attitude, I hope you have stopped by for a challenge. These should make you think:


This article outlines six steps to maturity.

Question: Which do you see as most urgent in your development?

Micah 6:8

Slow down and think on this famous verse.

Question: Which aspect of this article challenges your though and action most?

Grace and the Non-Instagrammable Church

Would you Instagram your need for grace? Precisely.

Question: How can we let grace flow more freely in our lives and churches?


Remember the Sabbath. Practice it.

Question: The link between absence of work and holiness spoke to me. What about you?

Tuesday Rambling 5.2.17 – Random Questions

A bunch of rambling questions today:

  • Sometimes I ask a lot of questions. Sometimes they lead somewhere, sometimes they don’t.
  • Anyway, here goes:
  • What will we regret in 10 or 20 years as parents whose families have so much technology available?
  • Why do kids sports take up so much more time than in the past?
  • How many people in middle age consider what life will be like in older age, and what they want to accomplish in older age?
  • How many older people consider the legacy will leave? (Note: you WILL leave some sort of legacy)
  • What false gods compete for my worship of the true God?
  • Why is sin such an avoidable topic in our greater culture?
  • Why do believers struggle so much to let someone know their real struggles?
  • What will God really say to me when I enter eternity?
  • What questions do you ask? Which of these presents the biggest challenge for you?

Monday Challenge 5.1.17 – 13 Reasons, Parenting and Social Media, Intentional Community

Monday’s ruthless nature’s ugly head rises again. Does that provide any clues regarding how I feel about today?

Ahhh…join me in the challenge, then, of forcing your mind to think about truth.

13 Reasons Why

This article demonstrates the danger and destructiveness of this show.

Questions: Do you have effective ways of talking with youth and adults who may engage in this content? How can this article help?

Parents of the Instagram Generation

How might we as parents expose our children to the dangers of social media – as we’re raising them?

Question: How will this article change the way you approach social media usage with your kids?

Scripture Memorization – 42 Books of the Bible!

Not a typo. Yes, he memorized 42 books of the Bible.

Question: How can this encourage you?

Intentional Community

How can you create a culture of hospitality?

Question: What does this article teach you that you can put into practice right away?


Tuesday Rambling 4.25.17 – About Churches and Aging Believers

Tuesday means rambling thoughts. Today: about churches and aging believers.

  •  I’d venture to say most newer or growing churches in the U.S. have a smaller number of aging believers (perhaps a lower number of those age 60 and up? – just a guess).
  • A question: what would happen if a number of new believers – equal to 20% or more of a church body – over the age of 60 just showed up and got plugged into a church targeted at younger believers?
  • Would it feel like an inconvenience? Or moving backward?
  • Would the leadership change the style of worship to adjust?
  • Would the younger congregation welcome them with some of the struggles they might bring?
  • Older believers by default will have more health problems and require more visitation.
  • Would anyone see such a situation as a blessing? Would leadership work to connect the aging believers with younger believers in need of godly wisdom and counsel?
  • I don’t write this to condemn, but to challenge.
  • How can our churches honor our older members, whose lives have changed so much?
  • How can our churches welcome their service and influence as part of the larger mission?
  • How can our churches help us learn compassion for people at different stages of life, even that stage which leads naturally to death?
  • For all ages: who do you know in an age bracket 30-40 years or more away from you?
  • Do younger folks know older folks? Do older folks really know younger folks? Both in a way that allows for prayer, relationship, and connection inside and (gasp!) outside of church?
  • Read Titus 2 here and get a picture of the types of relationships the Bible describes.

Monday Challenge 4.24.17 – Feasting As War, Parents’ Mobile Use, Bill O’Reilly

Good morning. If you don’t qualify it as “good”, at least the bright sunshine expected should help!

And hopefully a good challenge will help as well. Lots to think about…be challenged!

Feasting As War

This article caught my eye. Can we feast as an act of war against our spiritual enemy?

Question: Does this change how you view meals and potlucks?

Parents’ Mobile Use

Does it help or hurt family time? Take a guess then read…

Question: Parents, how can you adapt?

Bill O’Reilly

Great insights here about how the Church can learn from this situation.

Question: What do you make about the last point about men and accountability?

Your Standing Before God

Are Paul and James at odds about our justification before God? Faith? Works?

Question: How would you answer the question about Paul and James being at odds with each other?