Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Monday Challenge 1.16.17 – MLK, Streep and Condescension, Evangelicalism, Retirement

Good Monday morning!

Today’s holiday establishes the precedent that the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. is worth remembering in a special way. Enjoy the day off, but reflect on issues conquered and issues which still remain.

Now…onto some articles that may challenge your thinking!

Letter From a Birmingham Jail

This article requires a bit of work, but it will help you understand the issues of the time period as well as the nature of and King’s response to injustice.

Question: How will we respond?

Streep and Condescension

Why liberal elites are so resentful of middle America. This article touches on a lot of dynamics about the divide in our country.

Question: How does this help you understand? What can you do about it?

Good Retirement

Check out this blog. It does a good job of helping readers think about a “good retirement”.

What Is Evangelicalism?

Good question. Many may hear the term without really understanding its meaning. This article provides some help.

Question: How has understanding the term shaped how you think about it?

Tuesday Rambling 1.10.17 – Complete, Total, Rambling

Total Rambling. On Tuesday, what else might you expect?

  • Go Clemson! Not the best game ever, but hard fought and nice to see Alabama lose.
  • Woke up to a “no school” day today. I always think of and pray for those seriously inconvenienced by a sudden day of no school. Know a snow day instantly puts kids in Akron at risk for safety (perhaps staying home too young) or food (for many schools provide the only meals they get).
  • Meryl Streep – her words at the Golden Globes show what is wrong with our culture. Differences no longer represent different ways of thinking, they represent divisions which breed a condescending attitude to those with whom you disagree.
  • More on Streep: listen I don’t watch MMA as it’s just not my thing. But I’m not going to make categoric statements about those who do. President-elect Trump may not have my personal support or enthusiasm, but it doesn’t mean I won’t pray for him, hope he will grow in obvious areas of weakness, and serve us as well as he can.
  • Think about what your “disagreements” do to your approach to those with whom you have difference.
  • Have you blown your resolution already? God’s grace can prevail. But why not try again, especially in pursuit of worthy goals or improvements?
  • When it comes to resolving to change, the fruit of the Spirit is perseverance!
  • Has the excitement of the new gadget from Christmas worn off? If it hasn’t, it will at some point. Give thanks to God this morning for all He’s done! Giving thanks will prevent our emotions from dictating our outlook.
  • Sin. It plagues me. It plagues all humans. God Himself has made the sacrifice for our sin. If you never have, the Bible tells us we can approach God’s throne with confidence because of Jesus’ sacrifice. Wow! Come to Jesus and seek forgiveness. He will grant it. Don’t delay!

Monday Challenge 1.9.17 – Martyred Ecuador Missionaries, Taco Bell, Engagement

Time for another set of challenging articles. Nothing shall separate us from the love of God – not even Monday. Okay, I heard that somewhere else, but it applies!

Slain in the Shadow of the Almighty

Read this for a fantastic viewpoint on the martyrdom of five missionaries in Ecuador in 1956.

Question: How does this article help you understand God’s sovereignty?

Taco Bell Healthy?

Yes, but… The reason will (or maybe won’t) surprise you.

Question: What insights does this give into the nature of capitalism?

Surprise Conversion

This comes from a pretty reputable site and should challenge the way we think about those putting themselves in harm’s way for Christ.

Question: Do you believe God can do this sort of thing?


Some practical advice on not wasting your engagement. Great applications for married people or those seeking to mentor engaged/young married couples.

Question: How does the advice about individual growth sit with or challenge you?

Friday Feature 1.6.17 – Mercy, Sexuality, God, and Love

The first Friday Feature of the New Year will focus our hearts and minds on a tough topic: sexuality.

Check this week’s top clicked link here:

“An Odd Sort of Mercy”: Jen Hatmaker, Glennon Doyle Melton, and The End of the Affair

Please check out the article: the author brings an old story to bear on modern events and writers.

Then, let me share a few thoughts of my own:

1. Love.

Love’s common draw takes in almost everyone in some way. The objective standard of love, God’s love, sheds light on all our experiences of love. This should challenge you: how do you think about, or evaluate, the love you give or experience?

2. What we want from God.

The quote of the article: “Evangelical Christians have fallen too much into the habit of believing God exists to affirm our deepest desires, whether material or sexual.”

In the same vein, a verse grabbing my attention early here in 2017: And those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. (Galatians 5:24)

Think. How do you define love, and how does that relate to sexuality?

Act. Memorize verses like Gal. 5:24 or others that will help pin your thinking to God’s truth rather than your own desires.

Tuesday Rambling 1.3.17 – Trusting God’s Word

Tuesday means rambling time.

  • As a believer in Jesus Christ, I take my cues from the Bible.
  • I believe the Bible contains God’s Word.
  • I believe God intervened in the lives of humans who wrote the truth down, thus bringing His Word for us to have and know.
  • Many view Bible believing Christians as arrogant. Not so.
  • Instead, my view of Scripture puts me in a position of submission.
  • I believe most of our problems come due to a lack of trust in God’s Word.
  • Beginning to read through the Bible again as a new year dawns leads one through Genesis.
  • There we find out humans thought they knew better than God.
  • 100% of our problems as human beings come as a result of a lack of trusting God with our lives.
  • If God is God, He deserves our trust in all areas. The Word of God certainly speaks to all areas of our lives.
  • The question: do we listen and obey?
  • No, I don’t know better than God. I need His help, wisdom, and leading.
  • I hope this challenges you to renew your thinking about and trust in God’s Word in 2017!