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Tuesday Rambling 8.30.16 – Happenings In Sports


Lots going on in sports. Just a few comments I like to call Tuesday Rambling:

  • So Colin Kaepernick sat for the national anthem – perhaps you heard something about this.
  • No, I don’t agree with it.  But, the nature of free speech is just that: he can make whatever statement he wants.
  • I’m glad I live in a country where people can share opposing viewpoints.
  • Free speech can’t just be a convenience – we must accept the speech of those with whom we both agree and disagree.
  • As believers, we should never lose sight of the freedom we enjoy!
  • So, the Yankees are playing fairly well. No, they won’t make the playoffs.
  • But, I’m having a ton of fun watching this team play. Dreaming about the future…
  • Did you see the U.S. team won the Little League World Series this past weekend?
  • I hope that doesn’t turn out as the high point of their lives!
  • Regarding the Olympics, do you have some free time back?
  • Will we ever see another Olympic games with so many dominant athletes participating? So many all time great athletes all in the same Olympics.
  • It’s a good thing the men’s U.S. swimming relay team didn’t lose in a close finish. Lochte would have claimed they got robbed.

Monday Challenge 8.29.16 – Heroin, Celibacy, Wait to Date


Check out these challenging topics. I can’t give you fluff on Monday!


Two articles from the Akron Beacon Journal’s series on heroin, a HUGE problem in our city/region/state. These will not waste your time.

  1. Why everyone should care.
  2. An allure stronger than love.

Question: What do these articles show you about this crisis that you may not have known?


What a great read about our sexuality. Just read it.

Question: How does this article shape your thinking about sex?

Waiting to Date

…until… Well, read the article and find out.

Question: What strengths or shortcomings does this advice have?

A Rational Argument Against Same Sex Marriage

Not a whole lot new here, but a good summary nonetheless.

Question: What two or three rational points could you give in an unexpected conversation on the topic?

Friday Feature 8.26.16 – Christian Colleges and LGBT


Approaching LGBT’s presents a challenging dilemma for any believer, but perhaps especially so for Christian colleges. This topic drew the most clicks from Monday’s post. Read the article here:

Keeping Faith Without Hurting LGBT students

Please dig through the article and challenge your thinking. Once you’ve done so, see a few of my own comments below:

1. Good information.

You can find good information in this article. Sometimes we struggle just to get our minds around all the many happenings and constantly developing angles of the sexual revolution. Work to pursue good, accurate information.

2. Dissenting views.

I thought the article, written by someone in Christian higher education, brought out challenging points about dissenting views. Can Christian colleges work with students whose views change? Can a society allow that “dissenting” viewpoints actually add healthy elements?

Think. What did this article teach you?

Act. Work to increase your ability to understand the challenges inherent to believers in this ever changing culture. Do you know how you would respond to someone who changed views?

Tuesday Rambling 8.23.16 – Totally Random Rambling


Tuesday – No theme today, so time for some totally random rambling. Here we go:

  • How do you process difficult seasons of your life without sounding like a complaining machine?
  • Times of loss present me with the greatest challenges.
  • A random parenting thought: do our kids see us as loving, yet firm authority figures?
  • I think parenting (especially with younger children) is hard work. Providing consistent discipline and standards requires a ton of energy.
  • Bottom line? In most cases our kids should do the things we ask them to do without a ton of resistance. That “norm” can exist in family life; however, it requires consistent hard work (again, especially at younger ages).
  • About life: how varied are your life experiences and relationships?
  • Do you think strong communities require a broad base of relationships across typical dividing lines?
  • Which relational dividing lines prove hardest for you to cross?
  • How will you approach Christmas this year?
  • Thinking through how we’ll spend time and money can set priorities.
  • I suppose any one of these points could (and most likely will) develop into a longer post in the future.
  • I’m excited about my favorite team, the Yankees. No they won’t make the playoffs, even though they keep hanging around.
  • You don’t trade your three best players and expect to stay in the race. Their young talent has added some much needed excitement, however.
  • I am planning to start soon on finishing my book project. Perhaps even in the next week I will set out a road map for what I need to do to complete it by the end of the year.
  • How’s your Tuesday? Be sure to give God praise and glory, thanking Him for all He provides.

Monday Challenge 8.22.16 – Generational Divide, Adoption Hurdles, LGBT Approach


Good morning! Even if you don’t think “good” applies to Monday and morning, do some mind work. Check out this week’s set of articles posted with the intent to challenge thinking and shape action!

Generational Divide

Here find some helpful words about the the care we should take before dividing as generations.

Question: How does your life and outlook cross generational lines?

Adoption Hurdles

Why do so many families who want to adopt find themselves unable to do so? In a word…abortion.

Question: Does the work to reduce abortion matter in light of this article?

Smashing the Approval Idol

This extremely helpful article will help you smash the approval idol. I really, really, really, hope you like the fact I posted this. (ha!)

Question: How much do you crave approval? What specifically does this article speak to that desire?

LGBT Approach

This level-headed approach to dealing with LGBT students at Christian colleges should speak to our overall approach as believers as well.

Question: What perspectives of yours did this article challenge?