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Friday Link Highlight 5.20.11

One of the highest clicked links this week had to do with the U.S. economy.

Read the article here.

A quote stuck out to me in this article:

Consumers are stuck with a legacy of excessive debt, inadequate saving, and facing high unemployment, higher underemployment, weak incomes and holding on to assets that are under water.”

Believe me, I’m no economic expert, but this makes a lot of sense.  When a huge part of the way you evaluate your economy is by how much people are spending money they don’t have, it seems to me there’s something backward there.

At some point, the bubble has to burst.  We all know it’s true on a personal level.  We know that if we spend more than we have month after month and year after year, at some point it becomes unsustainable.  We know that, don’t we?

So, why are we lamenting the effects of this on a national level?  Why doesn’t it make sense to save money, live within your means, and perhaps have a bit less?  I know there are complexities far beyond this, but is there anyone else out there suggesting that just perhaps a re-alignment of values might help our perspectives change?

If a strong economy is families carrying debt loads which push them toward the breaking point just in the name of having nicer things, then I don’t want any part of that strong economy, and I’m fine with less jobs being available to support it.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Monday Links and Bullets 5.16.11

As usual, plenty to read.  Here we go . . .


–This is a story about a woman who married a man whose wife had died.  Read the story about his other wife.


Transform the public schools.

Churches burned in Egypt.


And I worry about what?

Coffee prevents breast cancer. (wait a while and this will change)

–In the unbelievable balcony death category, two stories:  1) an olympic marathoner jumps to his death  2) another guy was involved in an internet craze and went too far.

–Read some thoughts the English have about our “gas crisis”.

–Shouldn’t we know better than this?

–Finally, how about some lessons from the media coverage of bin Laden’s death?


  • I think there are little people who live in the baseboards of our kitchen and come out at night and leave crumbs on our floor.
  • Yesterday was Alexa’s 8th birthday.  Crazy.
  • It was good to get caught up on doing some housework today.
  • Heard some challenging thoughts today about sexual immorality and its disastrous effect in people’s lives.  This type of sin really does a lot of damage.  No denying that.
  • If the fields are playable (not much rain here today) today will be my first softball game of the season.
  • I was at a pastor’s conference last week.  A couple thoughts: 1) are you for what God is for and against what God is against? 2) do we think our culture is better than previous cultures with all of their terrible sin? Perhaps voices from years to come will see that we are just as awful as the cultures we may think we’re better than
  • The Gospel is about God, not about people.  Jesus didn’t die to make good people just a bit better.  He died to make wretched people whole, saving us from hell (the right consequence of their sin).  Praise Jesus for his selflessness and love!

Friday (Saturday) Link Highlight 5.13.11

Didn’t get to this last Friday as I was traveling, and one day late this week.  Here goes with some thoughts on the highest clicked link from my Monday post this week.

This week’s link of interest was about McDonald’s revamping its stores.

Read the article here.

A few thoughts:

1.  Change.  I think a lot of people are comfortable living day to day with things.  Whether it’s business, church, school, organizations, or any other facet of life, it is rare for people to make decisions based on what they want 10-15 years down the road.  What is your tolerance for change and how does it influence your decision making?

2.  Risk.  McDonald’s is hardly claiming to love Jesus, but as I Christian I am more and more becoming enamored by the idea of risk.  We only live once.  We shouldn’t waste resources, but taking a risk is okay.  McDonald’s happens to be taking a $1 BILLION risk, but hey, that’s capitalism isn’t it?

3.  Capitalism.  As nifty as the new restaurants are, did you catch the theme in the article about trying to squash your opponents?  Well, interesting, isn’t it?  Not nice, not fair, not all Ronald should go give Wendy a hug.  No, it’s we have a lot of money and we’re going to make a move to try to squash you.  For better or worse, that’s how we should evaluate this.  It’s the economic system we live in and it’s how decisions get made.

Hope this is some food for thought.  Enjoy a good weekend everyone!

Monday Links and Bullets 5.9.11

Sorry this is a bit late.  Enjoy.  Do some good thinking this week!


–A thought provoking article from a former college professor regarding bin Laden’s death.


–You may not think of church steeples as interesting, but this is good.

10 reasons this baseball season is great so far!

10 elite fighting units.  Interesting if nothing else.

Banish hardship!

McDonald’s doesn’t look like McDonald’s.


  • It’s been a crazy crazy week, but man has it been good!
  • Ran my best time in the half marathon on Saturday.  Some things get better with age (ha!)  Seriously, it feels good to have all the training pay off.
  • Red.
  • It’s God’s job to open blind eyes.  2 Cor. 4.
  • Hope everyone had a good Mother’s Day.  It’s a celebration of good for a lot of folks.  It’s a real struggle for others whose earthly mothers are either gone or failed in their ability to raise kids.  Ahhh . . . struggle.
  • Is it important to you that Genesis 1-11 is interpreted as literal history?  It’s definitely worth thinking through, and it’s very important to how you view Scripture’s authority.
  • I am praying most for wisdom, the moving of the Holy Spirit, and conversions.

Monday Links and Bullets 5.2.11

Off we go.  This week’s links:


–Believers serious about sharing their faith should take five minutes and listen to this.  It ain’t gonna be the link of the week if it ain’t any good (and no grammar police needed, thank you).


This is about humility.  Read quickly and think long!

Good thoughts about retirement.

Nice worship hymn you might not know.


–This is a good blog about the Indians.


Pride, prejudice, and pornography.

Lock your wireless internet.  Seriously!

Better ways than prison.

–Sweet. A new roadrunner video.  Very impressed!

A friend of mine got the lead story in the Beacon Journal on Easter Sunday.


  • I might be more interested in Bin Laden’s death if the kingdom I serve involved taking joy over the death of someone.  Last I checked, it doesn’t.  Don’t get me wrong, the world is down one tyrant and there’s justice in that, but evil will never be conquered until the return of Christ.
  • Feeling spiritually weak.  Not necessarily a bad thing.  Praying through the reasons and where God wants me to lean on Him more.
  • Reasons to hope the Indians’s success will continue:   bad division, solid pitching (start to finish), upgraded infield defense, and better offense including timely hitting so far.  Could be a good year for this team.
  • Six month review tomorrow for our foster care.
  • Thrilled for a friend’s safe return from a short term missions trip to China.
  • Really excited for the week ahead.
  • Ministry seems so diverse right now.  Lots of angles and perspectives. Lots of activity!
  • Parting Comment: Before judging someone, do your best to think about what it’s like to be in their shoes.