Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Monday Challenge 10.31.16 – Porn Triggers, Mentally Ill Christians, Jesus/Halloween


Good morning. Monday challenge.

Challenge. For Monday. Be challenged – on the second day of the week. Here goes:

Porn Triggers

This could easily take on the label “sin triggers”. A good article about what triggers porn use.

Question: Which of the 19 triggers pulls at you most?

Christianity and the Mentally Ill

Should those struggling with mental illness follow Jesus? Yes.

Question: How does this article teach you or encourage you, specifically?

Discipleship Observations

After ten years of discipleship research, check out some of Eric Geiger’s conclusions.

Question: Which observation can challenge your growth?

When Jesus Haunts Your Halloween

Great article at Desiring God that discusses Jesus and Halloween. Check it out.

Question: How do you interact with fear as it relates to Jesus?

Tuesday Rambling 10.25.16 – About Respecting Women


Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, ramble, ramble, ramble…

  • I made a post on Facebook yesterday that read like this: If we’re going to be upset about violence/crudeness toward women, we should be just as upset when they are reduced to objects for profit.
  • Yes, a bit of a dichotomy exists. Some women agree to objectification.
  • Some willingly allow photos, images, dancing, even entire brands revolving around entertainment as profit seeking/making avenues.
  • I’d like to consider objectification, however, on the same plane as assault or Trump-like crudeness.
  • Let me clarify: some modeling can be done with taste.
  • But, I’m no more a fan of allowing my son to watch Beyonce at half time of the Super Bowl than I am allowing him to listen to Trump’s crude comments.
  • Put another way, you can’t condemn Trump while on your way to a hard core rap concert.
  • Women allowing themselves or their God-given beauty to fuel profit or outright lust helps no one.
  • Many teen girls actually struggle with their identity because they don’t physically compare to women choosing to flaunt their bodies for profit.
  • Many young men confronted (constantly) with images of beautiful women develop lust and fantasy tendencies which can devolve to a crude mindset toward women, stated or not. This does not even consider many men who struggle in marriages having developed a distorted and unrealistic view of the female body.
  • Some stats will even tell you less younger people have sex because for them, porn fits the bill. (This is NOT an empty statement.)
  • And of course, some objectified women live in gray areas of abuse, control, or suffer through the outright darkness of trafficking and pornography.
  • In sum, let’s realize what beautiful, respect-worthy, creations God gives through women and increase that respect in every way.  And, when we shout condemnation at someone, let’s make sure we look at the whole issue!

Monday Challenge 10.24.16 – Anxiety, Forgiveness, Roman Sexual (Im)Morality


Another Monday, another challenge. Hope it makes you think!

Roman Sexual (Im)Morality

This article challenges what happens when sex is devoid of moral restraint.

Question: How does our society’s current trajectory compare?


Does faith in God help remove anxiety? Good question, great response.

Question: Does this help your view of those things you repeatedly bring to God?

Kingdom Parties

Ever thought about trying to bring people together with a purpose? This article gives some practical suggestions for gatherings with a kingdom purpose.

Question: How does this article spark your thinking?


How about a new standard for forgiveness?

Question: How did this article challenge the way you view forgiving others?


Tuesday Rambling 10.18.16 – Increasing Discipline



Time to ramble ramble ramble:

  • I feel like I am a fairly disciplined person.
  • Discipline can lead to health or disaster. Rigid, no-heart discipline borders on Pharisee territory: not good.
  • Healthy discipline springs from the power of the Holy Spirit bearing the fruit of self control.
  • Some questions may help evaluate discipline.
  • Could you execute a plan to give, save, and spend an unexpected blessing of a fairly large sum of money?
  • Could you complete a project or class requiring a few extra hours per week?
  • Could you complete a long term goal such as reading through the Bible, running a half marathon, etc.?
  • If the urgent or short term defines what you do each day, how could you take steps to plan for longer term growth or accomplishment?
  • What doesn’t happen so other things do?
  • In some ways, you are disciplined to get things done you want to do. Are they the best things?
  • Spiritually: Do you have regular times of Bible reading and worship? Why or why not?
  • Can you cut something out of your life to replace it with something better?
  • Does your love for God drive you to minimize certain areas so you can excel and grow spiritually?
  • I could always use more discipline regarding prayer and speech. What would you identify as areas God could form in your heart over the long term by increasing self control?

Monday Challenge 10.17.16 – Confusing Election, Serious Satire, Restoring Civility



Good Monday morning. No such thing? C’mon…

Good Monday Challenge? Well, each can form his/her own opinion. Check out the topics, articles, and…be challenged!

Clarity In A Confusing Election

Kevin DeYoung with some helpful thoughts about this difficult election.

Question: Which point made the most impact?

Serious Satire

The Babylon Bee has some funny articles. I’m sure you’ve seen them. This article talks a bit about the personal side of the creator of the site.

Question: How do you respond to the serious side of something so funny?

Online Provokers

Tim Challies has a good article linking people of Proverbs to the provocative type you run into on the internet.

Question: Can you spot any of these tendencies in yourself?

Restoring Civility?

Can we experience a restoration of civility? If so, what role should believers play?

Question: Do you agree with the responsibility Keller challenges believers to admit?