Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Tuesday Rambling 7.18.17 – About The Local Texting-Driving Tragedy

Time to ramble about a heavy topic:

  • A young woman driver took the lives of two teens Memorial Day weekend.
  • She influenced the lives of countless other teens and adults.
  • Now, she faces manslaughter charges as evidence shows texting and driving caused the accident.
  • I believe in justice. If at fault, I believe she would do well to come under the justice system and accept the proper penalties for her behavior.
  • No one should question that part.
  • But I’m troubled…
  • Why do so many people comment about this story as if she is less than human?
  • What if your best friend did this? Would you care then?
  • Do we not think the lifetime of knowing her irresponsible actions cost lives will inflict punishment?
  • Does public compassion even exist?
  • The Bible wouldn’t exclude hope for this woman. The Bible shows how God uses murderers, adulterers, for His purposes and glory!
  • God’s forgiveness is a powerful thing: I hope she experiences it. She has much worth!
  • Further, does this driver’s legal trouble and failure make you feel better, like at least you don’t bear HER kind of guilt?
  • Like somehow her sin is worse?
  • You’ve never picked up your phone while driving? Nothing like this could ever happen to you?
  • You’re beyond looking away and something going wrong in an instant?
  • The first accident I caused happened while I was fiddling with my CD player, trying to play more music in the car.
  • May God judge this driver. May her penalty encompass the gravity of her crime.
  • But may she know she has hope…of salvation and eternal life should she place her faith in Christ!
  • Let me encourage you to live, think, comment, talk, and act in that tension.

Monday Challenge 7.17.17 – Kids and Sex Talk, Prosperity Gospel, Exhausted Parents

Good Monday … evening!

Yup, it’s a bit late for this post, but here goes anyway. Be challenged!

The Sex Talk

For parents wondering about this talk, this article should provide some food for thought. Bottom line, don’t wait too long, and don’t make it just once!

Question: After reading this, do you have an understanding that this talk has great importance, and perhaps at earlier ages than the past?

The Gospel That Almost Killed…

Read here to see how (literally) deadly the prosperity gospel can be.

Question: Do you see why this gospel is totally false?

Eugene Peterson

If you don’t know who that is or why he made news last week, do a bit of reading and challenge yourself with the motives of all involved in the story.

Question: How clear of an answer would you give? Would people believe your answer?

Exhausted Young Parents

Challenging counsel here to an exhausted young mom. Great for exhausted young parents.

Question: How can you apply these principles or begin growing toward them step by step?



Tuesday Rambling 7.11.17 – Light from Brokenness

Rambling about brokenness:

  • Most would think when something’s broken, you have a problem.
  • This is true with appliances, cars, etc. Yes?
  • In those cases, you either fix or buy new.
  • Not too many people would encourage you to see the usefulness in your hot water tank as it leaks water all over your basement floor.
  • No, instead the advice would involve finding someone to install a new one.
  • And we’re tempted to view people that way too. You can admit it…
  • But God doesn’t do that. He repeatedly waits until people seem at their weakest before creating the greatest value, productivity, glory, greatness, strength, or whatever you want to call it out of their situation.
  • Paul’s second letter to Corinth illustrates this idea beautifully.
  • In the fourth chapter, we find words like “afflicted, perplexed, pressed, and struck down”. Sounds like time to take that to the junkyard!
  • Not so, in each case God reminds the reader how those NEGATIVE adjectives don’t preclude HIs presence or involvement. Look what it says…
  • Afflicted…but NOT CRUSHED.
  • Perplexed…but NOT DRIVEN TO DESPAIR.
  • Persecuted…BUT NOT FORSAKEN.
  • Struck down…BUT NOT DESTROYED.
  • Verse eleven describes how the death of Jesus is carried around in their bodies so life can shine through. Amazing!
  • In the darkest times, the most broken seasons, light. NOT time to cash in on a warranty or scrap it for something new.
  • Instead, let me encourage you in the darkness, in the brokenness, to KNOW that God can and will shine light from it.
  • How’s THAT for a blessing on a Tuesday morning?

Monday Challenge 7.10.17 – Parenting, Weeping Is Not Weakness, Charlie Gard

Good Monday Morning!

Time again for a few challenging articles. Well, at least I think so. Let these challenge the way you think!


Do you, as a parent, have a fear of “missing out”? This article addresses that in a challenging way.

Question: How much does “missing out” affect the way you construct your schedule?

Big Kids Should Cry More

This powerful look into a medical professional’s struggles can speak to all of us.

Question: How do you evaluate the balance between managing your emotions and professionalism?

Charlie Gard

Don’t know who that is? First, you should. Second, you should consider this article’s claims about medical views of life and the facts that support them.

Question: What might this mean in the future for our society?

Sleeping Less

A brief challenge regarding the world’s view of sleep vs. God’s view.

Question: Do you feel pressure to sleep less?

Tuesday Rambling 7.4.17 – Do We REALLY proclaim Jesus?

Well, do we?

  • Let me present a short list of things we may proclaim instead of Jesus.
  • First, we can proclaim ourselves.
  • 2 Corinthians 4:5 draws a distinction between proclaiming ourselves and proclaiming Jesus.
  • We proclaim ourselves when we rest in our Twitter likes, Instagram followers, and Facebook activity. When we rest in our profile, friends, things, or status.
  • We can proclaim our church. This can be good, but if we never proclaim Jesus then talking about Jesus proves empty.
  • Our church should never take the place of Christ in our proclamation.
  • We can proclaim our work.
  • Here’s the real challenge. In discussing this verse with a few people during Project Shine last week, (see for more info about this ministry) the harsh reality emerged that without proclaiming Christ all we proclaim is our work, perhaps unintentionally¬†shining the light on ourselves.
  • Serving in any ministry could lead to this temptation. I have heard a LOT about ministries, through conferences, social media, local contacts, etc.
  • Many times we hear about the WAY believers serve rather than WHOM they serve.
  • Challenge: share the Gospel in all your work, whether church or other ministry.
  • Challenge: make sure sharing Christ lays at the foundation of any organization.
  • Challenge: develop strategy to exalt Jesus every step of the way so no confusion lingers.