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Monday Challenge 3.28.16 – Public School Teachers, The Real Cuba, How to Confront


Good morning,

Another Sunday down means another Monday! This week’s articles will definitely challenge your thinking. Enjoy!

Christian Public School Teachers

This article does a great job of showing what public school teacher can actually talk about regarding faith in the classroom.

Question: In your opinion, what lines should teachers NOT cross in displaying their faith?

The Real Cuba

Don’t let the feel good tour, the president’s trip, or a neat baseball game opportunity cloud the realities of Cuba. Read this take from a well known sports writer.

Question: How does this teach the important to read more than what you see on T.V.?

Heaven and Diversity

If you don’t like diversity, you won’t like heaven. Good thoughts.

Question: How does the gospel link toward the end challenge your thinking?


This article speaks primarily to leaders, but gives good advice for all of us.

Question: How can this help you confront someone, should the need arise?

Tuesday Rambling 3.22.16 – The Benefits of Sickness


Yes, sickness has benefits. Time to ramble:

  • I’m sick, so I don’t have much difficulty this morning stringing a few thoughts together about illness.
  • I don’t know many people who enjoy sickness.
  • But, sickness reminds us of our mortality.
  • If we had perfect physical bodies in a perfect world, sickness wouldn’t exist.
  • Sickness challenges me to trust God.
  • So often when I’m sick my first reaction is to take something rather than pray something.
  • I’m not left to handle sickness on my own, like somehow my relationship with God can continue once I’m better.
  • Especially bad sickness can make us acutely aware of the glory of eternity!
  • Sickness also requires patience – for waiting out a long illness, and for those in our lives who may seek to care for us.
  • Holy Spirit grant patience and understanding in our sickness!

Monday Challenge 3.21.16 – The Resurrection, Repent, Emotions In Church


Good morning. Monday. Whatever your reaction to that word, get yourself going with a bit of a challenge. I enjoy sharing what I read. These articles will hopefully give you plenty to challenge your mind.

The Resurrection

This article details three simple facts backing the truth of history’s most important event.

Question: Could you help someone understand the truth of the resurrection with some simple talking points? Does this article help with that?


The goal of following Jesus lies in repenting. Repenting prevents believers from the label of Christian in name only. Have you repented?

Question: Which of the statements challenged you most? Did repentance come about?

Restaurant Generosity

This article outlines six ways to display generosity at a restaurant. It’s not all about the money.

Question: Which can you try the next time you eat out?

Worship and Emotions

I’m still thinking this one through. Read it for yourself.

Question: What did you learn about emotions through reading this?

Friday Feature 3.18.16 – Speed Limits and Worship?

speed limit

Yes, the tone of this week’s Friday Feature directs us to think about obedience to speed limits as worship. Check out the article here:

Speed limits are a call to worship.

Monday’s readers clicked on this link the most, so in case you missed it check it out here. Then see a few of my own thoughts below.

1. I hadn’t made this connection.

I believe Romans 13. I think believers should submit to the government. I just hadn’t thought about a speed limit (and following it) as setting my heart free to worship.

2. I confess.

I read this article over the weekend. This week the presence of God’s peace increased while I slowed down, but it didn’t keep me confined to the speed limit 100% of the time. Maybe this will take some continuous thinking?

3. And you?

I really would love to know how others processed this article. I found it fascinating. I’m glad Monday’s readers did too.

Think. Did this article challenge you to think about worshiping in regard to obedience to the speed limit?

Act. Well…?


Tuesday Rambling 3.15.16 – Praying For An Hour


This week First Glance hosts “prayer week”, a concerted effort in our neighborhood to gather individuals to pray in a specific location for as many hours a day as possible. Many will pray this week for an hour at a time. What good can come of that?

  • An hour of committed prayer focuses the mind. Seriously, how often do we think about anything for an hour?
  • Spiritual depth can come about. If I say “how often do we think about anything for an hour?” well then the question follows: how often do we think about God for an hour?
  • Praying for an hour makes me stop and think about salvation. I begin to think about people in my life who need Jesus. Slowing down brings me face to face with this reality.
  • Prayer, of course, puts God at the center. Putting God first and foremost for an entire hour really does  re-orient your thinking.
  • A prayer week can unify. I don’t know how many people plan to participate this week. Just seeing names on a schedule brings a sense that I am unified with other believers.
  • Spending an hour in prayer really can focus your thought on what God is doing locally. To think about Kenmore, its needs, and its people, reminds me of my call, my passion, my work.
  • Wanna participate? Follow this link. Questions? Shoot me an email and I’ll be glad to help.