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Homeschool Controversy (larger issue)

This week’s most clicked article can be found here:

This article puts a larger issue into the spotlight.  Here are a few thoughts:

It seems almost impossible in this day and age to say anything close to taking a stand without offending someone.  Geesh, people, can’t we be challenged without being offended?

I do believe the authority of the Word of God is a serious issue in the church today.  We can’t just make up our own rules people.  Just can’t.  It matters.

Seriously, can’t we just respectfully disagree with someone and realize that hearing views is something we need to do?  Good conversation can come from talking respectfully to people you disagree with.

Even if you disagree with AiG, would you host them for your conference?

Think.  Chew on this.  Be challenged.



Monday Links and Bullets 3.27.11

Finally, the last Monday in March.  Here are this week’s links:


–Did God mandate genocide?


A good article here about the Ark Encounter amusement park.

–This article will help you think about anger.

An excellent short article about idols.

–A Christian ministry involved in homeschool controversy.  Hmmmmm…..


–The Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote a good article about Ohio Senate Bill 5.

–Yes, a real, live baseball contract

PETA, the great voice to listen to regarding Bible translations.  Really?


  • In Monopoly, why do you only get a hundred bucks on the Community Chest card when your life insurance matures?  What lame agent sold you that policy?
  • I got one of the Final Four right.  It was enough to win a pool with about 8 people in it.
  • Can we finally agree that the media really don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to the best college teams?  This rule should apply to football too.
  • “Christians, then, should expect to find nonbelievers who are much nicer, kinder, wiser, and better than they are.  Why? Christian believers are not accepted by God because of their moral performance, wisdom, or virtue, but because of Christ’s work on their behalf.  Most religions and philosophies of life assume that one’s spiritual status depends on your religious attainments.  This naturally leads adherents to feel superior to those who don’t believe and behave as they do.  The Christian gospel, in any case, should not have that effect.” – Tim Keller
  • Praying for a friend who is soon quitting his job and going into a ministry position with a local organization.
  • It is very easy to wish that Christ would make us all morally perfect at the instant of salvation.  Sanctification–the process of becoming like Christ–is filled with mystery, difficulty, adventure, joy, and change all mixed together in such a way that brings ultimate glory to God and deep, satisfying joy to the believer.
  • Round two of Kevin vs. Best Buy is going down this afternoon.  I am attempting to return a product and get my money back.  I have proof from my bank that they charged the card, but I don’t have a receipt and they don’t have a history of the transaction.  I can tell them the exact date and time of the transaction and who the cashier was, and they still don’t have it. Should be fun!
  • I am really excited that our church’s administrative assistant is “back in the saddle” after a layoff due to surgery.  Praying for continuing healing and for a good integration back to work.


Here is this week’s link for discussion:

There are lots of things to be discouraged about in our lives.  Sickness is one of them.  I think it’s totally fair to be down that sickness or disease has struck, often without any specific reason.  It’s even fair to be frustrated with an injury or an unexpected ailment that lands you in the care of a doctor or hospital.

But what’s not right is to complain about it.  In our country we have excellent health care, some of the best in the world.

I recently injured my finger playing basketball.  Had the injury happened in rural Africa, I would have been at the mercy of a witchdoctor or would have had a permanently disfigured finger.

All of this to say – check out this link (the most clicked from my Monday post) and be thankful for what we have in America.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Monday Links and Bullets 3.21.11

This week’s links:


Five ways to help Japan


St. Patrick and human trafficking.

Some more thoughts on the big Rob Bell controversy.  Man, why is this so difficult?

You are what you worship.  Seriously, there is a Michael Bolton reference in this.


Japan satellite before and after photos.

–To my Keurig coffee brewing machine owning friends:  This might get me to actually think about buying one.

–A health problem we may never have in our country.


  • Seems goofy, but our efforts to fix our home internet and networking problems are finally fixed.  That’s about a two month headache taken care of.  Computers, TV devices, internet, home phone, cell phone, ipod, all working peacefully together.  Yippee!
  • Sundays are becoming rather enjoyable days.
  • I Corinthians will be coming to an end sometime soon, hmm. . . wonder where God will lead my decision making in the pulpit next?
  • Still need to get my state taxes done.  City filing won’t be hard.
  • I’ve had some very good training runs recently.  Getting excited for this year’s races.
  • It’s always good to get encouragement at the end of a long day.
  • A thought from last night’s service:  love is really helpful with folks you don’t like.
  • I got to listen to my children talk about Christmas this afternoon – they actually remembered most of what they got.
  • I am excited for friends doing mission work this year – praying for two individuals traveling separately to China and Ecuador.
  • The secret to money – give it away.  Seriously, I’m not sure you’ll ever really be happy until you learn how to give money away.



Monday Links and Bullets 3.14.11

Happy Monday.  Lots of links and bullets.  Lots going on!


Amazing photos of the heartbreak in Japan.  Don’t look at these for entertainment – look at them to identify and learn how to suffer with the Japanese who are suffering.


–Big dust-up about hell over Rob Bell’s new book.  Two related links from Tim Challies:  what I’d have to deny to deny hell exists, and a review of Bell’s book.  Think about this stuff folks.  It really does matter.

–For those who do struggle or have struggled with depression:  are you willing to answer these five questions? Also, here are 25 ways to find joy in Christ.  Mental health is important!

Nobody gets married anymore.

–Some reading about God & creation:  Lab Discoveries and evidence for God.

–An inspiring story from Christian history:  a Christian kidnapper.

–Very interesting – a gay person warns readers about the liberal agenda.


  • Does anyone else wonder where the time goes?
  • Where are the lines between unity and doctrinal disagreement?
  • Working hard to make sure family gets enough of my time, from the top, not just the leftovers.
  • Realize this:  there is almost always a problem of some sort when you work for a church.  Almost always.  No complaining here, just a bit of reality for both those who do and those who don’t work for a church.
  • I am on track with training for this year.  Huge half marathon coming up on May 7 in Indianapolis.  Then I’ll ramp up the miles and try to qualify for the Boston Marathon this fall at the Columbus Marathon in October.  Going to take a lot of hard work, but hey – you can’t achieve much of anything sitting around.
  • I’m glad the days are longer, I just want my hour of sleep back.
  • Goss basketball has lost 22 in a row.  Will the streak come to an end tonight against the team whose only win was a close one against us?
  • I have been struggling on recent Mondays because a lot of things have come up.  Today has been very good – I’ve done a lot of reading, played with the kids, and gotten a few things done around the house.  Yes!