Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Tuesday Rambling 11.7.17 – About Guns In Church

Even though I don’t want to, some rambling about guns in church:

  • My #1 concern in this discussion: PLEASE don’t let the enemy use tragedy to divide.
  • Yes, well meaning believers see the issue of guns in church in different ways.
  • PLEASE seek understanding instead of division.
  • PLEASE pray as church leadership across the country will increasingly ask how they would plan to respond.
  • And PLEASE express sympathy and care before you jump into issues of security. To do otherwise is a horrible look.
  • Of course I lead a church and our church does and will, like many others, consider and develop plans of response. My goal with this post is not to determine church policy.
  • My concerns today have to do with understanding others who see things differently than we do.
  • Question: Am I prepared to love and minister with someone who sees the issue completely differently than I do? More questions…
  • What role does prayer have compared to the role of a weapon?
  • What weight do Jesus’ words regarding loving our enemies or turning our cheek carry compared to our desire to protect people?
  • Do we take into account the soul of the attacker?
  • How do we as believers think about mental illness and dealing with individuals struggling with mental problems?
  • Are we willing to take an honest look at risk, all possible factors, including even the unknown that accompanies having armed personnel?

Monday Challenge 11.6.17 – Disability, Sleep, Lottery, Cuban Baseball

Good Monday Morning!

We just got our son out of bed and out the door to the bus in five minutes flat. Feeling rather accomplished following dual alarm failure!

That said, who’s up for a challenge? Good topics and questions here…

The Best and Worst Time for Disability

Tim Challies says it’s the best – and worst – time to be disabled.

Question: Does this challenge your view of abortion?

The Lottery

Joe Carter says lotteries exploit the poor as a tax. Before you roll your eyes, give it a read.

Question: Would this change your lottery habits or views?

Cuban Baseball Players

Speaking of exploitation, this ESPN The Magazine article gives a fascinating look inside the hopes and dreams of many Cubans seeking paydirt in U.S. baseball.

Question: How could MLB help solve this problem?

Link Dump…

About sleep – some interesting stats.

Who wants to take a theological quiz?


Tuesday Rambling 10.31.17 – On Being White – Statistics Regarding Inequality

Time to continue rambling about race and justice:

  • Over the past two Tuesdays I’ve posted rambling involving my experience as a white male.
  • Today I’d like to share some statistics with one purpose:
  • Please think. I know not all stats are perfect. I know they have their flaws.
  • But what if, just what if, these stats reveal something about inequality and injustice in the country we love?
  • This article talks about pay, student debt, retirement, etc.
  • This article talks about attitudes and perceptions regarding equality.
  • This article shows a vast disparity in the Akron area regarding infant mortality.
  • This tweet is one in a series from yesterday that makes you think about how the interstate system has led to disparity in wealth. Reading the whole series will make you think.
  • This article has amazing photos about what highways did to amount of taxable land available. T
  • This concept has historically had direct racial implications.
  • My goal today was to put some information in front of you.
  • If you reject this information, you should have well thought out reasons as to why.
  • If you aren’t sure, continue to research.
  • If you’re convicted regarding this, think and pray regarding your response.
  • I struggle most on this last point (any response, let alone an effective one).

Monday Challenge 10.30.17 – Social Media Addiction, Luther’s Marriage, Male Friendships

Good Monday morning!

No doubt engaging in these articles will challenge your thinking!


Are you addicted to Social Media?

Question: Well?

Homosexuality and Male Friendships

This tips on a topic with potential wide reaching effect.

Questions: How do you view male friendships? Is the same true for females and why or why not?


Encouragement for women.

Question: How different was their culture?

Martin and Katharina’s radical marriage.

Question: How difficult is it to understand this concept?


Do you have awe wonder for Jesus?

Question: In what area have you lost your wonder?

Tuesday Rambling 10.24.17 – On Being White and Discussing Injustice

Last Tuesday I wrote a short piece in which I shared a few rambling thoughts on the topic of “being white”. Today I’ll take that a bit further and touch on what I perceive as the cause of much misunderstanding: injustice.

  • When you are white, you are a part of the majority system that has influenced wide swaths of western culture (education, religion, institutions) for hundreds of years.
  • When you are black, asian, hispanic, or any other racial or ethnic group, you are not.
  • I intend this post in no way to suggest whites find themselves exempt from injustice. Hardly the case.
  • Maybe I should state my goal clearly: my goal in these posts “on being white” is to stir thought, discussion, and action in adults who have wide ranging experiences with race.
  • News flash: I DO NOT have everything figured out. But I do have God’s Word, history, experience, and a voice.
  • Now back to the topic: the issue of injustice.
  • If you are white, you have very little chance of experiencing racial injustice.
  • So let me pose a question: Is it possible that white people have and do currently use their positions in places of power for unjust purposes toward others?
  • Is it possible that minority cultures have suffered regarding economic opportunities, educational opportunities, and unjust treatment by law enforcement and the legal system?
  • Is it possible corrupt people have brought about consistently harsher penalties for blacks than whites in our legal system?
  • Is it possible economic disparity in public school education, even in Akron, has come about as power players have made decisions which have had negative effects on poorer communities?
  • Is it possible governments have desired to keep residents of certain races isolated in certain neighborhoods?
  • Answering these types of questions, to me, determines a starting point in this discussion.
  • A note to clarify: I in no way intend to suggest everyone in government favors or actively participates in racist oppression. Many fine public servants give healthy and godly examples.
  • That said, check out a few resources to get an idea of what goes on in places we may not tend to give a whole lot of attention.
  • A recommended resource: Read this article from Akron’s own history.
  • Another recommended resource: Watch the documentary 13th on Netflix.
  • Another recommended resource: Read Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson.
  • Does injustice exist? If so, then to what extent does personal responsibility matter? If so, what do we do about it?
  • Those are great questions for another time. For today, answering the question regarding the existence of injustice will prove a sufficient place to start.