Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Tuesday Rambling 11.29.16 – Please Consider Giving To This Worthy Cause!


It’s giving Tuesday. Time to ramble:

  • I’m asking you to consider giving to Kenmore Launch, an exciting new effort that can impact the lives of many young people in Kenmore.
  • You may ask why you should give to this. Good question.
  • First, let me link you to the website for this new effort in our neighborhood. On the site, you can gain basic knowledge and get a gist of how the program will work. A short video there will introduce you to the program’s director and give you a chance to hear his heart.
  • Personal reason #1: Great faith brings great works. I believe this program has a faith filled director who has great desire to partner with the local community for a potentially big impact on kids and families.
  • Personal reason #2: Kids and families. Families will have a solid option to have quality care for kids in the elementary age range. This will increase family stability and allow those who work to do so for more consistent hours.
  • Personal reason #3: Local believers desire the glory of God in our community. Several churches partnering sends a message: this effort possesses a united base. I’ve personally experienced amazing blessings through partnering with other believers.
  • Personal reason #4: Do you know one of the top proven factors in kids making it out of poverty? You don’t? Ok I’ll tell you! Kids stand a statistically MUCH LARGER chance of making it out of poverty when they have a relationship with a solid adult outside their home. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? By funding this program, you will help kids get that chance!
  • Personal reason #5:  This fund raising effort comes from a sound strategy. God has provided people and finances so far. An influx of money into this program in the coming days and weeks will build a base to not only empower great ministry as it begins after Christmas break. Additional funds now will also allow time for seeking and establishing more permanent funds.
  • Please give! Do so by going to the site. And by all means, let me know if you have any questions. I am a part of the group helping to get this ministry off the ground.

Monday Challenge 11.28.16 – Election and Race, LGBT Evidence, Down’s Syndrome


Good morning! Time for a challenge. These articles will challenge for sure. Enjoy.

Election and Race

The Church possesses a powerful weapon in the wake of the election: unity. This article challenges five specific areas.

Question: Which of the five statements challenge your thinking the most?

LGBT Evidence

This article references some recent studies which work against the narrative created by many in the LGBT community.

Question: How should a believer lovingly handle the information in this article?


What do idols do to us? Give this a few minutes and ask God to reveal areas of your life where false gods threaten the One True God.

Question: In what specific ways do we trust false gods? And in what ways do they mock us?

Down’s Syndrome

What a creative idea! This page features people with Down’s Syndrome answering questions about people with Down’ Syndrome. Great stuff.

Question: What did you learn? What would you ask?

Tuesday Rambling 11.22.16 – Freedom In Christ


Rambling. Tuesday. Tuesday. Rambling. Ready…..go!

  • Freedom in Christ for many describes the opposite of their experience.
  • Many professing Christians stay bound in sin or bound in “rules”.
  • If you trust in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, can you identify lingering sins you’d like to put to death once for all?
  • If so, approach the sin not as a fly to shoo away, but a pest rodent to kill and remove.
  • Freedom hardly ever comes with ease.
  • Finding and addressing strongholds takes time and effort.
  • Identifying lies you believe is a huge part of the process.
  • No transformation happens without changing the way we think.
  • The identity we hold as believers in Jesus Christ stands in superiority to what others have done or said, or our own guilt and shame from our past.
  • Freedom means the past, events, injustice, specific sins, etc. no longer have ahold of us.
  • 2 Corinthians 3: …where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
  • If you’re reading this today and finding freedom – from addiction, your past, from injustice, or any other persistent sin or circumstance – sounds exciting, please use the contact info on this page to get ahold of me.
  • I’d be glad to explain more about salvation and the real hope we can find in Jesus Christ!

Monday Challenge 11.21.16 – Parents, Transgender Case Study, Hacksaw Ridge


Thanksgiving week brings many challenges. You thinking waistline challenges?

Different challenges today – for our thinking. Enjoy!


Should “friend” describe your relationship with your child?

Four prayers for your kids.

Question: How can these two articles help your parenting reflect God?


This case study takes some time to get through. You won’t regret it, though.

Question: What did you learn about transgender issues and “treatment”?

Hacksaw Ridge

How the new film shows the value of conscience and freedom.

Question: What barriers restrict this type of freedom?

Friday Feature 11.18.16 – Election Response: Raw Emotions From A Minority Christian


Good Friday afternoon!

Somewhat to my surprise, this week’s most clicked Monday article examines the raw emotions of an African American Christian following this year’s election. Read it here:

Raw Emotions on the Presidential Election

Friday Feature gives readers a chance to see the most clicked article from Monday. It also allows for a bit of my own insight. You can check that out below:

1. Afraid.

As a white man, I have not experienced fear over another’s racism. One of the few such memories of fear for me involved an impromptu traffic stop by Rwandan military officers who pulled over a caravan of our missionary team.

What this author expresses describes something altogether different, and white believers would benefit by listening.

2. “Perceived Closeted Racism”

I plan to do more digging to understand this concern. I have no basis to call it unfounded. However, I would love to hear a wider view of response to Trump’s election. The question, as presented, should challenge believers to think.

3. Embracing uneasiness.

If I chose, I could skate on past this election without much affect me. Or, I could do some work, listening to others as they process the results. Seeking that understanding will lead me to uncomfortable conversations and reactions I don’t understand. I’m perfectly fine with that!

Think. Do you bring a willingness to listen to the post-election culture?

Act. Engage someone you know you disagree with in a meaningful conversation.