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Friday Feature 10.2.15 – African Perspective on America’s Sexual Revolution

TDAS.001I never really know what articles from Monday’s post will gain the most attention. That’s the fun in posting links I find interesting. So this week’s article was a runaway. Readers showed their interest in an African perspective on America’s sexual revolution.

See the article here: Through African Eyes

As usual, I’ll encourage you to read the article for yourself. And, as usual, I’ll add a couple thoughts of my own:

1. Ideology vs. Practicality

I wonder out loud how many people advocating for the American sexual revolution advocate ideology without considering the practical applications.

Simply put: far more people are adopting the tenets of the sexual revolution than will ever be affected by the laws those tenets produce.

2. The Bible is the true ideology.

This should come as a simple reminder. But, surprisingly, simplicity doesn’t rule the day for Christians. It seems many Christians advocating for the sexual revolution willingly blur the Bible’s teaching for the popular teachings of the day.

This is not the place for me to defend the truthfulness of Scripture, but I’ll say briefly that if you believe the Bible is true, you cannot subscribe to the sexual revolution’s promises. The two oppose.

3. Hospitality.

May homosexuals (or any person for that matter) find hospitable, loving people when they encounter Christians. I would hope anyone would be surprised to find out we aren’t really the hate-filled bigots the media makes us out to be.

Think. How does the author of this feature article help your thinking about the American sexual revolution?

Act. I have no new advice for how to act. Keep up the same mix of truth and grace with anyone interacting with you as an unbeliever.


Think and Act 9.30.15 – Scott Scarborough Is A Real Person


Think of public enemies. Who makes your list?

Let me state this clearly: I’m NOT looking to make lengthy comment about public enemies. I don’t have the time and you could find better information elsewhere.

As you think through your list of public enemies, what comes to mind? Why you don’t like them? Unpopular decisions they’ve made? Evil (perceived or real) they’ve perpetrated?

Tuesday morning, I attended a breakfast hosted by Love Akron, a ministry in the Akron area with the type of reach to fill a room with 700 people for breakfast at 7:00 in the morning. It was a great morning full of challenges, but one of the things that challenged me most was the person who gave the benediction.

Now the list of memorable benedictions in your life might be as long as the list of Cleveland sports championships. But for me, this benediction destroyed ordinary.

The benediction was given by Scott Scarborough. For those of you who may not know, Scott Scarborough is the president of the University of Akron. He has made many unpopular decisions and has borne the brunt of a lot of public backlash.

So the first thought that entered my mind when I heard he would deliver the benediction?

Pshh. Really?

But then he stood in front of that room of 700 people, I’m sure many of whom disagreed with him or flat out disrespected him. He stood and delivered a closing prayer on par with the passion that filled the room that morning.

Listen, I’m not here to defend the man’s policies. I’m not qualified to evaluate the heart behind his prayer. And, I certainly won’t pretend to evaluate the decision to have him pray. None of that is my purpose (not to mention my authority or pay grade).

But I am qualified to say this: remember your enemy, the person you fiercely disagree with, or the person who flat out disgusts you, is a human being. As much as you or I may have deep seated disagreements with someone, as believers we come under the Scripture which commands us to hope and believe the best:

I Cor. 13:7 Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Think. That person you like to vilify? Talk down? Publicly rant about? That person you’ve almost certainly never met or lack depth in how well you know them, yet you criticize them anyway? Ask yourself what is really true about them.

Act. At the very least, can you stomach the reality of their humanity and pray for them?