Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Monday Challenge 9.25.17 – Trump, NFL, and Racism, Never Became Straight, Kid-Centered Kingdom

Good morning. Monday shows no mercy. It just keeps coming. So why not have a challenge? And boy will you be challenged today!

A NOTE: I do not necessarily agree 100% with everything I post. I post things that make me think. So even if you disagree, can you do so seeking understanding and keeping cool? Let’s hope so.

Trump and Racism

Alan Noble argues Trump’s reaction to NFL players kneeling shows racism. His reasoning provides a good challenge to our thinking.

Question: What point stands out to you as strongest? Weakest?

Never Became Straight

This article speaks to a lot of truths of those struggling with same sex attraction. I hope the lens through which you view these issues is big enough to see this.

Question: Why is it not always God’s plan to “straighten people”?

Doomsday Prophecies

Why does America love these types of prophecies? Russell Moore has some challenging thoughts here.

Questions: Do you know what the Bible actually says about the world ending? Do these prophecies capture your attention? Why?

Your Kid-Centered Kingdom

This article tells parents to shatter their kid-centered kingdom.

Question: How do you know if you live in such a “kingdom”? If you do, how can you leave it?


Tuesday Rambling 9.19.17 – Questions for Parents

A few rambling questions for parents:

  • Who is the center of your home? How would you evaluate this?
  • Who should be the center of your home? How would you evaluate this?
  • How will children develop differently having their picture taken hundreds (thousands?) of times more than children in previous generations?
  • Should parents exercise any caution taking and sharing so many pictures of their kids?
  • What commitments and plans do you make as a parent that put your own interests ahead of your kids’?
  • When SHOULD a parent put their interests ahead of their kids?
  • How will our kids see us prioritizing God in our personal time, our homes, our relationships, our service?
  • How will our kids know they are NOT the center of our homes?
  • What activities compete with the spiritual growth of our kids?
  • Do we have any time in our lives scheduled simply for exploration, meandering, or creativity?
  • Do we parents somehow feel superior when our schedule has more in it than others?
  • Do you have a plan for technology in your home? At what ages kids should interact with various technology?
  • If you’re a Christian, how will your parenting and your lives communicate commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a culture where temptation to “keep up with the Joneses” is greater than ever?

Monday Challenge 9.18.17 – Adoption, Race, Church or Club?

Good morning. Good articles. Be challenged!


Three things they told me about adoption.”

Question: Does this help you understand adoption better or get over misconceptions you may have?


This article helped me understand ways people of different races view the same events.

Question: Should you just “focus on the gospel”?

Walking in the Spirit

Or…how to NOT walk in the Spirit.

Question: How can the presence and influence of the Holy Spirit increase in your life?

The Church is…

NOT a social club.

Question: How do you know the difference?

Tuesday Rambling 9.12.17 – I Simply Believe the Bible

Good morning. Time to ramble about the best book ever.

  • I simply believe the Bible.
  • I trust its truth, its words as God’s.
  • I believe its life principles work even for those who don’t believe (I heard someone say this once and I agree).
  • I am willing to ask God for help making His ways my ways.
  • I do not believe the Bible’s corrective measures harm me or limit me from finding my desires.
  • Instead, when the Bible restricts my human behavior it intends to bring about greater freedom.
  • I read it to hear from God.
  • By the way, I trust the Bible as God’s overwhelmingly primary way of communicating with me.
  • I trust the Bible’s authenticity as an historical document.
  • So many times when life has felt dark, the Bible has brought life unto my path.
  • So many times when I feel so gloomy, the Bible has reminded me of Jesus’ words about eternal life.
  • When I feel so helpless, I read how God loves me and wants to save me.
  • When the world feels so out of whack, I read of the foundation of God’s justice.
  • On and on I could go.
  • Help. Comfort. Strength. Power. On and on and on.
  • I simply believe the Bible.

Monday Challenge 9.11.17 – Remembering 9/11, God Killing Innocents, Reasons for Divorce?

A little later in the day, but still plenty of time for a challenge:


It’s an important day for remembering. These pictures may help you do so.

Question: Why should we remember?

Beauty of Churchgoing

This helps us think through church in our current context. Churchgoing IS beautiful!

Questions: Why do you participate in a local church? Or, why do you not? Does this help?

The “Innocents” in the Old Testament

This article discusses why God commanded the killing of innocent people in the Old Testament.

Question: Does this help you understand the question?

Common but Illegitimate Reasons for Divorce

This should encourage you to STAY WITH your marriage and help those who may struggle. Many of the “reasons” we get for divorce just don’t cut it!

Question: How does this article help you shore up your own marriage?