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Top “Think and Act” Articles I Wrote in 2015


With no delay, I will share the top articles I wrote in 2015:

Bonus from 2014. One of the highest clicked links on my blog all year was an article I wrote at the end of 2014. The title: Veggie Tales vs. The Football Game.

5. Scott Scarborough is a real person.

The president of the University of Akron has, shall we say, taken some serious heat this year. But one moment later in 2015 made me think: he is a real person!

4. A “quickblog” on what I learned at a local Stop the Violence rally.

I’ve been inspired by the people who believe in stopping the violence. Their resolves contributes greatly to our community.

3. What do you when you’re criticized?

No one likes to receive criticism. But, it happens. Have you thought about how you handle it?

2. Why are Christians so mean?

This article came in response to the WCRF morning show discussion regarding an article asking the same question. Both the article and the discussion provided great food for thought.

1. How do you think about your neighborhood?

I’m still very much challenged by the material and questions that make up this article.

Read one. Read them all. THINK. ACT!

Top Tuesday Rambling Posts of 2015


Yesterday featured a summary of articles clicked through “Monday Challenge” posts in 2015.

Today, a year end summary of Tuesday Rambling posts. I am surprised, I guess, to see these rank as some of the most popular throughout the year. They really don’t take much to write, but I do hope they prove helpful.

In true rambling fashion, here are 2015’s most popular Tuesday Rambling posts. The #1 post is first, with other posts following in descending order.

Top Clicked Articles of 2015


Good morning. I usually do some sort of year-end summary of most popular articles. Below check out the top articles clicked from my blog in 2015. These are listed in order, with #1 the most clicked!

Tomorrow will feature the top Tuesday Rambling posts. Wednesday will feature top articles I wrote this year.

5. White Christians listen!

This article did a great job of asking white Christians to consider their newfound minority status.

4. The power of the bikini.

A great challenge on raising boys and understanding what they see.

3. Myths which undermine educational effectiveness.

This article will make you think and re-think what you think about education.

2. How an affair really begins.

Give this a read and think hard about your marriage.

1. Being poor is expensive.

Let this article challenge the way you think about poverty and those trying to overcome it.

Thanks for clicking on articles this year. I have fun sharing what I find challenging as I read.

Tuesday Rambling 12.22.15 – Benefits of Social Media

social media

I’m sure you know of the many downfalls of social media. Today, let me focus on some of the benefits. Yes, social media has its benefits.

  • Connection to people, especially those at a distance.
  • At our 20 year reunion this summer, our class had more meaningful conversations about our lives because of social media.
  • Some use social media to encourage.
  • Social media encouragement can include sharing meaningful quotes or personal greetings.
  • If you’re willing to manage your feed (translated “get the right people into your feed and the wrong people out”) social media can be great source of information.
  • Quotes, articles, challenges, recipes, and ideas can all be freely exchanged.
  • What about humor? When a news item screams to be mocked, social media can help us laugh.
  • Sorry for Steve Harvey, but he took a bath yesterday and many of the jabs were really funny.
  • Why wait for the nightly monologue when you can see funny memes?
  • Social media and spiritual growth: Did I say that?
  • The same medium cursed as addictive and leading us away from God can be used for our growth?
  • If used properly, absolutely. Sermons, podcasts, and articles all provide fodder for growing closer to Christ.
  • I make a feeble effort at providing spiritual encouragement, using social media as pretty much the only promo for my blog. I repeatedly have people tell me they find encouragement in what little I share.
  • Of course social media proves effective for spiritual growth. How much more so for well organized ministries and churches!
  • Any other benefits I’ve forgotten?

Monday Challenge 12.21.15 – Not the Same God, Christmas Cards, Christmas Church Attendance


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It’s Christmas week. If you have the time to glance at social media, maybe you’ll get something out of today’s challenge. Enjoy!

NOT The Same God

Wheaton suspended a professor for saying Muslims and Christians worship the same God. This article presents a summary of why the two groups do NOT worship the same God.

Question: Why did Wheaton make the right decision? What do you make of the fact that some students attending there defended the professor and criticized the administration?

Christmas Cards

This article is a re-tread from last year. It drew a LOT of interest throughout the year, so I’ll re-post it again for your thoughts.

Question: Is this a stretch, or is there something to it?

Christmas and Church Attendance

This article details church attendance and the outlook of those who don’t (or might) attend.

Question: Would you consider inviting someone to attend church with you this week?

What Is A Refugee

This infographic helps us think through the nuts and bolts of refugees.

Question: What did you learn?