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Tuesday Rambling 5.31.16 – Gorillas, Parenting, Social Media, and Judgment


What a case. What a distraction. Time to ramble.

  • A dead gorilla overshadowed the memory of dead people, those who lost their lives providing and preserving the freedom we enjoy in the U.S.
  • Just think about the last point for a moment.
  • A question: do you think you know what led to the gorilla’s death?
  • Another question: does a parent bear all the blame?
  • Another question: were you there?
  • Another question: is the gorilla’s life more important than the child’s?
  • Listen, the rate at which information reaches us almost demands an opinion.
  • What if we waited before forming an opinion?
  • I have a child that can get away in a flash. Do you? Does anyone you know?
  • Could an accident have happened?
  • Back to the gorilla vs. the kid. Whose life is more important?
  • The book of Genesis tells us the child’s life is more important. A human is made in God’s image whereas an animal is not.
  • We are losing our basic human priorities if “outrage” ensues when an animal dies in order to protect a human child. This link calls it “pagan” and warns of our moral decline.
  • Did it appear on the video the gorilla was taking care of the child? Even if it appeared that way, is it rational to trust an (unpredictable) animal’s instinct when it has 350 pounds on the kid and happens to be swinging it like a rag doll?
  • The bottom line – think about a situation before rushing to judgment. Put yourself in the shoes of those who made the call.
  • Sometimes, accountability is needed. In this case, an accident required judgment.
  • Some accidental situations simply don’t have someone to blame or charge.

Monday Challenge 5.30.16 – Letters With A Mosque, Church and Mental Illness, Special Needs


Good morning! Another Monday, and a holiday at that. Enjoy the day off while remembering those who gave their lives.

Do you have some extra time? Up for a challenge, yes? Here you go! Stop back Friday for a feature on the article which gets the most clicks.

Letters With A Mosque

This article details a Christian pastor’s relationship with the leader of a Muslim congregation next door to their church. Lots of insight. Be challenged!

Question: What do you find most helpful?

The Church and Mental Illness

Does the church provide a place where those struggling mentally can safely struggle? Good question.

Question: Why are churches sometimes “not” great places to struggle?

How to Honor Your Parents As An Adult

Great advice here.

Question: Starting this week, which specific challenge can you improve on the most?

Special Needs: Grieve and Receive

The title says it all. The illustration in the beginning of this article connected a lot of dots for me. I hope you find it helpful as well.

Question: What challenges you most about special needs, whether directly affected of looking to support?

Friday Feature 5.27.16 – Women Teaching in Church


Every Friday the article featured got the most clicks from the Monday Challenge post that same week.

Check out this week’s feature article:

Women Teaching Men – How Far Is Too Far?

A couple of my own thoughts:

1. Know the intent of the article.

The article does not seek to evaluate all viewpoints. It operates within a Biblical framework, as detailed, where men primarily teach and lead local churches. The author’s intent involves what influence women should have when this is your view. She challenges the heart, seeking to avoid a rigorous system for decision making.

2. Christians need discernment.

We need discernment to apply the Bible’s teachings. Articles like this help. It may come easily to say this sounds harsh toward women, when in reality it limits itself to direct Biblical teaching and goes from there. The gray area comes in the levels of influence the author deems correct within the Biblical framework.

3. When people disagree.

I know women pastors and women who hold positions in churches which allow them to teach men. Showing love in those situations is my preference, despite a biblical understanding which disagrees.  I know women can have great influence in the body of Christ and I certainly affirm that.

Think. This article should challenge your thinking about relationships between men and women in the local church.

Act. Act in love in disagreement. The real challenge may come in seeking further understanding on the topic.

Tuesday Rambling 5.24.16 – Public Schools and Religious Music


Tuesday means rambling:

  • As the school year draws to a close, the season brings year end concerts.
  • Over the course of five days about a week ago I witnessed two such concerts.
  • Both programs featured religious music.
  • The “religious” category didn’t mean exclusively Christian.
  • The point: A variety of religious views and expression presented as part of public school education.
  • My take: Exactly the way it should be.
  • A well rounded education should include broad understanding and exposure. I applaud the directors for their inclusion of music reflecting worldviews.
  • To my knowledge, our daughter’s seventh grade curriculum included a summary of many different “major” worldviews.
  • Our culture at large should take such a view. Facebook fights accusations of limiting exposure to the conservative. Academia fights accusations of squelching conservative (and at times specifically Evangelical Christian) viewpoints.
  • Of course I understand the “Christian” worldview as correct. In that sense, truth needs no defense.
  • Compare it to others, see others’ expressions.
  • Critical thinking involves analyzing evidence, facts, and drawing conclusions. Other areas of academic study demand critical thinking. Why shouldn’t matters of faith?
  • Music presents a non-threatening way for this exposure. By its nature, art is not objective and many enjoy different varieties.
  • Just as music can open a window to the soul, so should other academic pursuit.

Monday Challenge 5.23.16 – Not an Atheist, Women Teaching in Church, Foreclosure


Challenge – this one has nothing to do with losing weight, budgeting, or reading the Bible in a month.

Challenge – a collection of articles I found interesting. I am sharing them with you!

Monday Challenge – posted on Monday (silly).

Not An Atheist

Some basic thoughts, well presented, from a trusted source.

Question: How would you answer the question: “Why are you NOT an atheist?”

Women Teaching in Church

An article worth thinking through. She doesn’t claim to have all the answers, and draws a great analogy for those who seek a rigid system of how to handle this issue.

Question: Do you more agree or disagree with her approach? More importantly, why?

Plan for Porn

This plan to deal with porn lacks flash and creativity. I like that.

Question: Anything you’d add? Anything surprise you?

A Church Family in Foreclosure

What a challenging article. Transparency, love, Christ, Church, difficulty, provision, hope. Yup, this one has it all!

Question: How would YOU react?